Friday, January 18, 2008

Put me in shopping jail - pronto!

I just can't help myself. I mean, seriously.

But for real, for real, for REAL, I am cutting myself off for a good while. The hub is moving to a new job - as of today, actually - so we've (translation - I've) got to put the kibosh on frivilous spending. He is super excited about the move and his potential at the new place, but of course the transition can be a little stressful (especially in his industry). So say a lil prayer that all goes as well as it can! He's turning in his notice today.

Update (1/19/08): Thanks so much for the well wishes for the hub's job. His resignation went pretty smoothly. As smoothly as it can go I guess. He starts his new job Monday!


Debbie said...

Good luck to your hubby on his transition!

Belle-ah said...

Good luck on the new position and hope the resignation went OK. DH and I have actually decided to do some major budget creating (and actually sticking to!) so yes, sadly that means a curtailing to a fair amount of retail therapy for me...but we are determined it is time to sit up and act like grown up people. Here's to financial peace! LOL

MMM said...

I almost bought these the other day. Do you like them?

Buford Betty said...

MMM... I do! They just arrived a couple of days ago. Super chic and comfy too.