Monday, October 8, 2007

Vera Bradley goodness.

Yikes - I was in the shower this morning and realized I totally forgot to mention the hub's lovely gift for my birthday!! I'm an awful wifey! He is such a sweetie... a few weeks ago the Vera Bradley outlet sale was in town for 3 days and I couldn't make it out there. It was on the other side of town and my schedule that week just wouldn't allow me to make it over there. I was totally bummed since it was the first time the outlet sale had come to Atlanta. But two of my girlfriends, including kuntry bride, were going together so I sent them a whole list of stuff to grab for me. It also came at a great time because I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts. So I had a few gift items listed and I also just mentioned the styles that I liked... "if they have the tote in Hope Toile, grab it!" - etc, etc. Well I guess I expressed my disappointment more than once to my husband about missing the sale... at some point he contacted one of my girlfriends going and told her to get EVERYTHING on my list that I wanted for myself and only tell me that she got the gift items and to make up some excuse for not finding the others. One bag that I wanted but really didn't need because I already had it in another pattern was the travel satchel. It is the best weekender or carry-on bag, fyi if you don't have this one. You can fit so much stuff in there. I also have the Miller Bag, which is about the same size measurement-wise, but the satchel holds sooooooooo much more stuff (and is much easier to carry I think). Anyway, so my girlfriend told me she "forgot" to grab the satchel. No worries... I really didn't need another one anyway! I just wanted one to match the pattern I had my Miller Bag in. I think I've mentioned before - I have a ton of Vera stuff, but I have a total hodge podge of patterns.

So my party is here and there's no sign of my gift from the hub. Turns out my girlfriend wrapped it all up and brought it with her! The hub actually took cash out of our account and deposited it into her bank account so I wouldn't snoop around and find out where he was spending money on me (cause yeah, I would do that - I'm obsessed with online banking). He was super sneaky this time! And it's funny because he is sooooooo bad at keeping secrets from me - especially gifts. So kudos to him for holding out this whole time! So the gift itself was a big box FILLED with Vera goodies. I mean Vera Bradley explosion!!! I got my satchel, a couple of bowler bags, tote bags, and a couple of ditty bags... I think that's it. It was so fun! And I was truly surprised. What a super-duper gift! :-)


suburban prep said...

Great Bag!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Sooo fun! Good job, Hub!

Belle-ah said...

DD and I missed the sale as well because there was just NO time!

Your DH is a good man!

Meg said...

I'm so jealous! Happy belated birthday!