Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to the grind... sorta.

I hope you all had a fan-tabulous Christmas weekend! We had a great Christmas and a great do-nothing weekend that followed. Well, by do-nothing I mean we had no real plans. I certainly don't do well at do-nothing. I was definitely *doing* all weekend. But I was in my jammies while doing! I got completely caught up on laundry (quite a feat), and got the January budget rolling. We're also working hard to get our tax numbers ready to go so once the W-2's and 1099's hit our hands, we can send that junk off and get our much needed refunds. So anyway, lots of good housekeeping type stuff got done this past weekend. And I will post more soon, but I must say we are super excited about ringing in the new year - perhaps more than ever! We've got big plans for 2009 and honestly, 2008 sucked major ass. Of course lots of good things came from 2008, but we're definitely ready to punt that one away. Among other things, we're really excited to get back on the baby-making mission in '09. We took a much needed break from doctors and whatnot over the last year, but we're ready to get back in the game. So I'll get y'all up to date on all that fun stuff too. For now... back to work! We're busy bees here today. :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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A very Merry Christmas to you!

I figured I better hop on here and send my well wishes before all the craziness starts... The hub's parents arrive this afternoon, so from then on out it's full speed ahead - Christmas style! I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! This year we are going to the Christmas Eve service at church and then hosting a casual Christmas Eve dinner back at our house. Then we'll be heading over to my parents' house on Christmas Day for Christmas dinner. (How many times can I say Christmas?!) And then to the theatre to see Marley & Me later that night! But shhh... don't tell my mom - it's a surprise!

I tried posting it here but my non-tech-savvy-self couldn't get it to work. Check out this post for a fabu Christmas jig from my three sillies.

P.S. This is post #300.... Wowzas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

From Edward to Marley.

OK so I finally finished the whole Twilight series. Absolutely loved it. I wasn't sure where the fourth book was going initially, but I loved the ending. What an incredible series! I was actually in continuing ed. the other day and the chick next to me was reading one of the books (much more interesting than the lecture going on). So on the first break I couldn't help but ask her which book she was on. We totally had a Twilight geek-out session together - it was hilarious. I just wish there was more...

I have that same content, yet longing feeling I had after the 7th Harry Potter book. OK, not NEAR the emotions I felt after finishing Harry. Seriously, I saw a guy in the airport with the 7th book a good few weeks after I had finished it and I just started crying. Right there on the damn escalator. Again, LOVED the ending to HP, but was so sad it was the end. I've already hopped on Stephenie Meyer's site to read the unedited snippet of Edward's POV from the first book, but I've got to put it on hold for a few days... because I've got to get Marley & Me read in time for the movie next week!

I know, I feel like the last person on Earth to read it. I've actually had the book on my shelf for a couple of years, but just never got to it. Well, my mom is dying to see the movie (and they are not really go-to-the-movies people, but she's hell bent on seeing this flick in the theatre). So we're surprising her with tickets for the Christmas Day opening. I love going to a movie on Christmas... it's a great little escape. Kinda nice to get out of the house after being buried in wrapping paper and eating entirely too much food. I already got the passes (alla Costco, of course) and am going to go pick up the tickets this weekend. Anyone else going to see it? Well I'm only a few chapters into the book and I'm already crying. I know what's coming at the end and I'm going to freaking lose it...

Alright well I've got lotsa work to do here. We've got our Christmas party tonight down at the Aquarium, so I've gotta get outta here early. Another whirlwind of parties this weekend! Hope y'all have a good one.... TGIF!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's settled.

My heart now belongs to ELF's eyeliner and shadow stick. It was love at first application... and at only $3, it's a no-brainer for this penny-pincher. EL, we had a good run, you and I. I promise - it's not you, it's me. I still think your product kicks major ass, but I have to think of my wallet here, love. I know you understand...

Friday, December 12, 2008

It just might be love...

I'm pretty sure it is. But I figure I should hold my final review till I've gone through a full day of wear. I can hardly contain my potential excitement though! OK, let me get to it... So for the last, gosh, 16 or 17 years, I've been using Estee Lauder's Automatic Eye Pencil. It has changed some through the years, but it has remained the #1 eyeliner in my book for, well, my own personal forever. It was the one last "department store" makeup item that I refused to go without. Even though the refills cost me a ghastly $12.50 (ugh, I remember when they were only $8), I didn't care - it was that good. Now, when I pay about $1 - $5 for every other makeup product in my little bag, $12.50 is a huge chunk of change to me...

But ladies, behold! ELF has come out with its own version of this fabulous automatic pencil for only $3. It's part of their new Studio line... you know, the more *uppity* line that goes for $3 instead of $1. So anyway, when I reordered my supply of mineral makeup the other day, I added one of these new liners to my shopping bag to test it out. Could this be as good as my tried and true Estee Lauder version? I mean I have not switched to anything else in 17 years, people! That doesn't mean I haven't tried other things!

Well, this morning I broke out the new $3 liner and... WOW. That baby glided on so smooth that I started squealing. Could this be true? Could I have found new eyeliner love? After all these years? Well if this baby stays in place all day (has so far - 4 bathroom checks and counting) , I think I may be breaking up with Estee Lauder. I love you EL automatic eye pencil, but I just can't say no to $3. I'll be back with my final verdict tomorrow...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello, blogworld?

Is that you? Hi, it's me - Buford Betty! I know, I know... I've been away for SO long! My last post was about turkey day and now we're about to smack right into Christmas! My December has just been so busy - as it always is. The string of holiday parties started last Saturday and well, it's non-stop till Christmas. We literally have a party (at least one) EVERY Saturday and Sunday till Christmas - and even some Fridays. No rest for the weary! I don't know why this surprises me every year... but it happens every December.

Now I DID reach my goal to finish all my Christmas shopping by the end of November. Hallelujah! I did not, however, get all of that loot wrapped yet. I wanted to be bought, wrapped, sealed, tagged, etc. before December ever got here... but, well crap. It's here! Whatever. Anyway, it's not that I haven't had fun things to blog about... I mean I usually jot a little note to myself when something pops in my head that's blogworthy. I have a nice little list brewing here... but my work calendar and social calendar have been busy, so that's leaves you, dear blogworld, to suffer. Hehehe...

Well, we did have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We were over at my godmother's for Thanksgiving dinner. And then the hub and I headed up to Tennessee to visit with his parents for the weekend. It was a great long weekend. Oh and did I mention that I went Santa shopping with my mom the Wednesday before? Yes! That little taste of shopping was a bit dangerous though. Even though Santa was buying, it wasn't good for me to smell those lovely retail smells and see the incredible bargains to be had up close and personal. I'm much better left in the dark. Out of sight, out of mind y'know. But I got some super cute stuff from Santa - well, I don't have it yet, but anyway - yeah. That makes me think of a Santa question... I think I'll add a fun little poll on here (note to self).

Oh and did I mention that we got banned from using Facebook at work? Not that I'm even on it much at work, but just the fact that I *can't* get on it is annoying. Especially when I get an email alert about a message or something and I can't get on there to answer it... that sucks. Because honestly the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a computer. I sit in front of 4 - yes FOUR - large flat screen monitors every day. It's amazing I still have any vision left. So really, the idea of sitting at the 'puter once at home is no fun. So my facebook time has dwindled. As well as my bloggy time. I'll get it in there somehow though! I have so much to post about - I just need to sit my butt down and make the time. This is the most random post ever. OK so while I don't have time to post everything I wanna right now, I will leave you with a few things and a super simple recipe that I used at Thanksgiving too. Hope y'all are having a great week! I've missed y'all! :-)

OK, my random ramblings...

1. How much do I love Costco? More than you know. Our torrid love affair gets hotter and sweatier everyday. So I only recently discovered (or paid attention really) to the fact that you can get movie ticket vouchers there for $7.50. And there are NO exclusions. AND they're good for IMAX movies! Our local theatre has an IMAX screen. So the hub and I budgeted for a date night this month because he wanted to see that alien movie thing with Keanu Reeves - The Day the Earth Stood Still or whatever. Yeah, totally his pick. Anyway... our theatre has it showing on IMAX. So my old non-budgeting self would have gone on Fandango to get tickets - and those would've been $34 for two (after the fees and junk). BUT my shiny new budgeting self got two vouchers from Costco (you just ask for them at checkout) for $15 and went over to the mall yesterday to trade them in for our tickets. So I saved $19 by doing that - hellz yeah! Three cheers for Costco!

2. That leads me into what's on tap for this weekend... Friday night is date night with the hub. Saturday morning we're running the Jingle Jog 5k. Any other peaches running?! Gertie will be running alongside me with some Christmas flair - I promise to take pics! Charlie was supposed to run, but he has managed to injure his knee. The hub was at the vet with him yesterday. He's on some pain meds and we're just watching it for now, but the run is definitely out. Poor Charlie - say some puppy prayers for him! So does Belly get to take his place? Well, I say heck no because she is an absolute pill to run with... but she is daddy's girl and the hub is saying he's taking her. That's fine - he can run with her. Here's bettin' he tosses her into a garbage can before mile 2. Oh and I got some awesome Christmas knee-high socks for the occasion. I will take some pics of those too. Then SaturDAY I'll be in a wrapping frenzie! Frenzy? However you spell it. Saturday night we have a Christmas party at a friend's house... Church Sunday a.m.... A kid's birthday party at noon... and then our small group Christmas party Sunday night. Phew!

3. I'm almost done reading Breaking Dawn. I flew through the first three books, but had to slow down on this last one since we've been so darn busy lately. I don't think I ever mentioned my thoughts on the Twilight movie either... I thought it was good, not great. Liked, not loved. Edward was completely drool-worthy and worth the ticket price alone, but as with most movies based on books, the book is soooooooooo much better. I think, just the way it's written, it's so hard to translate that on film - especially in a 2-hour window of time. I don't think the intensity of Bella and Edward's relationship comes through. Though I have to say, I did find Jasper freaking hilarious. He's like Edward Scissorhands, minus the scissors. So I have a new-found love for Jasper after seeing the film. So overall... if you haven't read the book, I'd skip it. I just don't think I would've "gotten it" if I hadn't read. I mean I love me some vampires (again - tried and true Buffy fan here), but I think the movie was lacking. Oh I'll still totally buy it on DVD so I can look at Edward.... but yeah... I'm hoping they put a little more edge into the second film. Sounds like they're trying to spit that one out by the end of next year.

4. OK lastly (I told you these were random)... here's a recipe for corn casserole that I made for Thanksgiving. It's so stupid easy, but a huge hit. My favorite combo! Plus it's made with stuff most people have on hand - and if not, these ingredients are cheap. This is an old Paula Deen recipe, so you know it's good (terrible for you, but good)...

You'll need:
1 can creamed corn
1 can corn
1 stick butter
1 cup sour cream
1 box Jiffy cornbread mix

Melt the butter and mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Pour into a baking dish. (I've done this both in a regular 9x13 dish and a square dish (9x9) and I think it comes out better in the 9x9). Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes. Yum-o!!!!!!!!

5. Wait, one more... Back to my thoughts on a poll re: Santa... So when I was growing up (and I guess I still am because Santa still comes if we're spending Christmas at my parents' house), Santa would lay out my gifts - all across the floor, all along the couch, whatever the case may be. He didn't wrap. Now Mom and Dad's gifts to me were wrapped and under the tree, but Santa came and left everything out unwrapped. I realize this is a heated debate... much like real vs. fake Christmas trees, or which way the toilet paper is supposed to hang, but I must ask, What does Santa do (or what did he do) at your house? Wrap or not?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Week.

Don't know how much I'll be able to hop on here, as our Turkey week is rather stuffed. Haha... stuffed. ;-) So I wanted to go ahead and wish you all a fabulous Thanksgiving! I am constantly reminded of how very blessed I am and how much I have to be thankful for... the first thing I usually spit out of my mouth in prayer (almost without thinking) is "thank you for this day." Because, truly, no tomorrows are guaranteed. I haven't been very bloggy this last week other than to obsess over my vampire boyfriend, Edward, but truthfully I haven't really felt up to it...

A little over a week ago, a dear friend of mine lost her mother to a long, long battle with ovarian cancer. We all knew it was coming, but it just broke my heart. And I just could not stop crying Saturday morning after finding out she was gone. I called my mom from the Costco parking lot and just cried. I just can't imagine what my dear friend is going through. The same day I found out our small group leaders lost their IVF baby at 5 weeks. And my heart broke a little more. So I was just in a very weird place that day... and worst of all we had a party to go to that afternoon and I'm just not good at faking it. I sure didn't sit in a corner and pout, but I was probably a little more subdued than normal. And really, with all that in my head, I haven't known WHAT to write on here lately. Somehow all my superficial topics seem so stupid when I see real life happening around me. So while I haven't been able to put much into words, some others did it for me.

First, a fellow Georgia peach that I stumbled on recently at Chapters wrote this amazing post on infertility. It really spoke to me and totally echoed how I feel in so many ways, yet rarely share. I've gotten to a point where I really struggle being around kids and I truly hate that. I have a hard time getting excited for my pregnant friends. And I hate that. I look for excuses to get out of kids' birthday parties and baby showers because I get so tired of the whole thing. And I hate that. I feel like *I* am the elephant in the room with this big-ass sign across my forehead that says, "Infertile. Watch your step." And it's this horrible catch 22 as well... I don't EVER want my friends to feel as though they have to tip-toe around me or be discouraged from sharing news with me, but at the same time I'm hurt when there's no consideration taken. I'm not sure that makes any sense. None of it makes sense, but we keep going. I know God has a plan for us, I just wish he'd let us in on it sometimes. It's been 3 years this month since we started trying.

And then the most amazing writing comes from my friend, Jill. I know y'all don't know her, but she has opened up on her blog about losing her mother by looking back on that final week with her mom and recounting each day. It's a truly beautiful "story" and I hope you'll read it. Start with this entry and then work your way up. Jill is unbelievable and my heart is so heavy for her and her family right now.

So yes, that's what my mind has been juggling lately and I suppose that's why I've been a little shy from blogworld. Didn't mean for this to turn into a Debbie Downer post - just letting y'all know where my head's at. But no worries... I'll be back at it soon enough. So before I part, I shall do the obligatory things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!! But not out of obligation, because my heart is certainly full of thanks. We are more than blessed...

1. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. I can't imagine going through life with anyone else. We are totally opposite in a lot of ways, but I think that's what makes us click. Sure, he can piss me off like no one else (and I him), but we both just know this thing is forever and that's that. It's really that simple.

2. This may be a weird one, but I've recently discovered how thankful we should be for having financially responsible parents - both the hub and me. We may make our own financial messes, but I learned lately that some of my friends are also having to take care of their parents' messes. Something I never even considered! So I'm very thankful for the examples my parents have been for me and the smart decisions that I've witnessed them making. Maybe that's a selfish thank you (as in, Thank God I'm not dealing with their mess too!)... but it's still a really big praise on my prayer list, for sure.

3. So naturally, I'm thankful for my amazing parents. They celebrated 40 years of marriage earlier this month. I can never fully express how thankful I am for all they've done for me and the hub. Can't even put it into words...

4. I'm thankful for my 3 crazy doggies. They keep us laughing everyday. What is life without doggies? I just don't know. They are truly God's love and joy in animal form. What human can love that unconditionally?

5. I'm thankful for Dave Ramsey. These are just getting weirder and weirder, aren't they? No but really - I do mention him in my prayers. Not his program, but him. I think it's awesome to see someone truly living out God's purpose. He has helped SO many people, including us. It's so funny... next time I go to a bridal shower or wedding and am asked to give "marriage advice" or "wishes" for the bride and groom, I know just what to say: Get on Dave Ramsey's plan and you're golden! His plan is nothing short of common sense, but he presents it in a way like no other. It's a ministry and he's absolutely gifted.

6. I'm thankful for my wonderful girlfriends. They lift me up, they laugh with me, they get me through each day. And they're just plain FUN! Each one is totally different and I'm truly blessed to have each of them in my life.

7. Lastly, I'm thankful for God's amazing love... that he gave us his son to pay our debt for us so that we can all be reconciled to him. Most days I forget how crazy awesome that is, but then something will hit me and I'm just like... wow. Oh how he loves us so.

So gobble, gobble! Go stuff yourselves, be merry, and give thanks! :-) Be safe in your travels and give all your loved ones a hug (even the weird ones)...

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm curious...

...did any of you make it to one of the many midnight showings of Twilight last night? If so, spill! Did you love it? I'm going to see it next Tuesday and I CANNOT wait!!! Oh and by the way, I asked the hub if he'd be OK with me having a vampire boyfriend. He was like, "well, I guess so because if I said no he'd just kill me." Good point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just finished Twilight...

...and the movie can't get here fast enough! OMG.

So I'm wondering... if my two imaginary vampire boyfriends, Spike and Edward, went up against each other... who do think would win?!

My heart still goes to Spike for the time being, but we'll see how I feel after the Twilight movie... afterall, Robert Pattinson didn't really do it for me as Cedric Diggory, but holy shiz... as a vampire? Bite me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clothing Swap Goodies...

On Sunday I hosted another clothing swap... which I think I can fairly say is now one of my favorite things to do. It's so easy and cheap to host, and hello... you walk away with new stuff! I mean, what more could you ask for?

I snapped a few quick pics of the setup before the girls arrived. I'm not sure why these are all so darn fuzzy, but at least you can get an idea of what our "shop" looked like...

Of course there was a lot more "inventory" once everyone arrived with their stuff. This was only my stuff plus some of the leftovers from the last swap that I thought deserved another go.

I had great intentions of getting pics during the swap, but I was pre-occupied with shopping and of course, chatting with all my girls. So no luck there! But I did walk away with some great new things. I failed to find any new pants, which was disappointing since that's what I need SO badly... but here's what I got!

A great little cap-sleeve black cardi...
Another basic grey cardi...

A couple of blazers!
This tweed skirt - a perfect fit!

And this dress that still had the tags on it... LOVE it!

And finally, a super cute bracelet...

So it was a great time, once again, and I'm already looking forward to doing another in the spring. It's seriously so fun and stupid easy... here's my little how-to if you're interested in throwing one.

I hope y'all had great weekends too! We cranked up our fireplace for the first time this weekend. I am loving this weather!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maternity wear is about to get fierce!

OMG, could my dreams be coming true? Appearing in my inbox mere seconds ago... Two of my fashion favorites - Christian Siriano and maternity wear - are coming together! My cup runneth over! If and when I ever get a bun bakin', my belly is gonna be SO fierce!!!

A quick Dave update.

It's been a few since I updated y'all on our baby steps to financial freedom! Our baby emergency fund has been fully funded - I think I gave a big woot-woot to that already. We're looking forward to going full-force-gazelle-intense with baby step #2 here soon, but we've got to get the car situation worked out first. Phoebe, my good and faithful '98 Honda Accord, was dropped off just a couple of hours ago to get a fresh paint job. Poor little love... she needs it so bad and I feel like a terrible momma for letting her get so ghetto. But all is well, because she is getting her much needed makeover!

So the big Yahoo!'s since my last Dave update... (1) the hub started a new job this week! He is totally pumped - it's a total career change for him, so it's a little scary but also super exciting. And hey, that whole paycheck thing is great! We loves it. He also has another little side gig that should help us too. (2) We sold two pieces of furniture! We've still got the Restoration Hardware chest up for grabs, and I also just posted a bedroom set on craigslist. If those two sell for our asking price, we'll have our car replacement fund fully funded. Which would be AWESOME because... (3) We sold the 4runner! And um, should you ever need to sell a car - totally go with Auto Trader. People would NOT stop calling. We had a buyer in less than 24 hours and we got $5k more than Carmax offered. We broke even on the sale, but that was our goal. And that car payment is GONE! I can't even tell you how amazing it feels to know that we will never ever ever have a car payment again ever ever!!! (4) We made it through our first full month on Dave's zero-based budget. It was hard to put together at first. We had never been on a real budget before - ever. But we knew we had to go full force here to make this work. And OMG... I freaking love it. It's only been one month, but I'm hooked. And thanks to learning how to give every dollar a name before it comes in, (5) we've been giving like never before. And that feels amazing.

We are just super excited about all those accomplishments and are eager to get to step 2. Like I said, we're still in a holding pattern of sorts since all our extra income is going toward a new car. And by new, I mean a $3,000 beater that we'll be paying cash for. But soon enough, we'll be in full-on attack mode. Currently tattooed on my brain is Proverbs 22:7, which tells us "the borrower is servant to the lender." Not anymore, bitches! Cheeeeeetahhhhhhhh!!!! (OK, I realize only Dave fans will get that, but whatev.)

So thanks so much for your continued prayers! We are really making killer progress and are more motivated than ever. I can't wait to see where we are by the end of the year! :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

United we stand, y'all.

Well y'all know I don't really go all politik on here. Not my cup of tea. I do have strong opinions, and I'll be glad to jump in on a conversation any day, but my opinions are personal and I don't really use my blog as a place to parade those opinions. I generally vote conservatively, so yes, I was disappointed in last night's outcome, but it's over and it's time to move on! Whether it's the man I voted for or not, I've got a new president. And as an American, he'll have my respect and support. And while my personal views on policy are not in line with his, I'll stand behind him.

I understand people being disappointed when their candidate of choice doesn't win, but to be devastated? Give me a break. Neither one of these candidates will change my life personally. Neither of them can solve my problems. In the end, I'm responsible for me. NOT them. Yes, it matters, and yes, it affects us as a country, but anyone who thinks that any president is going to "fix things" and solve all their problems is sniffin' glue. And to those who proclaim they're going to leave the country if so-and-so is elected... go ahead! Perhaps some world travel will give you a little perspective. You don't know how good you've got it here.

But no matter whom you voted for, it's a historic day here. And I am SO proud to be an American!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Voting!

We got in line this morning at 6:30 and were outta there by 8:15am. Not too bad... it went by pretty quickly. I was dressed, however, in anticipation of standing outside. Which we did not. So I got a little toasty in my Uggs and cashmere hat. But that's OK. We voted!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Day...

Today the hub and I are celebrating SIX years of marriage! Woo hoo! I cannot believe it's been six whole years... it just flies by. I know everyone says that, but it really does. We had an anniversary-day-o-fun-on-a-budget yesterday and had a blast. Well, until the part where Florida kicked our ass yesterday. Not pretty.

But even more amazing, today is also my parents' wedding anniversary and they are celebrating 40 years of marriage! Wow! What an amazing testament that is to us and I'm so proud. They are up in Asheville at a cabin all week for a little anniversary getaway. So happy anniversary wishes all around!

Hope everyone is enjoying this extra hour today... I am LOVING it. I really needed it. Last week was a total whirlwind.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Buford Betty Fashion Week: Style on a Budget

How could I not touch on this topic, girls? Especially given that (a) I'm on a self-imposed shopping hiatus, (b) our economy's in the crapper, and (c) I refuse to pay retail! It's a perfect way to end Buford Betty Fashion week, I say!

You guys know I am ALL about going chic on the cheap. I love nice things, but I don't like paying a lot for them. I have a devilish addiction to designer shoes and bags, and there is no *high* quite like finding that killer bargain. And with the internet, we don't even have to hunt for them like we used to - they often just fall into your lap! But the hunt can be fun, too. And whether I'm shopping on a tight budget, or - like now - not even shopping at all, I've always found ways to stay current each season. So if you're pinching those pennies like me, here are a few tips to help you rock out your style while keeping some cash in your wallet...

  • You don't need the entire new fall line - just pick a few key pieces. It happens every time... our inboxes get overloaded with all the new fabulous pieces and "must-have's" for the new season. I have several catalogs at home with drool marks all over dog-eared pages. What's a fashionable girl on a budget to do? First, get a grip. Take a second look at these new trends and you'll find out that a lot of them aren't that difficult to pull off with the stuff already hanging in your closet. I mean, how many truly *new* items are introduced in any given season? Trends aren't always about new styles - more often than not, a trend relates to how something is worn. Chances are you have half of these "new trends" already in your closet. I often go shopping in my own closet to discover new possibilities. I haven't bought anything new in months, but I'm always coming up with new combinations and ideas from my own wardrobe. So if you're wanting to get some new things, just pick a few key pieces that you can work with... For me, the first must-have's are usually shoes. Those can definitely change dramatically from season to season, so I do love picking out some new shoes. And there's often another accessory or two that catches my eye, but for the most part - I can work out the rest with what I already own. Y'all know I'm an accessories girl anyhow, but I'm a big believer in having a wardrobe of good basics to carry from season to season... and then you fill in the gaps with a few new trendy accessories.

  • Retail's for the birds... Find a bargain. Oh, I could devote an entire ginormous post to bargain shopping, as it's my favorite pastime. Designer-duds-at-Target-prices is the name of the game, and I play to win. Now if you're savvy enough to find your way to fun blogs, I'm going to assume you can handle online shopping. I personally do most of my clothing and accessories shopping online. I buy gifts almost exclusively online. But I do have some crazy friends that never buy online, so I know you people exist. Well I have to say my first advice would be to start online shopping. There are some serious deals to be had in cyberworld. You're able to shop around and compare prices from the comfort of your own home. Even if you end up purchasing something in-store, at least do a little research online beforehand. But really, most bargains I've found are online. And with great resources like Shop It To Me, they aren't that hard to find. With access to so many stores online, these shops know they're competing for your business. There are a lot of great bargain and overstock sites out there where you can score some serious deals. Smart Bargains is one of my all-time favorites. And as a lot of y'all know, earlier this year Smart Bargains popped out a baby named Rue La La. And ooh la la... we are loving this members-only sample sale concept. And what a brilliant move on their part - the perceived exclusivity of it makes us girls go ga-ga. And let's not forget our brick and mortar stores... there are some serious bargains to be uncovered there too. Whether online or in-store, it's just a matter of knowing what's out there and what you want. I rarely pay retail for anything. If I do, it is a true "must-have" that I know won't be marked down. Even still, I'll hop on ebay first to see if I can snag a deal. I consider 75% off to be a killer bargain. If it's something I want, that's nearly a no-brainer if I've got the cash. And 85% off... that's a stupid bargain. As in I'd be stupid not to get it. 50% off or so... that's good, but I dont' know - maybe. 40% off or less? Puhleeeeez. Get back on the shelf! Bargains are to be had everywhere if you're willing to look. A lot of really seasonal items will be marked down if you can wait just a little bit. And oh, it is SO rewarding when you get that incredible deal. You just wanna tell the world, don't you?!

  • Host a clothing swap. I'm actually hosting my second swap next weekend and I cannot wait! I snagged some real gems at my last one, so I am super excited to see what I walk away with this time. You can hop here for a more detailed how-to, but basically you and your girlfriends gather together with everyone's old clothes and accessories... you set up shop and go wild! It's a great way to pass on some beloved pieces that you're ready to part with... the hub and I still give lots to Goodwill every year, but I rather see one of my girlfriends enjoy one of my old Kate Spade bags, you know? And you also come home with some fun new things! One of my favorite pairs of jeans came from the spring swap I hosted. It's a ton of fun, super easy to do - and you get to go shopping for free! We loves free.

So in the spirit of great style on a dime, tell me about one of your recent bargains. I think my most recent one (which of course is not all that recent) was a belt I bought at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I tried to dig up my post on it, because I'm 95% sure I bragged about it... but anyway, I fell madly in love with the studded belt Carrie donned in several scenes in the Sex and the City movie...

So I stumbled upon the belt rack at Last Call where the sign atop read "75% off lowest ticketed price." Killer, right? Oh but that's not all... above that sign was another: "Additional 25% off." This was completely stupid. So I got a fabulously fabulous $400 studded belt for $27. Yep, that's a hall-of-famer.

Goodies from Shecky's

Firstly, BOO! Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! I hope you all have a fabulous pumpkin day. I don't have any super exciting plans - I'm mostly concerned about the traffic getting home tonight. Halloween afternoon traffic is always horrible, but combine it with a Friday - Yikes with a capital UGH.

Well last night was a great time at Shecky's Girls Night Out! I stuck to my guns - I was a good girl and didn't spend a dime, other than to park. Stupid me forgot to budget for that - duh. So that was annoying, but oh well. The Biltmore was packed. We arrived around 6 o'clock and it was already hopping. The two ballrooms were filled wall-to-wall with retailers, exhibitors, and crazy girls. The goodie bags were fabulous, but we thought it would've made more sense to hand them out as people left. They were rather large and cumbersome in such a big crowd. Not to mention heavy! But it was a fun atmosphere, despite the crowds. The drinks were flowing and all kinds of drawings and giveaways were going on. It was like sensory overload. Among the goodies for sale was a ton of jewelry and other accessories - a lot more than I expected. There were a number of boutique-like setups with racks of clothing, but geez... who can really shop in that kind of environment? You can barely move. I don't shop in crowds normally - just can't handle it. So, at least for me personally, it's not an event that I can do any "real" shopping at... It's more like, if you stumble upon something cute and you can pull out the cash while balancing a drink in the other hand, constantly being bumped by other girls' big ass goodie bags, go for it. Otherwise, just stick to oohing, ahhing, and sipping. That's what I did.

There was a lot of cute jewelry, but other than that, nothing major really stuck out to me besides other girls' bags jabbing me in the side as I tried to pass by. One trendy find there that I've started seeing around is these feathered headbands and hair clips. Have y'all seen these?

I tried a couple of them on and they were super cute. I noticed a girl at the wedding we went to last weekend wearing a black one and it looked so great on her. She had a whole Chanel thing going on and it was so chic. I love headbands anyway, so these are super fun.

But of course, the best part is the free goodies! Here's a look at our deluxe Shecky's bag and the fun samples and such that were packed inside...

And my favorite - an Atlanta fashion map!

It was definitely a fun evening with the girls. Did any of you other peaches make it out?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Speaking of Fashion Week...

Atlanta gals, be sure to get down to the Biltmore tonight for Shecky's Girls Night Out! Tonight is the final night of this "shopping party." I would've been there last night, but we had a date with NKOTB. Tickets are still available online or you can purchase at the door while they last. In fact, you can get in free tonight with proof that you're a registered voter. I may do a little Christmas shopping if something catches my eye, but I'm gonna be a good girl. I'm in it for the cocktails and goodie bag! And to see what these "emerging designers" have up their sleeves... I'll have a full report tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buford Betty Fashion Week: Dress your age.

We just can't talk about fashion this week without hitting this topic... age appropriate dress. Oh, it's one of the most fun things to dish about, don't you think?! I see offenders everyday! They often prompt long discussions on the topic between me and bestest. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't have age ranges on clothing tags... I mean toys have them, right? Why not clothes? You have to be over 21 to purchase alcohol, so maybe you needto be under 35 to purchase a mini skirt. Can you picture it? I'm seeing a "we card" sign at the J. Crew register. I love it.

Well, obviously that'll never fly, but it's fun to think about. Age appropriate dress is a big deal though... and I'm not just talking about dressing in your 30's versus your 50's. I even see pre-teen offenders. And I know you have too! You can express great style at any age, but don't forget to dress your age. And um, that doesn't mean the age you WISH you were. You may say age is just a number, but really... should a 25 year-old and a 55 year-old share the same wardrobe? I think not. And, while I could write pages and pages on the topic, I will just touch on a few offenses that leave me completely puzzled.

1. Older moms wearing their daughter's clothes. Well, at least that looks like what they're doing. Months ago, I was sitting in a deli waiting on my order when this really attractive older woman walked inside. I'm guessing she was in her 50's. She had a great figure and carried herself well - but all I could think was, did you rummage through your 22-year-old daughter's closet this morning? First, she had on a really trendy pair of designer jeans. Now, I'm not AT ALL saying that once you're over 40 you need to start wearing mom jeans...

Heavens, no. But's let's leave the overly trendy and embellished denim to the younger generation. Rock on with the designer jeans if you want - I don't care who makes them, but keep it simple and polished. You're 50. The jeans were a fairly minor offense though. It was really the spaghetti-strapped babydoll top that had me perplexed. I mean, really? This is a perfectly cute outfit for a 25-year old, but not you. Aside from "appropriateness," it's also a matter of taste. And though we all have different personal styles, taste is not so subjective. Neither is it solely a matter of showing too much skin... there are just certain fits and styles that are created for younger women. Flirty, flowy little numbers look ridiculous on older women. It can come off almost costume-like. I think a lot of women believe they have to wear younger looking garments to appear youthful and sexy, but sadly - they come off looking quite the opposite. An older woman that I think has absolutely killer style and understands the concept of age appropriate fashion is Helen Mirren. Or perhaps she's the puppet of a great stylist, but she dresses her age and she always looks incredible.

2. Letting it all hang out (when you should've tucked it in like 10 years ago). If you ask me (thanks for asking), it's much more tasteful to cover up as you age. When done right, a little skin can be striking (see Helen's little taste of cleavage above). But there is definitely a sliding scale correlating skin exposure and age. It may not be an exact formula, but it exists in theory. I'm generally on the more conservative side when it comes to "covering up." So perhaps I'm a little biased, but I often find too much skin so tasteless - no matter your age. My personal style is anything but conservative - I dress to get noticed, that's for sure. But you won't see my ass hanging out. Not at 31, and not at 21 either. Sex appeal has little to do with the amount of skin exposed. So many women miss that, sadly. A little skin goes a long way and it's all about balance. If you're young and you've got great limbs - go rock that mini. But balance it out with a loose-fitting top that provides a lot of coverage. If you're wearing a low-cut blouse, go with a more conservative bottom. The most frustrating thing though, is seeing older women showing entirely too much skin. And not just women in their 50's and 60's per se, I'm talking about 32 year-old's prancing around a bar with their midriffs showing. I've never been a fan of the bare midriff (unless on a beach), but if there is an appropriate age for this, there's got to be a very, very small window of opportunity, don't you think? Like maybe 18 to 21. Maybe. Still - not a fan. And I know there are a lot of older women out there with incredible bodies that think the rules don't apply to them. A repeat offender that immediately comes to mind is Nicolette Sheridan. At 45, she has got a killer figure. Kudos for that. But hey, guess what - you're 45! Stop dressing like an 18 year old and cover that shit up.

3. Turning in your style card once you have kids. Now I'm sure I'll get called out for being an ignorant non-mom here (sure, go ahead), but really - this one kills me. The first two offenses focused a lot on older women trying to dress younger, but let's discuss younger women dressing too old. Like nursing home old. I see this all the time. Young moms getting so wrapped up in their kids' lives that they forget they have lives too. Now I do understand that your life changes once you have kids - your focus shifts entirely and you have a new set of priorities. I get that. But I also know it's possible to still take care of yourself. I know this because I have many friends that are successful at doing so. Yeah, they're now more concerned about preschools than designer handbags, but they still care about how they look. Others, however, are just aging themselves unnecessarily. I was talking to a neighbor not too long ago - you know, normal superficial neighbor talk. She's in sweats. Her hair's a total mess. Not a lick of makeup. And this is at a party, mind you - not at the mailbox. Her kids were young, but I figured she was like pushing 40. Turns out she's YOUNGER than me! Dear God! Is this what happens? I was absolutely stunned. I suppose it all comes back to the fact that you make time for what's important to you. I'm sure it's a big struggle to find some "me" time as a mom - especially a new mom- but if it's important to you, you'll make the time.

Gosh, we could go on forever on this topic, couldn't we?! I know y'all have witnessed people not dressing their age... offenders are everywhere. Spill, why don't ya? But let's not forget to honor those who get it right... any great style icons of yours that always hit the mark?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buford Betty Fashion Week: A very stylish interview.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the fabulous Courtney, a high schooler in our neighborhood who has caught my eye on several occasions. I always noticed her at various neighborhood gatherings... the way she carried herself, her contagious smile, and most of all - her amazing style. At only 15, she seems light-years ahead of other girls her age. When I decided to do a week of posts on fashion, I knew I wanted to get the scoop from her. It's SO refreshing to see a young girl, at such an impressionable age, laying her own tracks instead of stepping in line with the rest of the crowd. To see such individual style coming out so early on in her life tells me this girl is going to do incredible things.

As I sat down with Courtney in her parent's living room, she was grinning, perfectly poised, and ready to fire away. I knew from the start that she'd have a lot to say on the topic...

Buford Betty: Tell me a little about yourself... what you're involved in at school, your favorite classes, what you're into...

Courtney: My favorite class is language arts. And this year social studies and lanugage arts are combined... I love history as well. It's like a big storybook everyday. I play guitar... I'm not into sports at all, but I'm like in love with music. So that's my thing. I'm starting to get really involved with my church. Have you ever heard of Interact? I'm involved in that. It's volunteer community service and things like that.

BB: Very cool! Now let's get down to it and talk about style. I wanted to talk with you specifically because I've seen you around the neighborhood and you've obviously got great style. I recently polled my readers about how they put together an outfit on any given day. The results were pretty even across the board... some pieced the next day's outfit together from head-to-toe the night before, while others admitted grabbing whatever they could find that's clean as they ran out the door. I'm curious how you, as someone with such great personal style, puts together an outfit. First, do you put a lot of thought into it, and secondly, when do you actually pull it all together?

C: I do put a lot of thought into it. Normally at about 10:30 at night I'll be starting to get things together. And when I get things together, I'll go to my mom's room and they're like trying to go to bed. But I'll wake them up and say, "Mom, does this look good?!"

BB: So you actually like try stuff on the night before?

C: Oh yeah, I'll go through four things, plus the jewelry, get everything worked out, and then I always ask my mom. She's always my fashion consultant.

BB: That's really great. I remember my mom always tried to get me to pick out my clothes the night before but I rarely did! And the fact that you're a teenager is one of the main reasons I wanted to speak with you. A lot of girls your age are easily influenced about what other people are wearing. What do you see other girls wearing that drives you nuts?

C: If I see one more of the same Hollister shirt, I'm gonna scream! I can't stand it. The thing I don't understand, is Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle - all those - they all have the same thing. It's all from the same company. Actually my grandmother worked in a mill in Opp, Alabama and they had some kind of big line - a Kohls line and something else. It all came from the same thing, it was all the same shirt, except at the end of the line, they stuck another tag and price tag on it. To me, I think brands are overrated and it's what you do with them. Like, this (pointing to her blouse) is from Hollister, but I didn't buy it. I don't shop there because I don't agree with what they believe in with nude advertising. Why would you advertise nudity if you're selling clothes? Whatever.

BB: So do consider yourself "trendy?"

C: I do, but I don't run out and buy something if I see everybody wearing it. Of course I try to keep up with the colors that are in and whatnot, but I just like my wardrobe. I like what's practical for what I wear.

BB: Are there any celebrities or designers that you look to as style icons?

C: Audrey Hepburn!

BB: Yes, she's definitely an icon. What about other media - do you keep up with fashion magazines and the like for inspiration?

C: Um, I'm a What Not to Wear fanatic! Every Friday night that's what we do as a family. We all sit down, including my dad, and watch What Not to Wear. It's almost a religion.

BB: That's a great show! And I'm a Project Runway person. I love that show.

C: I LOVE Project Runway! That too!

BB: Very cool. Now, I find that people with great style aim to be different. They tend to think outside the box. While they keep up with current trends, they always seem to be ahead of the pace. What do you find yourself doing to stand out from the crowd?

C: A lot of things. I think everybody has those pieces that everybody has. And I have a couple of those too. But what I like to do is take something that everybody wears and make it a little bit different. Like, on spirit day, for instance... everybody was wearing a red shirt or blue or whatever and their jeans. I wore a red v-neck instead of a T-shirt, with a white lace cami and then instead of doing like a (high school) headband like everyone does, I found an old white scarf that was very 60's, that came around and tied under and I boofed up my hair up in the back and wore that instead. And a pair of Keds.

BB: Very cute! Kinda retro!

C: I love retro.

BB: I've also mentioned that stylish people create "looks" when they put together an outfit. You love retro... are there any other looks you like to go for?

C: I go with everything. Yesterday I went to school and I was more punky. It's funny because each day people will be like, what are you today, Courtney?! I get that a lot. I like to mix different genres, too. But not to where it clashes and it's obnoxious!

BB: So do you have a certain go-to store for clothing? Like if you needed a dress, where's the first place you'd go?

C: To get a dress? Not really 'cause that's spotty. But, like everyday kind of stuff? I love Forever 21.

BB: What about accessories? I love accessories... I'd rather spend my money on shoes, jewelry, and bags than on actual clothes. That's where I have the most fun. What about you?

C: Actually for a while there, the only way my parents could get me to pratice my guitar is if at the end of the month, if I practiced everyday, I got a pair of shoes. I'm not kidding.

BB: That is motivation!

C: But a lot of my jewelry is my mom's. Like this (pointing to her necklace) I found in the bottom of the basement. Or just random things... like I like to find random things and turn them into jewelry. I took a bunch of my guitar pics and heated safety pins over a candle and made it into a necklace. But yeah, I'll raid my grandmother's drawers. Or a lot of it's given to me.

BB: So it sounds like you like a lot of vintage looking things.

C: Yeah, yeah.

BB: You know, people with style tend to see potential in things that others don't often notice (hello, guitar pics!). Whether it's people, or a room, or anything really. I remember in high school I would see people and I'd be like, man... if I could just have 30 minutes with her, I could totally make her look good! Do you ever find yourself doing that? Not necessarily just with people, but with anything. It could be as simple as a sweater... and you start dreaming up all sorts of things to do with it.

C: Yes. Well, I want to be an interior designer. Actually upstairs - my playroom, I'm redecorating it right now, which is really cool. Um, yeah - if someone is walking by... I used to sit last year with two guys at lunch. It would drive them crazy because people would walk by and I'd just be like... (shakes her head). And they'd be like, oh there she goes again. There are a couple of girls and I actually said, you know - if you'd part your hair on the side it'd look really pretty. You know, the ones who part it straight down the middle and smash it down? I actually got a couple of them to do that and they ended up looking really pretty.

BB: That's awesome. And one last thing I have to ask... it's one of my favorite questions. What's the one item in your closet that you simply couldn't live without?

C: Hmm... Probably my Keds. My white classic Keds. They go with everything!

After we finished chatting, I had Courtney show me some of her favorite outfits. Here's her adorable outfit for the first day back to school this year...
And a couple of other favorites...
Courtney was so fun to talk to - so impressive and inspiring! She's gorgeous, her style rocks, and she's got a big heart. And wow - only 15! That's not something you see everyday. If that's not inherent style, I don't know what is.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Buford Betty Fashion Week: Fashion vs. Style

As promised, dear readers, a week devoted to one of my favorite topics... FASHION! I dabble in a little bit of everything on this here blog, but you know I love me some wicked style. Grab a coffee and let's discuss! So what gives? "Fashion" and "style" are words that get thrown around a lot, but what do they really mean?

One of my favorite quotes of all time came from Edna Woolman Chase... "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." It just can't be said any better. Fashions are created everyday, bought everyday, discarded everyday. Fashions come and go. What is hot today will be unthinkable 5 years from now. I know this because I'll dig up something in my closet from a few years ago and shout, "dear God, what was I thinking?!" But, no worries... another 5 years and it'll be back in and we can call it "retro!"

"Style," however, doesn't come and go. As Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashions fade. Style is eternal." Style is absolutely, undoubtedly something with which you're born. It's a gift and it's rare. It's a talent of sorts. I compare it to the likes of a dancer... anyone can take dance class after dance class and learn the steps, but true dancers are born - they're not taught. In the same sense, anyone (well, almost anyone) can put together a "cute" outfit, but someone with style defines "cute" on his or her own. Anyone can go out and buy the latest fashions, throw them on, and even be considered "in style." But someone with true style makes his or her own rules. You've heard people say, "she's got an eye" for this or that. It's true. There's an eye. I suppose it's in the middle of said stylish person's head, but we just can't see it. But there is definitely an "eye."

People with inherent style can see things others can't. They see potential in people, places, and things that others don't notice. When they put together an outfit, they're creating a look. And even if they spent two hours piecing an outfit together, they somehow make it look completely effortless. Bill Blass once said, "style is primarily a matter of instinct." That's not to say that the most stylish person on the planet never misses a step... but the difference is, they know they have killer style and they make it work. They have impeccable taste and it shows in all areas of their lives. So not only do they have that "eye," but they've got the confidence to pull it all together. Those with style, more often than not, are thinking outside the box and stepping outside of their own comfort zone. Their comfort zone is redefined daily. They're constantly trying new things and experimenting. Blending in just isn't an option... sure, they keep up with the latest trends and fashions - but they take it to the next level and make it their own. And they never really can be defined by just one look, because they're always coming up with new ones.

As Edna Woolman Chase implies, money won't buy you style. Labels may impress people, but I rather see someone with style rocking out a Target wardrobe. That's way more impressive - and I guarantee they'll get noticed more. I'm sure you can think of someone you know that just bleeds uber-style... whenever they walk in the room you just think, wow. What is it about them? They've got it goin' on from head to toe, and it just looks so easy.

I can probably count on one hand the number of people I've come across in my life that I think are truly gifted when it comes to style. I honestly believe it's a God-given talent, or whatever you want to call it. And yes, it reveals itself in how that person dresses and carries himself - but it's so much more than that. That "eye," that amazing taste, that crazy confidence - it can be used to do great things. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with a 15-year old girl in my neighborhood who, to me, is proof-positive that style is something you're blessed with at birth. At such a young age, she already exudes such tremendous individual style and confidence. She's truly amazing and I can't wait to share a little taste of her style with you tomorrow! Stay tuned...

So now that we've created some distance and distinction between fashion and style, I encourage you to seek out that friend, family member, or co-worker with killer style and pick their brain. What inspires them? How do they put together an outfit? What looks are they trying to create? I think you'll be amazed at how differently they see things. And shoot... if you're the stylish one - you already know it. Rock on.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


OMG. I ate so much food last night I think I may never eat again. OK that's a lie. I just ate 3 strips of bacon like 5 minutes ago. But for real, I inhaled so many calories at the rehearsal dinner that I should probably not eat for 3 or 4 days. Hehehe... it was good. The rehearsal dinner was at one of the Sugo locations. Sugo is delish - I've always liked it. But you know how it's hard to get a true feel for a restaurant's food and service when it's a private party like that? I mean there were so many little goodies being passed around beforehand - and I was STARVING - so I of course loaded up on those. Then we had a salad... fresh mozzarella, tomato, and kalamata olives (three of my favorite things). So by the time my entree came, I was kinda over it. It was great, but I was like 80% full and a tummy ache was coming on strong. OMG and then dessert... tiramisu - like my favorite, hello! And it was fabulous tiramisu. So of course I ate like all of it. And I'm not a big sweets person generally. Yeah, so after that I was like dying to get in the car so I could unbutton my pants. The food was great, but there's just so much going on that it's hard to appreciate it like you would at a normal dinner out. Does that make sense?

Rambling. Anyway... the wedding's at 5 o'clock tonight. Now that I'm Budget Betty, I was a good girl and didn't buy anything new to wear. So here's what I'm wearing tonight...

I've been REALLY good about not shopping. Well, with our hardcore zero-based budget and envelope system alla Dave Ramsey, there's not a budget for shopping right now. But girls, it's getting hard with all these killer sales going on! I just caught wind of a huge sale on KORS shoes over at and I'm like sweating. But I'm holding on! For dear life! Not. Gonna. Budge.

Alright... off to go find some nail polish... My peeping toes need a touch up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Buford Betty Fashion Week.

Happy Friday, lovelies! It's a rainy one here, but oh, it's still a Friday. The hub's in a wedding this weekend, so we've got the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight and then the wedding day festivities tomorrow. It's hard to work around football schedules, but I do love a good fall wedding. In the South, the first thing you do when planning a fall wedding (and already people here cringe at the idea) is to pull out the football schedule. Now I personally can't say anything, because the hub and I did in fact get married on the day of the GA/FL game six years ago. I know, I KNOW! But we had a reason. I wanted a fall wedding, but I obviously would've picked a better Saturday than that one if it hadn't been... my parents' wedding anniversary. Their 34th wedding anniversary happened to fall on a Saturday in the year we wanted to get married - it was just meant to be. And the funny thing is... six years later... we STILL get crap for getting married on a major game day. So yes, it's a very big deal. And I imagine this couple will get the same grief for the rest of their natural lives. The groom, afterall, is a huge Bama fan. But he learned quickly to shut up and say, "yes dear."

Anyway... I hope you all have fabulous weekends. And be sure to stop by next week because I'm doing a week long series of posts on one of my favorite topics.... fashion! I had initially intended to have this coincide with NY fashion week, but well.... life. So Buford Betty's just gonna have a fashion week of her own, OK? Stay tuned for some super fun posts next week and I can't wait to get your opinions as well. In the mean time, I'll see if I can round up a few more pics from the taping last week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures from the Taping!

OK we didn't get a ton of pics (I really thought we took more!), but here are some to start... I really wanted to get some good shots of all the lighting setup in our kitchen. It was crazy bright in there. Here are a few shots around the kitchen with the lighting. There were also lights placed outside the house that came into the kitchen that you can't see...

The spot involved a food challenge, like I mentioned, and here we started piling our $400 worth of groceries on the island. They were amazed at how much we got for $400. Momma didn't raise no fool! Here's one of the crew members covering up all the brand names and labels. A shot of a brand name could blow the whole deal, so they tell us. It was a ton of food and it took them forever to do all this!

The spot is sponsored by Hasbro, so we had friends at the kitchen table playing the game in the background.

And here's a shot of the "camp" the crew set up in our den...

It was madness, but SO much fun. I think we have some more pics - the hub is still uploading. The 60-second spot will start airing around mid-November. So I better soak up these last few weeks of normal life... I mean, once this airs I won't be able to walk out of my house without cameras in my face. I'm sure of it. Hehehehe....

They did get a REALLY cool shot of our house on Thursday night and they said they'd send us a still pic of it... I hope so because it was SO cool. If we get that I'll post that one also... More to come!

Stay tuned...

...I know I'm taking two forevers to get pics up from this weekend, but they're coming! Trying to get the hub to upload them. Back soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I cannot begin to explain how exhausted I am. I seriously have an entirely new respect for actors and especially crew members... omg. We had a total blast though! The hub took tons of pics, so I'll get some up soon. Today is definitely going to require a nap though. Thank goodness I don't have ANY plans. I am worn OUT!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The life of a star.

It's rough, y'all. I'm so exhausted and I haven't even set foot in front of the camera yet! Three crew members came to our house last night to get shots outside the house. Our house looks so cool in the shots! We had a full moon - or mostly full moon last night and the sky looked pretty eery. Very Halloweenie. They took a shot of the house, shots of the moon, and a shot of one of the guys driving a car up and down the road. And they got a good feel for the lighting in the kitchen and marked where lights would need to go and used all kinds of fancy words that the hub is determined to add to his everyday vocabulary. And of course he's best friends with them all at this point, naturally. He could have an indepth convo with a doorknob - so, yeah... BFF.

We did our Whole Foods run yesterday and my mom came with. It was fun - but weird. Just getting random stuff with someone else's money. I'm heading out the door now to spend the rest of our $400 at Kroger. We spent just under $300 at Whole Foods. And I still don't know what I'm gonna wear for this thing... lots to do! Gotta run!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A great shopportunity...

Well, in the midst of all this crazy Food Network jazz, I must take a minute to get the word out on a great opportunity to shop AND benefit a great organization at the same time. It's a win-win, girls!

The Partners Card, benefitting Camp Twin Lakes, is available now for $60. With this card, you will save 20% at all participating stores and restaurants between November 1st and 9th! There are over 500 local restaurants and retailers participating this year, but there are also some online retailers participating -- so you can take advantage of this even if you're not a sweet peach. Just in time for holiday shopping! Camp Twin Lakes is a great organization, based in Georgia, that offers wonderful programs for children with serious illnesses and other special needs. They also do a bike ride in late October to raise money and one of our friends is participating. (Woo hoo! Go Erik!) So if you're planning to get your shop on in the next few weeks anyway, this could really get you some serious savings. Cards can be purchased here or they're also available at many of the participating retailers.

In other news... totally didn't make it out to do our grocery shopping last night. I was so pooped from a long day at work and had NO energy left. So I'm leaving work early today and we're going to hit up Whole Foods. The film crew is coming out tonight to get shots outside our house and around the neighborhood. And they're having dinner catered in - suweet. You know I like a free meal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopping on Food Network's dime...

OK, I need ideas. I love to cook when the mood strikes, but I'm by no means an expert in the kitchen. Here's the deal... A check is arriving today for us to go buy the ingredients for this food challenge thingee. So we will be shopping tonight. With $400!

There are only two couples/teams in this challenge and we have no real guidelines on what to get. I do think this has some sort of holiday theme, as it will air sometime this year - but seriously - no real guidelines. I think the challenge is Iron Chef-ish, but I don't think there has to be one special "secret" ingredient. All the ingredients are a mystery to the two teams... but OMG - $400? And they want us to spend it all. I think we're going to go to a nicer grocery or farmer's market. I think I could probably buy all of Wally World for $400... hahaha.... That may be a normal grocery bill to some, but for us two -that's insane. So what the heck do I get?? I have no clue!!! I need rules! Guidelines! Ideas! Something! Like right now!!!

Update: So the only "guidelines" of any kind we've received so far... party food. Yep, that's it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost Famous!

OMG! Do you know what is happening Friday at Buford Betty's house? Do you know, do you know? Should I tell you? Yes? OK I give... OMG! The Food Network is coming to my house Friday afternoon to film in my kitchen! OMG! And the hub and I, and some of our friends are gonna be IN it! Like on TV! Like sorta kinda almost famous!

OK not really, but I'm sure they'll be so overwhelmed with my beauty and talent in front of the camera and insist that I host some new concept show they're dreaming up. Should I start packing now? Well I really don't have a ton of details - it all happened really fast and I honestly didn't have much of anything to do with it. It all started with my friend responding to a Craigslist ad. They always have ads on there for casting calls and random stuff like this - pretty cool if you've never checked it out. She's always on there looking for little odd jobs and fun stuff like this. She once got paid $500 to open and close cabinet doors at some home show in town.

Anyway, so - last week she tells me about answering this ad and then over the weekend she got a call... they (the producers) wanted kitchen pics and she talked us into sending pics of OUR kitchen, along with hers... and we ended up getting chosen! They're sending us a check this week to buy ingredients for whatever it is we're doing... I think it's like a long commercial or something, but again - I know very little. Once I get some more info, I may have to get some ideas from the creative cooks out there on what to buy. All I know is that we're supposed to buy some ingredients for a challenge (two other couples - including my friend and her hubby - being the challenged). And yeah - no idea what to get. AND it has to be a surprise to the other couples, so it's not like we can discuss it with them! Ahhh!!!!

OK so I'll come back when I have a little more insight - and I'm hoping y'all can help! And just think... whenever this airs and you see it, you can be like, "OMG that's Buford Betty and you see that [insert ingredient here] she's working with? Yeah that was my idea." And then you'll be sorta kinda almost famous, too! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

PB Teen opening at Lenox Square

Get excited, peaches! Atlanta will soon play host to the very first Pottery Barn Teen store at Lenox. The store is set to open early next month - just in time for some holiday shopping, no doubt. And hey - don't immediately poo-poo on the idea of a "teen" store. It may not be on your initial must-see list, but I'd give it a look. Remember I posted a while back about some super fun accessories I found in the catalog? It's not just personalized bean bags and rad locker accessories - they really do have some gems if you're willing to look. They have some great stuff that would easily work in a nursery or young child's room. And shoot - even my room maybe! So I look forward to checking this out soon. And I also haven't been to Lenox since they expanded the main PB store... which is (for) now the largest Pottery Barn ever opened. I may not have any money to spend, but I sure can sip a Starbucks and drool. Let's go!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Look what my Uggs have been bid up to!!! And there is still almost a whole day left. And you know what's so funny? I totally had these in a shoe bin at my last clothing swap and no one took them. SUCKERS!!!

Update 10/08/08: Shazam!!! SOLD to the highest bidder for a whopping $153.50! I cannot believe it! I paid only $110 for those pups like 3 or 4 years ago. I also remembered I had some pink infant Uggs tucked away in my someday closet... but you can bet your britches I listed those today! Woo hoo!

Up for grabs: FURNITURE!

OK, peaches... or even almost sorta-kinda peaches if you think it's worth the drive... here are the pieces of furniture we have up on Craigslist right now. I'm just going to give links to our listings - so click on the photos to get all the deets on each piece. If interested, feel free to email the hub via the address given on the ads, or you can email me for more info too. Thanks, all!

Pottery Barn Modular Wine Bar - Mahagony Stain - $750

PB still sells this set via the catalog/site ONLY (translation: big ass shipping charges tacked on), so this is a killer deal. Excellent condition! We're also willing to sell this one piece-meal (i.e. one base and one hutch).

Rooms-to-Go Entertainment Center - $600

My parents got this for my late gpa last Christmas, so it was only in use for 3 months. Practically brand new!!! I have no idea why the hub didn't remove that vase on there, but hey... if you ask nice we might throw that in too. ;-)

Restoration Hardware Blaine Collection Black Chest - $900

This one is honestly the hardest to see go... I LOVE this piece. It is so freaking gorgeous, but hey - it's just *stuff*, right?! We paid $2800 for this pup from the main store - not the outlet. And it is one HEAVY-arse piece of furniture. Even our big mamma-jamma movers who looked like they could crack my neck with their pinkies complained. So if you come for this one, bring reinforcements.

Again - my 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition is also up for grabs! We are reposting that tonight... so I'll add that link in a bit. Love it, love it... but that's the easiest debt to get rid of fast - so buh bye. No more car payments ever ever!!! EVER!