Monday, December 3, 2007

Finally, a winner!

After two photo sessions, who-knows-how-many treats, and near tears, we finally got the winning Christmas card photo over the weekend! I love how it looks so effortless. It's a good thing the hub and I are not pictured, because our sweaty looks of frustration would not be so festive.

The doggies had such a fun play day yesterday. The hub blew all the fallen leaves in a big pile and they just had a ball. The hub got a new camera for Christmas - yes, for Christmas. He apparently "needed" it before Christmas for various reasons that he rattled off to me before our trip to Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. So he has been taking pictures left and right. He got some great shots of Gertie (the yellow lab mix). Can you believe this sweet girl had double hip surgery back in May? Look at her go! I'm such a nut for our sillies... I seriously tear up when I open these pics. I need help! I'm going to be positively mental when we have actual people kids!


Libby said...

Oh what a happy crew! That will make for a fantastic card. There's little better than content canines, eh? :)

I actually did a double take over the last photo because it looked so much like my own pup!

Melissa said...

Oh its a wonderful picture! I hope I have as much luck trying to get a picture of my little guy in his Santa hat!

Meg said...

I love that last one. I agree with Lib that it looks like Devil Dog. The leaf shot is super - they all look so darn happy!