Monday, February 11, 2008


OK I am over these damn ovulation tests! Something is off... I attributed last month's miss to being on Clomid. I figured I must've ovulated earlier than usual (and before I started testing). But I'm not on Clomid this cycle and now I'm going on day 8 of no LH surge reading. I'm very regular - and it so should've happened by now. And of course we're doing these tests because we're trying to get prego, but I also have to track my ovulation because one of my medications is taken only in the 2nd half of my cycle - so I need to know when I ovulate.

This is just uber annoying - and damn expensive. I've never ever had a problem with the pee-on-a-stick ovulation kits. My doctor said some people have a hard time getting a clear reading on them, but I've always gotten one - until these last two months. What the heck? Only other thing I can think of is that I've been drinking more water the last few months. Could that be affecting the readings? Since I have to go potty like all the freaking time now? Maybe. Well I know there are other methods of tracking this... so please give me your suggestions!

In other news, we went to visit my gpa yesterday in Chattanooga and he looked great. He was having a good day. He treated us all to lunch at his favorite (and everyday) lunch spot - the glorious Golden Corral. Thank God I had eaten a burrito on the way up. If you've never been to one - no need to start now. My dad calls these places pig troffs. I'm not even sure how you'd spell "troff" - but that's my guess. "A lot of pigs at the troff today," he said. Yes, yes there were. But my gpa thinks it's the greatest place on earth.

I'm counting down the hours till I get to leave. I'm tired from staying up and watching the Grammy's last night (even though I did fall asleep at the end). I've got yoga tonight - and I can't wait! And then I've got some chicken in the crockpot - can't wait to dig into that when I get home. Nothing better than walking through your door and being hit with that yummy smell! Mmmm... I'll let you know how it turns out - I just threw some random stuff in there this morning.


The Mrs. said...

Are you doing the first pee of the morning!? has to be strong ass pee. I hate it too. We're gearing up for in vitro in August. I give up!

Stacy said...

okay, I have done the LH surge predictor tests for the last 2 months and have never gotten a "surge" - but my doc says that there's no way I'm not ovulating. Of course, this is without any testing on her end - but I like to believe the doc and assume that the store-bought test is just wonky.

Also, one of my close friends went on clomid a few months ago and when she uses those tests now it always tests as a no. So, she went in to her doc and had a blood test during her peak ovulation time and it said she was ovulating - so I wonder if the clomid makes the tests unreliable? I say yes.

If you're really stressed about it, you can always talk to your doc and see if they'll do the ovulation blood test for you as well. Or, you can just say poop on the pricey store tests and have sex every other day like me. :)

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I will keep you in my thoughts as you continue your fertility journey! Glad your visit w/ your grandpa was good-LOL at the Golden Corral. We used to have one of those near here and the thought of it makes me gag. :)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I think it's trough (You know me, the English teacher wannabe!)

Use your first morning pee. And I think the sticks always work better.

Buford Betty said...

OK I think the time of day could definitely have something to do with... I'm gonna go back to testing first thing in the morning. One of the nurses told me a couple of months ago to do it around 4pm - something about you typically ovulated in the afternoon or something, so if you test then you have more time to get busy... I forget exactly whey. But at 4 o'clock it's not as "good" of a pee... OK I'll give it a go next month. Thanks, girls!