Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where are you, Fall?!

It is so flippin' hot in here. The air in our office evidently really IS broken. Combined with my hot flashes, it's a recipe for a serious attitude. I don't like being hot. Labor Day has come and gone so I'm looking to transition into a more fall like wardrobe. But it's just too freaking hot! I had jeans on yesterday - not really on purpose, but I was doing laundry and I was only running out for a bit. Well I about overheated and died right there in the Lowe's parking lot. I am officially over this heat.

We did have a nice Labor Day weekend though. Nothing too crazy... had some friends over to grill out and watch football Saturday night, grilled out with my parents on Sunday night, and then went to a movie on Monday night. We saw Transformers since the hub wasn't too excited about seeing Hairspray or The Nanny Diaries. But I have to say Transformers was really good! I think much credit has to go to Shia LeBouf - he's a great young actor. I think he's going to be really big. Although later that night, I had nightmares about my upcoming surgery and somehow transformers were involved. Totally weird.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks... big deadlines at work and me taking off a whole week for recovery later this month doesn't help! I think I'm a little more nervous about surgery this time around since I know exactly what I'm getting into and what the healing process is like. I've hit my max out-of-pocket costs on insurance for the year though, so I'm trying to think of some more "procedures" I could knock out this year without having to pay for them... hahahha. Hmm... I'm supposed to start getting yearly mammies at 30 since I have a family history of breast cancer, so I could do that. A full-blown MRI to see what other bugs are setting up camp in my body? I've got foot issues... maybe I could get that taken care of too. I need a menu.

I've also got busy nights this week between dinner plans and finishing up the wedding invitations for kuntry bride. Not to mention I gotta get my birthday party invitations done and out the door! Holy shiz... I turn 30 in a month! Oh damn. I feel a freak-out session and a hot flash coming on... gotta run.


Lori said...

I tagged you for a "favorites meme" if you're interested...see my blog! :D

tulipmom said...

LOL at the "I need a menu" line. You're too funny.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You hush up now! There is no need to rush summer out of here little lady!! Remember that for me, after a short fall comes a very long and cold winter. So summer, you are welcome to stay for as long as you see fit thank you very much!