Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting ready for vaca!

I actually feel kinda guilty about taking this trip since I've missed and will miss so much time from work due to my surgeries, but this was planned before we ever knew of the need for surgery (much less two of them)... so oh well! I have maxed out my PTO for the year and then some. But my firm is super flexible and understanding, so that is great. Anyway - we're off to Maine next week with my parents! I'm so super excited. None of us have ever been up there, so any fun tips or must-see places you want to share would be apprecitated! I've already been told that we must hit the LL Bean outlet, so I'm looking forward to that. My dad did not understand why we needed to go there. "We have outlets here," he says. "But, but..." BUT the other day I was telling one of my friends about our trip. She actually spent a summer up in Maine and the first thing she says is, "omg you MUST go to the LL Bean outlet!" Apparently her mother ventures up there every year for the sole purpose of visiting this outlet. Therefore, Dad gave in and we're totally going (not that he would've stopped us to begin with!).

We're staying in Bar Harbor as this cutie little
Bed-and-Breakfast. My parents really planned the whole thing, so the hub and I are just along for the ride. I think we're planning to do a whale watching excursion and who knows what else. I'm mostly interested in eating lobster though. I'll be sure to get some good pics. I'm still trying to get my South Georgia pics from the bride, but she's dragging her feet (something about plannin' a weddin').

So this weekend we'll be busy busy busy getting ready to leave town early Monday. Tonight we have dinner with friends at our favorite local dirty mexican joint. I've been craving cheese dip and margaritas all week long! I have another shower tomorrow for the kuntry bride and then a cookout at another friend's house late tomorrow afternoon. I simply must squeeze in a pedi tomorrow morning... and we also have to get our guest room and bath ready - we have a friend crashing at our place Sat night (just found that out this morning - whatev). I also need to hit up
Limetree in the a.m. - they're having a great storewide sale this weekend. Then on Sunday I have to juggle laundry, packing, dropping off the 3 dogs, and finishing up some birth announcements - all in time to get over to my parents' house around dinner time (we're spending the night with them). Mom is totally paranoid about our luggage situation and wants to carry on everything. Now that she's retired and not busy at work when I talk to her, she has no problem rambling on for 10 minutes about stupid shit like why the dog won't pee where he's supposed to. So I also hear about her latest worries in immense detail - and the luggage issue is her current one. That and making our connecting flight. So I'll be running around like a mad man this weekend.

Well, happy Friday and I hope y'all have a great weekend! Please share your inside scoop on Maine if you have any! :-)


Sarah said...

Jameson Tavern, right next to LLBean is great for casual lunch or fine dining. They have a pub area, and then a nicer restaurant area. We've never had a bad meal there!

Happy LLBean shopping! Make sure you hit the LLBean outlet store as well. It's down the street from the actual store.

Debbie said...

I went to boarding school right by those areas. Now that was a few years ago but yes the LL Bean store is a must in Freeport. It is 5 stories and is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

There is a lot of good shopping in Freeport.

Bah Habah (the Mainer's way of saying Bar Harbor) is a great area as well. Make sure you get to one of the spots on the coast where you pick your own lobster and watch them drop it in the pot. Then you eat it on picnic tables by the water.

Have a wonderful trip!

Belle-ah said...

Maine in has to be better than here (though they will all act as if it is sweltering)...please have a lobster roll for me! Be safe and have fun!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Have a ball w the 'rents and hub! Sounds like a fabu vaca. Mmmmm lobster!!

tulipmom said...

Have a fabulous time in Maine! I haven't been there since I was a little girl.

Lori said...

Oh how fun, Maine is so beautiful! It sounds like you got the whole Maine thing down...a beautiful B&B, lobster, whale watching, and LLBean!
BH is beautiful with Acadia Natl Park being right there! If you go up that way, stop in at Jordan Pond House for popovers and tea...or a cold lemonade! :)
Or just enjoy the shopping, you can't go wrong!
The Inn looks lovely!

suburban prep said...

Hubby and I hit Bar Harbour for the first time last October and loved it. What a beautiful place.

Pam said...

Have fun! Shoot, girl you deserve the time off!!! If you have to take time off work for un-fun things like surgery (blech!)...then, you might as well take time off for something good. (and you know that I know how you feel there...I am still procratenating about finalizing my surgery plans-or making the call-because I know it is going to be a huge upset at work)...all the more reason to eat extra lobster bisquits at Jimmys and buy extra rain parkas at LL Bean (okay, they do have great doggie beds...Casey has a monongrammed one from there...)