Monday, February 18, 2008

Has anyone seen my brain?

So the weekend didn't quite go as planned. My action-packed Sunday turned into a day at home with one trip out to the grocery. Oh and we did drop by to see some of our friends who just had a baby, but other than that, nada. The baptism didn't go down because one of the three girls got sick the day before. So I guess that's been postponed. And dinner with my HS girfriends got cancelled after the first girl bailed... then the second... and then it was like stormy as crap outside, so the remaining two of us decided to say to-hell-with-it and pick another date. The hub and I actually ended up staying in and cooking EVERY night this past weekend - which has got to be a record for us. Not that we're ever opposed to chilling at home and cooking, but usually we have some sort of plans at least one night each weekend - even if they're last minute. I felt uber domestic and frugal - it's a good thing.

But the real drama happened earlier in the weekend... I mentioned my parents were going out of town for the weekend for a Valentine get-away. They usually only go to cabins or B&B's that take dogs, but I guess this one didn't. So we of course were going to keep their dog, Bailey, for them. He's a 120 lb golden retriever that thinks he's a 15 lb miniature poodle. Anyway, the plan was for me to pick him up at my parents' house after work on Friday (they live 5 minutes from my office). Mom and Dad left for the mountains around lunchtime Friday and just left Bailey for me to pick up later that day. I talked to my mom at least twice that day going over their babysitter instructions (a way longer list than they ever left for one of my sitters - it's seriously ridiculous, but I guess we'd be the same way!). Yep, yep, not a problem, he'll be fine, I got him, y'all have fun, etc, etc...

So Friday night we just stayed in and made tacos. The hub actually went to bed early because he wasn't feeling great (remember our fondue didn't sit too well with him). I played on the 'puter a while but soon joined him in bed. So the next morning I wake up around 6am and I'm staring at the alarm clock thinking, I really should get up and go into work (I work some on Saturdays this time of year). Should I go? Should I sleep? Should I go? I should go. I want to sleep. I should definitely sleep. A few minutes later the hub is playing with his blackberry - I think the alarm went off. Then I hear him scrolling through messages and he reads one aloud in a half-asleep voice, "Did y'all get Bailey?" OMG. OMG. O.M.G.!!! I FORGOT BAILEY!

I leapt out of bed and just stood there paralyzed in the middle of our room saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh" over and over and over until the hub was like, "stop saying oh my gosh and drive!" So I threw my contacts in and brushed my teeth. Grabbed my uggs and ran for it. I was shaking and on the verge of vomiting the entire trip down there (which is only like 15 minutes - but it felt like freaking forever). OMG what if he hurt himself... what if he has a blatter infection since the poor guy didn't get let out for 18 HOURS... what if he ate something and choked... what if someone broke in after I should've been there and hurt him? All these thoughts are running through my head. But of course I get there (at 6:25 am) and he greets me at the door, teddy bear in mouth, ready to play.

I checked all around the house to see if he had any accidents since the poor guy was locked up for 18 HOURS. No trace of anything. He's such a good boy... he knows he's not supposed to go potty in the house. Over and over in my head I can hear my mom saying, "Bailey was so sad when we left but I told him you were coming and he was SO excited." So I'm picturing him just waiting by the door, looking out the window and wondering where I am as it starts to get dark. I know, right? I'm the most horrible momma EVER!

Well I got him to our house and of course he was fine and all was well, but I was just guilt ridden all weekend. I didn't want to break the news to my mom while they were on vaca because my mom's the type that would let it ruin her trip. And I had to tell them. Could I have gotten away with it? Sure. But it would've eaten at me and I'm just a horrible liar anyway - it was no use. So as soon as they came by on Sunday to pick him up, we spilled the beans. My dad kinda laughed and my mom did that awkward laugh where she's attempting to appear cool, calm, and collected, but inside she's thinking O...M....G... But either way - I fell soooooooooo much better having it off my chest.

The thing that just kills me though is the fact that I can totally and completely forget something like that. That has never happened to me before - nothing that major anyway. And I know you non-dog people are like, seriously what is the freaking big deal? But like our babies, my parents' dog is their baby too. The idea of any of my babies being left alone at night without dinner and without someone taking care of them makes me tear up. And reminds me of what a horrible momma I am!!!! Anyway... it scares the crap outta me that I could completely blank on something like that - when I had thought about it multiple times earlier in the day. I mean I never gave it a single thought after leaving work. Not one. The ONLY thing that made me think of it was the darn text message from my dad! I mean, how long would I have gone before remembering on my own? So is this what being 30 is all about? You forget important stuff that you don't need to be forgetting? Is this going to become a problem? Well take me back to 29, thank you very much. I don't like this. I was joking with the hub earlier... maybe I'm pregnant. I hear all the time that pregos and mommas are totally absent-minded - "mommy-brain" they call it. Hmm... Well I know my mom would forgive me if that could be my excuse. Hahaha... a girl can dream. (And then hopefully remember the dream.)


tulipmom said...

That's exactly what I was thinking the whole time I was reading this. Pregnancy really does make you stupid. Could it be?

Sasha said...

Oh, yes. I lost my brain when I became pregnant and have not been able to find it again.

Crossing my fingers for you!

LSU Melanie said...

my puppy is my child too and she goes to "doggie daycare" aka grandmas house, everyday, and is hardly EVER alone and I can totally relate. Everything was fine AND he totally was happy to see you with his teddy bear, I am sure you feel so much better for telling your parents all about it. I'll say alittle prayer for you about becoming preggers!!!

Steel Magnolia said...

Our Bailey is 7 years old (a golden also) and she was our first baby also. I can so relate...I've left her in our closet before (she likes to hang out in there while i get ready). Several hours later I'll be frantically looking for her and she's in the closet! Fingers, toes, feet crossed for you!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

This still has me laughing my pants off!

I'll have a chat w God tonight about you being preggers. And just to be sure....I'm crossing my fingers too!

Lori said...

I would have felt bad too~ it's amazing how these little creatures become out children.
He sounds like a great dog and I'm glad everything worked out. :)