Friday, March 14, 2008

I love you, Amazon.

I've mentioned several times how much I heart Amazon. To me, it's kind of like a virtual Target. I always end up with a ton of crap in my basket when I was just going in for some toilet paper. Plus any site with free shipping and no sales tax gets an A++ from me.

Well this month they have a great promotion running on Kraft products. Basically, if you buy any combo of $59 worth of these products, you get an instant $25 rebate. So in other words - $59 worth for only $34. Now most, if not all, of the items in this promotion are sold in bulk - but if there's something there that's a constant on your grocery list, it may be worth it to you. For me, it's the Crystal Light mix. I found my iced tea flavor in there and got enough in my basket to hit the $59 minimum. Then I did the math with the discount to see if it was an exceptionally good deal. And yeah - it TOTALLY is. It basically comes to about $0.12 a serving vs. the normal $0.25 a serving I pay at Wal-mart (and Wal-mart is definitely on the low end price-wise). And hello - that doesn't even figure in my savings on sales tax. Woo hoo! So check out the sale and see if there's anything you need - there are about 350 products included.

Well I'm just so super excited that it's Friday. I have to work tomorrow, but Fridays still feel like Fridays regardless. The hub and I have a date at Costco tonight. Our $3 hot dog and coke dinner plus a little shopping. And I'm totally excited about it. Costco is the best. We're trying to keep it low-key this weekend - or I am anyway. We ran around so much last weekend that I got NOTHING done. So I have two weeks' worth of laundry waiting on me. And I think two weeks for us is like a month for normal people. We go through an insane amount of clothes in a week.

Last weekend we ate with my parents at Ecco in midtown. OMG. The best meal I've had in a long time! From start to finish, everything from the wine to the entrees to the coffee, was absolutely to die for. I mean there are lots of great restaurants in this city - we really have fabulous dining here. But even at the "best" places you sometimes walk away thinking, OK my entree was great, but the salad was a little lacking, or maybe I would've added a little something to this or that... etc, etc. At Ecco, I would'nt have changed a darn thing. And the service was top notch also - which is huge, especially to my dad. He HATES when servers address us as "you guys." That's like his #1 pet peeve. Our server was totally on top of it and was so knowledgeable on everything. No question stumped her - she was great. Definitely the best dining experience I've had in a while! Can't wait to go back. And while it's easy to spend $$$ there, it's also a place where you could drop in for a cocktail and some small plates or a pizza and not spend much at all. Love it!

In other news, we had small group last night and one of the couples announced they were 4 months pregnant. AND they just got married this past November. AND they were on birth control. Are you freaking kidding me? Those fertile bitches. Hehehhehe... no really I'm totally thrilled for them. The hub and I use the term "fertile bitches" quite lovingly with all our Fertile Myrtle friends. Just kind of funny since there's us and then also one other couple in our group struggling with infertility. Way to rub it in our faces, God! ;-)

Alright girls... I gotta get some extensions done. March 17th is fast approaching (big corporate tax deadline). Happy FRIDAY! Peace out.


Scarlett O'Kara said...

Don't hate me, but I guess you could call me a Fertile Bitch too. Got pregnant with my oldest while on the pill. Four years later, got pregnant with my second using the ring. Not bad for someone who had been told for years that I would never be able to get pregnant. And I believed it because I didn't get knocked up until I went on birth control!

I guess if we want to try for # 3 then we need to look for another type!

Have you tried accupuncture? That has worked for alot of my friends...and it put me into labor with my second.

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing the discount! Also, glad to know there is someone else in tax who loves numbers and clothes ;) There are so few of us! Have a great weekend!

Kate said...

How frustrating about your fertile friend! I know it's tough to be happy for someone else's pregnancy when you have been trying for so long:( Hang in there!

preppypearlgirl said...

I saw the comment you posted on my blog, your's is just adorable! You have so many good pictures, and im really glad that you mentioned that you worry because you are too nice, I do too. Its great to know im not the only girl who does that! Keep blogging, I love reading it!