Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's rant: SIZE CHARTS

Alright... I've never really paid any attention to size charts, but I had to have my measurements taken (translated: I got out my measuring tape and did it myself) for a bridesmaid's dress for one of my friend's December wedding. So I jot down my measurements... bust, waist, and (gasp!) hips. I've never really taken my measurements (or paid attention when others did) so I wasn't all to sure what to expect. Bust... same number as my bra size - guess that's good. Waist... really? It's that big? My mom says she had a 17 inch waist when she married my dad. I've now decided that's physically impossible - for her or Scarlett O'Hara. But then - what the crap - my hips are HOW wide? I know it's due to what I affectionately call my ghetto booty, but geez. And this whole time in my head, all I can here is Sir Mix-a-lot... "36 - 24 -36... only if she's 5' 3"..." Yikes - I'm way off. (Though I do think he'd like my butt.)

So anyway, after the initial shock over the numbers themselves, I hand them off to the bride. And I'm thinking, what the hell size dress are they going to order for me based on those catastrophic measurements? Most of these bridal shops take the one measurement that calls for the largest size, and go with that. Which is a horrible idea, by the way. Sure, they like it because they get to bend you over with alteration charges. So undoubtedly, you end up with a dress several sizes too big that has to practically be reconstructed to fit you. Oh the horror! Knowing this, I had the bride forward me a size chart for this dress. Using this go-with-the-largest-measurement-method would put me in a dress 4 sizes larger than what I normally wear. What? Now I know some bridal lines run small or whatever (which is mean, by the way), but still - are you kidding me? So then I decided to check out other size charts to see where I fit in. I'm sure they can vary some, but I would think sizing is pretty universal for the most part. Yep. I pulled up J. Crew's size chart. Well, apparently I've been wearing their clothes in the wrong sizes for years. As in 3 to 4 sizes too small - that's 3 to 4 actual sizes - not numbers.

So my question is.... who the hell came up with these size charts and how are they AT ALL helpful or relevant? I don't get it. Someone please explain this to me! And according to these charts, I'm on the "large" end of everything... so I'm thinking, how does that make people who truly wear these largers sizes feel? Because evidently their measurements would literally be off the charts! And it's not like any one measurement of mine is tipping the scales (although I could handle shaving a couple of inches off those hips). And I don't wear anything tight - I'm pretty self-conscious about that. Fitted - sure, tight - no. However, I - according to these genius charts - easily fit into a size range that's a good 3 or 4 sizes higher than my norm. Explanation, please.


Britt said...

I'm glad you brought this up! After being measured this year for a wedding dress and several bridesmaids dresses (which did nothing for my self esteem), I wondered how in the hell they would get a "true" to fit size?? My problem is that can we please get a size across the board in different stores, I hate trying on 3 different sizes in one pant, depending on the store. By the way, I think Sir Mix A Lot would appreciate my measurements too!

Pam said...

clothing sizing boggles my mind completely...as does the poor lighting in dressing rooms...you would think they could come up with a universal size! Well, at least this limits (somewhat) my online shopping! But, girl, you have an adorable figure, so dont let those pesky numbers or skewed whacked out sizes get you...I am sure it is all a marketing ploy of some kind to get us to buy more???

tulipmom said...

How do those who actually wear a large feel? I can tell you firsthand ... they feel like cr*p!