Thursday, August 9, 2007


OK so I bought a maternity top today that was on clearance. There's no bun in this oven, y'all. (And don't tell, but this isn't the first time I've done it.) I fessed up to my bestest, claiming it was for research purposes. We're actually in the early stages of starting a maternity wear line, but that's a whole other blog-worthy topic I'm not going into now. Truthfully though, it's more like 5% research, 95% a cute-top-on-clearance-I-hope-to-wear-someday. Now I know some of you may be thinking I'm gonna jinx myself here by buying maternity clothes prematurely - and 6 months ago I probably would've agreed with you. But now I just don't care. I don't go looking for them necessarily, but if you know me, you know I've alway had this bizarro obsession with maternity clothing. So I'm often browsing around maternity sites (I know - it's totally weird). And so if I happen to see a $175 blouse on clearance for $39... that is super cute... and in my would-be size.. yeah, I might just buy it. It'll just go in my someday closet along with the numerous Lilly children's dresses (I couldn't help myself - Costco had them for $22!) and other random things I've accumulated for my imaginary daughter. I've got plenty of "neices" I can spoil if I never get to use them myself. And if for some reason we aren't ever able to get prego, hey... there's always my girlfriends or shoot - ebay! Call me crazy if you will, but I can't help myself!

On another, completely separate note... I finally uploaded pics of those cutie bachelorette invites I mentioned a while back. The pictures were hard to take - I couldn't get a very good angle on them, so they really just do not do the cards justice. But these are one of my very favorite designs to date. They'd make great wedding invitations, too. All the girls loved them! And I'm so glad I decided to do reply cards with these. For the bachelorette weekend, we're staying at Twelve Atlantic Station in a 2 bed / 2 bath condo - it's going to be SO much fun. We decided it would be easiest to collect money up front from everyone for the hotel, etc - hence the reply cards. The party happens in two weeks (and this is for my favorite kuntry bride, by the way). We've got the most fabulous goody bags to put together, among other things - I will take tons of fun pics when that all comes! I can't wait. This month is just packed with good girly fun, isn't it?

I've gotta get to bed, y'all. Between Harry Potter and JT this week, I've been staying up WAY too late. And I just don't function well without enough sleep. Nighty night!


Anonymous said...

We did the same thing in May for a bachelorette weekend.

You are going to have so much fun!!!

Belle-ah said...

Cute invites....oh, and BTW, I am one of those "weirdies" that loved wearing maternity clothes (how can you not love something that it is OK to let your tum look big in???)...the only part of maternity wear I felt was challenging was formal/party wear...what woman at the near size of a house needs large dangling sequins -- I kid you not! -- hanging off her??? One year during the holiday season I literally became depressed over my options, especially since I was 9 months along. I tell ya...that brought me to tears!...but I managed not to wear the hidious sequins and found a great black velvet stretch swingy top and pants (which I wore, even at 9 months, with heels...I may have had miserably swollen feet by the end of the night but at least I felt like I looked a bit less large).

Anyway, thanks for your congratulations and I really hoped it would help me "manage" the laundry better but I suppose I should have known since my 1st degree is in interior design and my house just isn't magazine worthy either (2 little boys might have something to do with that...or the over weight black lab?)....maybe I would be better at managing a household, that might be better! LOL (((hugs)))

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love these invites- some of your best yet!! Sooo purty!

Happy Homemaker said...

LOVE the invites!! I hope you'll post any and all that you design! Gorgeous!!!

And have a fabulous trip!!

tulipmom said...

Gorgeous invites!

You're braver than me. I've been virtual shopping for little girl clothes for hours. I'm too afraid to actually buy anything for fear of jinxing things. I should just buy it and enjoy it, I know.

Lori said...

Love the invites, the pink ribbon is so pretty!
I'm totally like you with buying maternity clothes and baby girl clothes! Don't feel bad, go ahead and enjoy! I think it's great that those things bring you joy and it's part of a dream of yours. And you have a good "back-up" plan if those dreams turn out to be different! But there's no reason not to believe! :)