Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My favorites...

Ooooh I got tagged by Lori... so here are my fun faves!

sound- a lawnmower going early on a Saturday morning in the summer
late night snack- cereal!
smell- fresh coffee
color combination- pink and green of course! also most any good combo with chocolate brown is fun
nut- a peanut when it's inside an m&m. otherwise, the hub is my all-time favorite nut!
time of year- definitely the fall!
books- I loooove Harry Potter! But all kinds of other stuff too... I love some good chick-lit.
vegetable- most anything green, except ocra - ew!
male actor- oh I have many and they change often... right now I'm crushing on Mark Ruffalo.
female actress- probably Reese Witherspoon because she's so talented and seems so genuine. And because I loved her in her first movie long before anyone even knew who she was.
flower- hydrangeas in the garden, gerbera daisies in a vase
vacation spot- Maine is definitely up there after our recent trip! Any good beach... but probably NYC is my all-time favorite.
pizza- probably mushroom and feta from Mellow Mushroom
subject in school- math, English, and art
tv channel- my favorite guilty pleasure is MTV
radio station- Q100 in Atlanta!
holiday- Christmas! And my birthday.
perfume- don't wear any (makes me sneeze)... but I used to wear Byblos a long time ago.
shoes- my feet are most happy in a j. crew flip flop.
candy- not really a candy person, but I love m&m's!
city to shop- New York, but I suppose I feel most at home shopping here in Atlanta.
beauty products- ELF Cosmetics, um... I really am not huge into beauty products. I buy the $1.47 Suave shampoo at Publix. I love make-up, but don't like to pay a lot for it. My two staples are the automatic eye pencil from Estee Lauder and my Almay foundation. Other than that, whatever I stumble upon.
item to shop for- shoes and handbags! I love clothes shopping too, but I'm a total accessories girl. And whenever we have kids I'm gonna go ape-shit. The hub's gonna have to lock-down our accounts.

Yay, that was fun. Now I tag Preppy Pink Crocodile, Pam, Belle-ah, and whomever else wants to have a go! Good-night, sleep tight!


Lori said...

I ALMOST put the "lawnmower on a Sat morning"' too....that is too funny!! And I like cereal late night! :D
Fun list!

tulipmom said...

Three years of low-carbing it later, m & m's are still the thing I miss the most.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

mmm- the smell of coffe is THE BEST!

Pam said...

Just did my list! Fun! You will have to show me how to change font color, etc on blogger. I am starting to wonder if my editing is slightly different on a MAC?