Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a week.

I don't have much time on my hands to blog lately - obviously. But just wanted to pop in and say hello! The hub is on the mend from his knee surgery last Friday. He is on the couch (and has been for the last 5 days) in this knee bendy contraption thingee that keeps bending and straightening his leg. Super fun, he says. He did get out of the house for lunch yesterday with a friend, but it quickly became a bad idea. He was very uncomf and soon retreated back to the couch. The dogs are loving this "fun" time with daddy though. They are expert snugglers and caretakers.

So with all that going on, last weekend was definitely low-key. I did have a party Friday night that I had to co-host. The hub's mom came down so she was able to babysit the patient while I went to party. Sounds fair, right? I bailed on Saturday night's party that we had scheduled. Just no fun without the hub... I don't really know many other people at that party. I made an appearance at our small group party on Sunday, but vacated after dinner to return to my ailing hub. Aside from the parties and a grocery run or two, I was at the house all weekend. Which seems to be a rarity, sadly. We had so much fun though. OK the hub really would not say as much, but I mean, just "being" together all weekend was so much fun. I worked on Christmas cards while he popped pain pills and dozed off. We watched a ridiculous amount of movies. The tree was lit and the fire was going... it was super cozy and Christmassy. And I got SO much done. I was rolling through laundry, whippin' through my Christmas card list, cleaning up, organizing... I really got a lot done.

Then on Monday, I had to leave the hub behind and return to work. I actually was out of the office all day at a continuing ed class. So I'm walking into lunch - this huge ass banquet room with probably 30 or 40 round tables - and I suddenly stepped on something... or in something? I heard this pop and looked down to see what I had just crushed under my foot. Nothing there... hmmm.... so I kept walking and whoah! Did I just step in a hole? Nope. A few more steps and I realized what had happened...

Oh the horror! And of all my shoes, why these?! My bronze Via Spigas that I wear like ALL the time in the fall and winter! Now I seriously have no shoes to wear with browns, etc that aren't peep toe. OMG! I guess I need to call Santa back and update my list. I'm so mad. These were such great shoes. I wore them probably 2 or 3 days a week (to work) and they don't look a day older than when I first wore them last year. And this is so not fixable. I mean I just don't see how. You can't tell in the pic, but it is all kinds of jacked up inside (what used to be) the heel. I suppose I could have a cobbler redo both heels with a stacked heel? But wouldn't that cost a ton? And I don't think it would look great. The wrapped heel really looks best on this shoe. OMG. So sad... so very sad. Now I will have to say that I did um... run up my concrete driveway that same morning in those heels... perhaps that was the straw that broke the camel's back? Or maybe that in itself was enough to kill the heel?! Well I assure you, no more running in heels on hard surfaces for me! Dumb move on my part. The spot on my shoe shelf where these lovelies lived is now empty. *Sniff.*

So that was my own personal drama for the week. Now this weekend is Christmas bride's wedding. I just got my bridesmaid's dress dropped off with my seamstress yesterday. I know - but she's fast and I literally got the dress two weeks ago. She couldn't do it till this week anyway. Got my dyeable shoes which, of course, don't match the dress. They'll be fine though. OK so then yesterday I get to work and Christmas bride has left a gift box in my chair with a big card. Fun - I like presents! So in the card she's going on and on and then asks me if I will be her MOH. What?! Yes - 4 days before the wedding. So while I am super duper flattered, I'm also feeling very lousy - I have not at all done enough to qualify for the MOH position! And it's not like there's time for me to do anything now! We did try to put together a bachelorette thing but it never panned out.
So OMG, now I'm the MOH. So my responsibilities have like quadrupled. And do I have to do a toast now? I gotta ask her about that. I'll totally do it, but OMG - scary. I just feel like I'm such a lousy MOH.... but hey, I was kinda given short notice! And I'm a virgin MOH - any advice on how I can MOH-it-up these last few days???

Well I better run... work is finally picking up, so I'm sure they'd appreciate me getting some billable hours in. I'm outtie.

Oh P.S. - I guess you figured out that we didn't knock it out last month, but we're on for on-our-own try #2 this week. We were supposed to start IUI this month, but with the hub's surgery, I knew it wasn't going to be good for him timing-wise. Nothing like spewing your goodies in a cup while recovering from an uber painful surgery! So if he's *up* to it, we'll be giving it one last shot this week. Fingers crossed applesauce!


Debbie said...

Welcome back. Wow, MOH with the wedding around the corner? That's crazy and I'm have no idea what kind of advice I could give you....good luck!

I'm cheering for you this month as always! We start IVF shortly and I can't wait.

And I'm wishing hubby a speedy recovery.

Oh and your shoes, everytime one of my shoes break I take them back to the store I bought them. I actually just took a pair back to Stuart Weitzman that I bought like 2 years ago. They took them, fixed them and mailed them back to me. I'm sure Via Spiga would do that for you as well. They usually stand by their shoes. Good luck!

suburban prep said...

In regards to the shoe always a reason to go out an look for another pair, but i agree with Debbie regarding taking them back. I did that with a pair of Ralph Lauren's and I got my money back.

In regards to hubby make sure that he does keep his legs and or feet moving every now and again.

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Wishing you.....
1-speedy recovery for hubby,
2-replacements for the broken shoes or else someone that can fix them,
3-lots and lots of holiday baby dust,
and 4- luck with Christmas bride's wedding!
Keep us posted!

Heather at Grace303 said...

That is awful about your shoe. And my goodness, what stress re: the wedding!