Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stinky poo and broken toes.

What a day... actually, what a night and what a morning... Well first, we came home to a lovely mess of [warning for sensitive readers: grody references ahead] liquid poo in Gertie's crate, which until this morning, was in our bedroom (yeah, not anymore). Gertie is a dog we're fostering. She's a young lab mix my hubby rescued after she was hit by a car and abandoned. Here's a pic...

She's a sweetheart, but she hasn't quite gotten the potty training thing down. So we have 3 sillies in the house this summer. Anyway, the poor girl made a big ole mess in her crate, on herself, and all over our carpet. She probably got into something outside and got an upset tummy... she eats everything she can get her paws on (that's the lab in her). So we got out our handy dandy steam cleaner thingee and went to work. We have like every carpet cleaning machine ever evented... 'cause you know with dogs, shit happens. (Hmmm... I'm beginning to understand why some people don't like dogs.) After working tirelessly on the stain in our bedroom, I later stumbled upon yet another pile of liquid poo down the hall in the guest bedroom. Are you freaking kidding me? I was ill. Gertie likes to "sneak" away to these other rooms and do her business. I think she thinks it's funny. We've found several nice surprises in that room and also my office upstairs.... not funny.

So along with cleaning up the icky poo mess, we're simultaneously trying to prepare for the cleaning lady to come the next morning. This is always a process. I never understood the need to "get ready for the maid" when I was a kid. Every Thursday evening was spent "getting my room ready for the maid." "She's here to clean, not pick up after you," my mom would say. Well, now I get it. As a result of the disasterous poo in the guestroom, we had to declare that end of the 2nd floor a hazardous zone. We got the stains completely up, but somehow the lovely odor continues to linger. The weather guy better have been right about no showers today because we left the windows open this morning to air it out.

So this morning we're doing some last-minute things to prepare for the maid. I was carrying a load of stuff down to the basement... a hammer, a hand saw, and a box of those padded containers for storing fine china (don't ask). Well, I couldn't really see where I was going (which is smart) and I misjudged the last step or two. I totally tripped and fell down the rest of the stairs and landed on my left foot awkwardly. I dropped all my stuff to the ground and immediate tears insued. I realize this could've been far worse... I mean I was carrying a hammer and a SAW. The hubby comes running (he was doing yet another steam cleaning at ground zero at the time). I hobbled around the rest of the morning and soon learned that heels were definitely out of the question for work today. I tried my only pair of kitten heel slides on and they were just too tight around my toes to work. Ballet flats wouldn't do either. So I'm at work today in my J. Crew flip flops.

So I'm just limping my way through the office today. Rather slowly, too. I think I'm going to hit the local doc in the box after work to have someone look at it. I think I may've broken my big toe or the joint there or something... it hurts like hell and I can't walk really. Well I can, but it's not cute. So here's hoping the next 24 hours go a little more smoothly than the last!

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Pam said...

How's your toe? I was just updating my blog, and linked your blog to mine. :) Isnt this blogging thing fun!