Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Phantom Ghost!

So tonight we went and "boo'd" a couple of neighbors. One of my girlfriends was boo'd last year in her neighborhood and I thought it was such a fun idea. And then this year one of my other girlfriends who lives nearby got boo'd. No one does this in our neighborhood to my knowledge... so I told my friend to boo me as one of her boos so I could start the fun in our neighborhood. So here's how it works...

You put together two Halloween treat bags for two different neighbors or friends. I got two felt bags that I think are meant to be trick-or-treat bags. And for each one I got a cute ceramic candy bowl and some candy corn. What else... some Halloween confetti (for cookies or cupcakes, etc), some Halloween erasers, and this cute fuzzy spider thing with googlie eyes. To your bag you attach a picture of a ghost with a ribbon for your boo-ees to put on their doors (so they don't get boo'd again) and another card with the following poem...

The Phantom Ghost has come to town,
To leave you some goodies, I see you have found.
If you do not wish a curse to fall,
Continue this greeting, this Phantom's call.

First, post this Phantom where it can be seen,
And leave it there until Halloween.
This will scare other Phantoms who may visit.
Be sure to participate, you don't want to miss it!

Second, make two treats & two copies of this Ghost with a grin
Deliver them to two neighbors where this Phantom hasn't been
Don't let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt …
And make sure they put their Phantom Ghost out!

Next, you have only one day to act, so be quick!
Leave it at doors where the Phantom hasn't hit.
Deliver at dark when there isn't much light...
Ring the doorbell and run, and stay out of sight!!

And last, but not least, come join in the season.
Don't worry, be happy, you need no good reason.
This is all in good fun and we are just trying to say...

What fun! So I snapped a quick pic of our goodie bags before the hub and I creeped out to boo our neighbors. It was so fun... I felt like I was 7 years old again - hiding behind bushes and trying not to breathe too loud or laugh... Either that or a felon.

My photo is not great, but hopefully you kinda get the idea. They are the most super cute Halloween goodie bags ever!


hello sunshine! said...

This sounds like such a cute idea! Someone mentioned it in a comment on my wall (The Kept Woman, I think!) - I'd never heard of "booing" before that! Might have to try it out this weekend ;)

Jennifer said...

Your bags look awesome!

The 5 Bickies said...

Those are the cutest boo bags I have ever seen. We usually wait to get booed but by that time everyone we know is already done. I am going to start it around here with some cute treats like yours. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Lori said...

Oh cute, I love that little tradition and the boys go crazy when it's "boo" time!!

tulipmom said...

Cute bags! We're collecting stuff now for our "Boo Bags." Last year was our first time being "Booed" and it was so much fun!

MMM said...

Great idea and precious bags!