Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back in heels.

Ahhh... it's so good to be back in heels. I had to wear flops to work both Thursday and Friday of last week after the falling-down-the-stairs incident. Luckily, no broken bones! I seriously was in fear of being told that I had jacked my foot up so badly that I'd never be able to wear heels again. And then I just thought of all my beautiful shoes and how sad I would be... and how empty my closet would suddenly be... But no - I was fine. I did go to a local doc-in-the-box after work on Thursday. I waited a good 90 minutes or so before seeing the doctor. But, it was TOTALLY worth the wait, because the doctor was freaking HOT! So not what I expected in my little redneck town. It's becoming less and less "red" by the minute... I mean, we have a Nordstrom. But I still refer to it as the "sticks." Go left and you're at J. Crew... go right and you're at QT where you're lucky to find one person who still has all their teeth.

ANYway, back to the doctor... he was tall, dark, handsome... a little metro but not overly so... what was he doing at a doc-in-the-box in the burbs? Who cares? He was hot. My husband just laughed at me of course when I tried to explain the unexpected hotness of the doctor. I told my best friend that she may just need to develop an upset tummy when she comes down to visit me in the fall... I didn't see a ring on his finger. So anyway, I'm A-OK per Dr. McHottie and though my foot is still a bit sore, I was able to get into my heels on Monday. I had to wear these closed-toe numbers because my pedi is wearing off and I can't handle a new one until my foot's completely heeled. I know it's more of a fall shoe... but I made it work, you know. I'm down to peep-toes and closed toes for the time being. But don't worry toes - I'll get you out there soon enough.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Mrs. Dr. McHottie has a nice ring to it!

Pam said...

nothing like a hot doctor to make you feel better! :) Cute shoes too!