Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Beer Day!

This is one "holiday" that pretty much gets overlooked by me... I even totally forgot to wear any green today! (And I've already been pinched once.) Thanks to tax season, I've never really been able to celebrate it. Not that I really care - I'm not huge on going out and drinking, which really, what else is this holiday for but to down ridiculous amounts of green beer? And I don't even like beer. But have one for me if you're feeling lucky today!

So our Dawgs - this is NUTS - won the SEC basketball championship this weekend that I mentioned earlier. I don't follow college basketball at all (we're a football school), but I know enough to know that we suck at it. So winning the championship is insane! A true worst-to-first Cinderella story. Pretty cool. Go Dawgs!

Well this weekend I stayed in - as I promised myself I'd do - and I got SO much done! I was one domestic diva. I was especially productive yesterday from the time I got up till the time I got in bed. I only sat down to eat. OK, and for a little while to blog yesterday... but I was eating at the same time! But listen to what all I got done!!! I completely pulled everything out of our pantry and reorganized it. I threw out four bags of trash - just from the pantry! It looks so amazing now. I love it. Then I went upstairs to my office and got that picked up. It had become a total disaster. Paper and ribbon scraps all over the floor... omg it was a mess. Bills and junk scattered - made myself sit down and go through all those and get them sorted or tossed out. And then I (finally!) completely cleaned out the "nursery" - which had become the full room version of a drunk drawer over time. We've always referred to that room as the nursery because we designed it as such when we (meaning the builders) built the house. So yeah, I was rockin' out to my ipod and tossin' stuff left and right. I came across some fun stuff that had been buried in all the rubble. I took a bunch of pics - I'll have to post those when I get home tonight.

And while doing all this, I was running laundry non-stop. I had 2+ weeks worth and it was bad. I'm still not quite done. A couple of more loads to go... But yeah, I got so much done and felt so good about it. I opened the door to the nursery before I left this a.m. and just sighed a happy sigh - it feels so good to see the floor in there!

Alright, back to work. Yoga tonight. Then I'll catch up with you all later!


Lauren said...

Alright! I am glad you got so much accomplished this weekend!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I was flipping on the tv while I was doing laundry and ironing and actually watched the first 1/2 of that Georgia game (at icky tech!). I just can't believe that they won. Fun stuff!

So glad you were able to get so much accomplished this weekend. I love those weekends- when everything gets checked off the list!

And whatever- we all know you are propping your legs up on a keg of green beer under your desk. You are the keg party queen!

Sue said...

I love that feeling of accomplishment! Now you deserve to buy yourself some stuff at PBTeen!