Friday, January 11, 2008

A little morning shopping.

Work is really gearing up already for tax season... *groan*. So I'm sure my blogging will be rather sporadic (does anyone else ALWAYS think of Clueless when you hear that word?) over the next few months. But I'll be sure to pop in as much as possible with updates and potential rants over working long hours. Anyway, as much as I DON'T need to be spending money right now, I justified these two morning purchases in record time. How flippin' cute are these shoes? I love all things Pucci and these are totally Pucci-esque.
Steve Madden - $34.99 at (50% off) - a great shoe site with free shipping (on returns too) and no sales tax for most states. Not always the best sale prices, but they do match - though it's like a pain in the ass to do it.

Paige Denim capris - marked down to $77.90 on Nordstrom (reg $198). Plus I had a $21 store credit, so it was like meant-to-be. And don't worry - I'm not wearing those shoes with them - ew!

Once again, today's shop-it-to-me email must be blamed. Anyway, I'm ready for spring weather and clothes! This is getting me excited. Alright, well I better do some real work. This silly job thing keeps getting in the way of my fun!


Debbie said...

haha, I'm on there mail list too! I feel like I buy something after every email!

Happy New Year to you!

Debbie said...

May I have to proofread before I post on your blog!

Did I really write- there??? ugh I need to go back to grammer class.