Friday, August 3, 2007

It's about to get KUNTRY up in here!

Today's the day! The city girls are heading for the country. I'm so super excited to meet all of the bride's family. I've met her sister before, but her parents don't make it up here much at all. Her mom won't even drive up here because the interstate scares her. I've heard stories about the bride's family and her hometown for years and now we finally get to experience it. I'm sure I'll have some fun stories to share.

The shower we're going to on Saturday is one of these huge ass church showers where practically the whole town is invited. Over 160 people were invited - insane (and have fun with those TY's...geez)! I've never been to one of these, but I've heard about them... basically it works more like a sip-and-see. The hostesses (there are 14 of them - we're helping her wrap her hostess gifts tonight) take your gift as soon as you walk in the door and unwrap it and then display it. So there actually is no point during this "shower" where the bride is unwrapping gifts while guests observe with "ooohs" and "ahhhs." But I'm telling you, if one of those 14 hostesses tries to take my gift and unwrap it, there's going to be some heels flying. I put a lot of effort and creativity into my wrapping. I love to do it and I really think half the gift is the presentation. I already forewarned the bride of my concern and she told me not to worry. I guess if you regularly attend these type of showers, you just bring a gift unwrapped? That just seems so anticlimatic, but whatever. I just think, if that's the intention - to take gifts and unwrap them before the bride ever lays eyes on them - then you should tell people to bring unwrapped gifts. I mean giftwrap isn't cheap! A decent giftbag can run you $5 or $6. And just to be ripped off and cast aside by some random hostess? No thanks, missy! I'm sure the gifts are going to be really interesting too. The most memorable gifts usually come from church showers. Mine did. I got this set of Christmas candle holders that I have no doubt came out of a random box that had been buried in the gift giver's basement for 15 years.

At any rate... it should be quite entertaining! Remember this is a one-stoplight town. When the bride's sister got married there a few years ago, they didn't even print wedding invitations. She just put a blurb in the church bulletin and people just show up. My stress levels are elevating just thinking about that.


Mrs. P said...

I love wrapping as well, that part would make me sad. Sounds like you have an interesting weekend ahead of you, have fun.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OMG I want pics for sure! Y'all are going to have a ball! Hugs to Bride!!

I am still sick and getting very annoyed that I still feel so miserable!

Belle-ah said...

I may just be pain old mean but I don't like the "sip & see"....I want wrapping and ribbon and lots of prettiness! LOL Hope you have fun down south!