Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday quickies.

1. These lovelies arrived yesterday and I'm IN LOVE. And no I didn't cheat! I know what you're thinking, but I'm still on hiatus. These were my prezzie for helping out a friend with their taxes. She somehow gets her hand on my wishlist each year and these happened to be my #1 must-have item this spring. They are like butter on my feet. Scrumptious! And now I *need* every color...

2. Some skank-ho outbid me on my roller skates last night. I thought I had set my max bid, but apparently not because she got them for less than my max. That tramp. Well y'all were close on guessing my need for the skates and knee-high socks... kuntry bride and her new hubby are having a joint 30th birthday party this summer and it's a 70's themed costume party. So my immediate thought was ROLLER SKATES! I'm going to find one of those hideous strapless terry one-piece shorts outfits and do Farrah hair. It's gonna be great. I sure hope they have a disco ball.

3. I think we're definitely putting our townhouse on the market soon. We're meeting with a realtor this weekend. We've already had an inspection done this week and an appraisal is taking place today. We had the big talk with my parents this past weekend and my dad was like, "what if the townhouse went away, would y'all be OK then?" More on this later, but long-story-short, they are stepping in and helping us to get rid of it. All I can say is, my father the hero! It makes me sad that it will probably have to sell at a loss (more like undoubtedly). It was our first house and we just loved it.

4. My Amazon order came in this week. I now have a lifetime supply of Crystal Light Iced Tea flavor.

5. We're going to IKEA on Sunday right after church to get rolling racks for my swap. Lord help us. I can't handle that place on weekends, but hopefully getting in there right after they open will work out. I've got my item # ready. In and out! Yeah, like that's possible.

Alrighty, y'all have a fabulous weekend! Our dinner's in the crockpot and then we're taking the 3 sillies for a walk. I'm loving this weather!


Liz said...

Love the jealous!
Bummer that that B%#@$ outbid you on the roller skates. You'll find some other ones that are even better! Your outfit for the party sounds amazing!
Have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

I love your new Tory Burch flats! Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Can't believe that skank-ho outbid you on the roller skates! The nerve! Keep looking though, because your costume sounds coolio!

Good luck at IKEA. I got there today at 2:30. Yes, that's right, 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon. What I will do for my parents! UGH!

The Mrs. said...

I have the same TB flats. They are fabulous and I adore them!!!! I love my rollerskates too! You need them!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Just have to say...I have to borrow this idea. A Disco Roller Skating Party sounds like a blast!

Happy Homemaker said...

Love the shoes and hoping those pesky money issues clear up soon!