Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy Day Ramblings

I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off since Saturday morning. Well, as you know, Saturday was spent helping kuntry bride assemble favors and such. She lives a good hour away (with no traffic), so Saturday a.m. I was running around like mad just trying to get out of the house. I know y'all know how that goes. The David's Bridal visit was a quick one, thank goodness. I didn't get home till midnight and we barely made a dent in the favors. We did actually make a lot of progress, it just didn't look like we did. That stuff always takes 5 times longer than you ever think it will.

Then Sunday was spent doing laundry and finishing a wedding invitation order. I had to stop for a couple of hours to go attend an afternoon shower for Christmas bride, but other than that - I didn't leave the house. I did watch a couple of sermons online while assembling invitations, so I got my church in. We have been such slackers lately when it comes to church... we've just been running around so much that sometimes church is the first thing that gets knocked off the list. "Next week!" we keep saying... I miss it though so we are dragging our butts there *next week* for sure.

Yesterday I was at a continuing ed class on deferred taxes. I know... vomit. So I wasn't on the 'puter at all yesterday - it makes me feel so disconnected. As if I have lost all touch with the world or something... And not only that, but I had to drive into town and because it was sprinkling outside, everybody forgot how to drive. So what should have taken an hour or so, took 2+ hours. And I therefore missed the first hour of class. I have to have these hours to renew my license and I just about slugged the receptionist when she said to me, "you'll have to adjust your time sheet since you missed the first hour." Are you serious? Seriously? I have been battling idiot drivers for the past two hours to get here and this is the first thing you have to say to me?! Not to mention the fact that it took me a good 15 minutes to find the damn office after I parked...

First the directions told me to park on the top level. OK, I'm thinking there is like direct access to their floor from here or something? Because I wound my way up and up for a good 4-5 minutes to reach this special top floor. And what is up there? Nothing. I was THE only vehicle. Huh?! So I look back at the directions. "Once you park, take the elevator down to level C." WHAT?! I came in at level C! Why the hell would you tell me to park at the very very top of this deck (passing hundreds of empty spots along the way) only to have me hop in the elevator and go back down to where I came in?! Then once inside the building I went up the wrong damn elevator. One of those that only accesses certain floors - and of course, not my floor. So I go back down. And realize it's the wrong damn tower. I know the security guard got a good chuckle watching all this. I finally found the right tower and made my way up there... only to hear the receptionist's dumb comment about missing the first hour.

The ride home was an unexpected breeze though, so it was nice to get home a little early. We went bowling last night with our new small group. It was fun and I totally broke 100!!! Something I have never done! It must've been the pink ball I was using... I was bowling strike after strike. Which is SO not like me. I usually celebrate if I hit any pins AT ALL. I rarely bowl, but it can be good cheesy fun sometimes.

OK so tomorrow we are leaving for Chicago!!! I'm so excited! I have more continuing ed classes up there on Thursday and Friday and the hub is coming along. He has never been to the windy city so he will go play during the day while I'm learning lots of exciting tax stuff. The hub is great at entertaining himself. He will talk to a doorknob so I'm sure he will have made three new best friends by the end of day one. He also loves museums, so he can spend as LONG as he wants in the Field museum or wherever he wants to go without me nagging him to move along. I really love museums too, but I am a one-hour museum person. I pick a few exhibits, ooh and ahh, and then I'm good to go. The hub, however, likes to read every last word of EVERY description of every piece of art/artifact/whatever. He spent 3+ hours in the American History museum in New York one time and half a day in the Air & Space museum in DC. I just can't handle all that museum-ing. Seriously, one hour and I'm full. So anyways, he'll have Thursday and Friday to play (and we'll of course go out at night together after my classes), and then we'll have all day Saturday to play together. We've got an architectural boat cruise booked for Saturday morning. I'm sure we'll go see fireworks off Navy Pier either Friday or Saturday night... And of course the Dawgs play Florida on Saturday, so we're heading to the local UGA bar to catch the game. Now I will say that if we win this game, I can conclude that we have amazingly good luck when watching big games while out of town... Last year we watched our Dawgs whoop up on Auburn from the local UGA bar in NYC. And we were NOT expected to win - not even a little bit. And I fully expect to get our bulldog tails handed to us by FL this week, so who knows...

Oh and one last rambling - er confession - I ordered this maternity skirt the other day for my someday closet. I had a Nordstrom gift certificate (and yay, I used it!) and stumbled upon this in the sale section online. It was on super sale and I thought it looked super cute. But now I'm confused by the wide white band. I think when I bought it I thought they were just showing the belly band that you cover up. But looking at it again today I think that is just part of the design. I dunno... thoughts? So now I'm not so sure how cute it's going to be. It's supposed to arrive today, so we'll see.

Alright, well I better get back to my mile-long to-do list! Going out of town is so fun, but why is it so stressful trying to leave?!

UPDATE: The skirt came last night and it is super cute! The white band is definitely the belly band. Only thing is that it's right on the verge of being too tight. So I'm thinking in a prego state, it'd definitely be too small. I like it though so I'm exchanging for the next size up.


Lori said...

Class on deferred taxes...yuck!! lol
YEA to you on using your gift certificate!
Cute skirt, I don't know about the waistband, I'm sure you'll know once you get the skirt.

tulipmom said...

Alost looks like the model's wearing one of those Bella Bands with it. My guess is they're just showing the waistband but that you cover it up when you wear it. Cute skirt!

Belle-ah said...

YOu are just too funny, girl!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

child- your prego/baby closet is going to overflow any day now! you crack me up!! hehe!