Sunday, August 12, 2007


Just dropping in really quick to say I finally got through the end of Harry Potter last night. *Spoiler alert* here if you haven't read it yet... but I was TOTALLY right about Snape. The whole series was wrapped up beautifully and I am now in a bit of mourning over it all being at an end. I feel so emotionally attached to all these amazing characters, so it's hard to know there is no more. It was very cool though - at the very end, JK Rowling gave a glimpse into the future (a chapter called "19 years later"). It was in that final chapter that I totally lost it over one sweet little detail that had to do with Snape. I don't know why exactly, but he's been one of my favorite characters throughout the series, so I was just so happy with the way he was written in the final book. All I can say is - BEST....SERIES....EVER! (Right, Pam?!) When I dream about my someday kids, one of the things I look forward to is the day that I can share this series with them.

Alright... back to business! The dryer is buzzing...

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Pam said...


Totally! What a wonderful journey with those characters. I, too, am in mourning...I cant believe it is *over*!!! Just like you said...beautifully wrapped. Lets geek out over this when you get back in town!

Team Neville,