Thursday, June 14, 2007

Design your own shoes!

This is one of my FAVORITE new finds. Design-your-own shoes at Steve Madden! I just received my first pair so now I can fully share the experience with others. It all started with the dream of the perfect yellow shoe. I love that yellow is so hot this year and I just had to have the perfect pair of yellow heels. I searched and searched, but couldn't find exactly what I was after. I have a few pairs of Steve Madden shoes, so at some point I wound up on his site browsing around and it was there that I stumbled upon his DYO shoe collection! How brilliant is this? I found the perfect shoe and I was able to customize every last detail - from the color, to the fabric, to the heel material - AND size.

With the DYO collection, you don't have to worry about your size being sold out, because they're made just for you! And that's another huge plus with these - the DYO variety are offered in those very hard-to-find sizes like 4 and 4.5. One of my girlfriends has itty bitty feet and has the most awful time finding cute shoes in her size - so this discovery has been so exciting for her because of the size availability! So after I designed my yellow pumps, I put them in my basket and checked out. Three weeks later they arrived on my doorstep - just as I had designed them and they are perfection!

Yes, they do take a while to arrive - so if you're creating shoes for a specific occassion, order early! And also keep in mind that the DYO variety are NOT returnable or exchangeable since they are made just for you. So it's best to know how Steve's shoes typically fit you before ordering. For me, they are very true to size. I was so excited about this discovery that I actually emailed the Steve Madden team to send my kudos! I haven't seen anything like this elsewhere - if anyone knows of other designers with similar programs, please share! Happy shoe shopping!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

i want to see a pic of the yellow shoes. soooo fun!

what is the name of the girl in atl who does the custom espadrilles?

Buford Betty said...

That's Ann Roth... she's a friend of a friend. I think it's - so cute!