Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just wanted to say how sad and shocked I was to hear about Heath Ledger's death yesterday afternoon. I've always really liked him. And though it's *probably* not his most critically acclaimed film, here's my personal fave...

My heart goes out to his family. Especially little Matilda. :-(

Sounds a little silly, but he also had a special place in our hearts because our Aussie mix, Charlie, was originally named after the actor by his foster momma. We kept "Heath Ledger" as his middle name. So Charlie's a little heartbroken too.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

The whole thing is so strange! I hope his family gets some answers that allow them to feel more at peace.

Sadie Kate sends her Charlie kisses and cuddles!!

Pam said...

I know, it is just so sad! Especially because he leaves behind that sweet little girl. That movie is an old fav of mine too...I also think he was great in that skateboard movie too. It is just so young and talented. I am just shocked by hearing the news.

Stacy said...

I know, it's so weird. I'm so heart-broken for his daughter and family. So sad and needless.

FYI - 10 Things is my all-time favorite Heath movie! Love it.