Friday, July 27, 2007

Somebody stop me!

Well, thanks to my Shop-it-to-me (which I have raved about) email this morning, I felt the need to order these pretties. Wasn't even looking for something like this, but I spotted them (and the killer price) and instantly fell in love. They are the perfect party shoes for my 30th in October! Now I just have to find a dress. But I'm going to wait to see what my faves come out with for fall. This is my second Nordstrom shoe purchase in a week... someone needs to confiscate my debit card and my internet access now! That darn anniversary sale is just doing me in!

So the weekend is lining up to be a good one. Dinner tonight with the 'rents... Dad's steaks on the grill (nothing better!). Dinner with friends tomorrow night at Houston's (oh how I have missed my yummy Houston's now that we're up in suburbia). Church Sunday a.m... and then some of our friends and their two tots are coming over Sunday evening to cookout. And somewhere in there I've got to get a couple of paper orders done. I'm trying to get in a few chapters of Harry every night, but it is slow-going. I usually wipe out the new books in a few days, but I've just been so busy. Perhaps I can squeeze in a couple of hours at the pool with Mr. Potter?

Hope y'all have a fabu weekend!

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