Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Eats.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! We had a wonderful fondue dinner - though I don't think it settled too well with the hub. He left work early with a tummy ache. Poor guy... guess it'll be an evening at home tonight! Well all I can say is TGIF!!!!! I love me a Friday.

We don't have much on tap for the weekend. I'll be working some tomorrow - a little tax stuff, and a little invite stuff. No Saturday night plans right now - which is actually refreshing. Our Sunday is going to be busy though... our friends have 3 daughters, all of whom are getting baptized on Sunday morning. They are (I'm guessing here) 8, 9, and 11 -ish. Something like that. Anyway, so we're going to their church for that. Then Sunday evening I'm heading down to the Highlands to have dinner with my high school girlfriends.

So speaking of good dinners, I've been taking advantage of Buckhead Life Group's gift card promotion. Atlanta blog pals, you may want to check this out! Every year they run a special where they'll tack on an additional 20% to your gift card purchase. So if you buy a $50 gift card, the value is $60. It's really a great deal... I mean 20% is a lot. If they're ever running that promotion at a time when I know I'm going to be hitting one of their restaurants, I buy a gift card to get the bonus bucks. So anyway, I got an email recently saying they were going to continue running this promotion through the end of April. Wow, that's like 3 months. So though I have no real plans to dine at one of their establishments anytime soon, I decided to get a $25 card. I bought it online and it came in the mail a few days later. Now they also honor the 20% promotion on recharges to your card. And even when there's no promotion going, they always add an extra 10% to card recharges. Shoot, that's reason enough to have one right there! So... every payday I'm logging on to their site and adding $25 (which is really $30) to my card. It's my own little fine dining savings plan. And you thought I was just a spender! Now if only J. Crew had a similar program... *Sigh.*

Alrighty, y'all have a fabu weekend! T-minus 5 minutes till I can blow this joint...

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The Mrs. said...

I wish J crew had it too!!!