Friday, July 27, 2007

You didn't stop me, dammit.

And the party dress! J. Crew final sale purchase #3 of the week... geez I really shot myself in the foot on shipping. I'm too lazy to wait to go and use the magic red phone. Why are my purchases not more well thought out? I said I was going to wait on the dress, but apparently I lied. I pulled up J. Crew's site and voila - all their fall dresses were out. I swear those weren't there yesterday! I was looking for something fun to fit my red & black party colors. They added a beautiful new red for fall in the Lyndsey dress called Holiday Red. But then I saw that I could get black with the final sale at nearly $200 less. But I loved the red! So... remember when they sold these same sashes (as on the dress) in a ton of colors a few years ago? I bought a bunch of them so I happen to have a red one. So I decided to go with this black Lyndsey dress and swap out the black sash with my red one, tied in a bow on the front. I just couldn't justify spending full price on the red when I could just do the black with the pop of red instead. I think it will work well with the shoes, but if not... I obviously won't need to have my arm twisted to find something better. I'm hoping they do work, because I'm in love with those shoes! Woo hoo! I'm gonna be one hot 30-year-old! OK - seriously - no more shopping.

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