Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My kids have four legs.

I'm a dog person. I love dogs... more than some people even. Our two poochies are totally our pride and joy - they're truly our kids. My husband and I of course look forward to having little humans running around someday soon, but it's hard to imagine loving something more than we love our two sillies, Belly and Charlie. We adopted Belly, the little black border collie mix, soon after we married. She's a crazy little girl - full of energy, sass, and is too smart for her own good. A year later we adopted Charlie, an Australian shepard mix. He's pretty much the opposite of Belly... completely laid back, likes to stay indoors - preferably on the couch. The two are best friends and they clearly love each other so much. Belly is a daddy's girl and sweet Charlie is a total mama's boy. They're the perfect kids.

I know non-doggie people probably think we're nuts... but our little sillies brighten our world. My mom, who is also a big dog lover, sent me a quote the other day that totally rang true... "If you've never loved an animal, then there's a piece of your heart that hasn't been touched." I couldn't have said it better! Dogs are maybe the only creatures on this earth that have absolute unconditional love for their humans. They want nothing more than to be with you, love on you and please you. Besides a new pair of shoes, dogs are about the best therapy out there. I truly believe God reveals his love in all kinds of ways... and perhaps he created "man's best friend" for this purpose.

People always tell us that when we do have kids, our dogs just won't be quite as important anymore. I understand that our world is going to be turned upside down and our priorities are going to shift, but my dogs will always be my babies. You make time for what's important to you. Charlie will still get to spoon with me in bed at night.... he just may get a little irritated when I have to get up for a 2am feeding. Belly will still get to play in her pool.... but she may have to share it with a toddler one day. Besides, I really want my kids to grow up around dogs. I just can't imagine our little family without them! Woof! :-)

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Preppy Pink Crocodile puppys sends love and kisses to her long distance love, Charlie. xxooxx