Monday, November 19, 2007

Doodie. And the boys.

So I apparently spilled a crumb or two from my little Ghiradelli dark chocolate square on my lap while munching on it after lunch. Because... I just looked down and saw not one, not two, but four chocolate smears on the crotch of my light grey pants. Great. Now it looks like I have doodie stains all over me! Thank goodness this occurred after my lunchtime run to Hobby Lobby.

While at Hobby Lobby, I got a call from one of my doctor's nurses about the hub's test on his boys. Poor thing had to spew his goodies in a cup once again. All is good but the volume is still a bit low. I'm sure he loves me sharing this information. Low volume, but ULTRA manly, honey! Anyway, as with our plan - not sure I mentioned this before - my doctor wanted to skip the whole "on our own" portion of the plan if the boys were low again - meaning we'd go straight for IUI. So the hub is calling the doctor today again to see if that is indeed the plan. Well, we still were able to get one try in, so there's always a slim chance we got the job done on our own. Only time will tell! :-)

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Beth said...

Best of lucj with the IUI! At least you have a plan!