Friday, October 19, 2007

Babies, Brides, and Birthdays

I've got a weekend full of showers, though I can only attend one of them (for Christmas Bride). I'm dropping off a gift for a baby shower early tomorrow morning, so I had to run out at lunch and grab something. I usually don't procrastinate on shopping for gifts since, afterall, it is an excuse to shop! But I found myself on a time crunch, so I opted for Baby Gap. I love Baby Gap but it's not my usual stop for baby gifts. Anyway... this shower is for a mom of three boys who is prego with a GIRL! I'm sure she just doesn't know what the heck to do with a girl! I hate to miss the shower - I bet she'll get some really fun gifts and a lot of pink. For girls, although pink is my personal favorite, I try to buy something other than just pink because I know they will be getting a ridiculous amount of pink. So here's what I found...
OK the picture of the pants is really bad... apparently they're sold out online so I couldn't get the closeup. They're a rosy pink and chocolate stripe. They're super cute and I promise they match.

I really like funky retro looking stuff for little girls. Well I love it all but I love stuff that is different. Like have y'all seen Patty's stuff over at ModKid Boutique? OMG - I so love that kind of stuff and when I have a little girl (fingers crossed applesauce), I am SO maxing out my credit cards at her store! So anyway, I've got to wrap it all up tomorrow morning and drop it off before heading over to kuntry bride's last gown fitting. If she releases me in time, I'll be heading up to a birthday party Saturday night for a friend of ours.

Well have a great weekend, all! We're heading over to my parents tonight for some yummy crab legs - my favorite! It's another birthday dinner for me - I like to drag my birthday out for as long as possible.


Kari & Kijsa said...

How cute are those clothes. Everything always looks cuter in that iny size!

kari & kijsa

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Baby Gap does have cute things. You made a great choice!

modkidboutique said...

Aww... I just came across this post after "googling" myself! LOL! Thanks bunches for the plug! Very sweet of you! If you ever get that girl -- and I am crossing fingers & toes for ya -- come on over and we'll set you up! :)