Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've been running around and not making lots of blogworld time, so it's time to catch up with you all! Did everyone have fabu Mother's Day weekends? We had a great one. My parents treated us to a great dinner at Atlantic Seafood Company. My parents are big fans, so that's where my mom wanted to go. Our entrees were definitely top notch. I had a great Chilean sea bass dish - soooo yummy. The salads were average - nothing special. And we got a big combo appe plate that was good. It was an early dinner, so none of us were up for drinking really - so I can't vouch for their drinks. My mom insisted it was much more "hopping" in the evening (we had a 4pm res that day). And my dad thinks they definitely didn't have their A-game wait staff on duty that afternoon. I hope not because they were not so top notch. My mom was really thrown off when they brought out our salads before our appetizer plate. I was like whatever, no biggie. But she couldn't make sense of it so my Dad had them take our salad plates back and bring the appe plate out first (which took two forevers). But no upsetting the mother on Mother's Day! Hehehe... I will have to say B+ for this one. Again the entrees were FAB, but the mediocre ho-hum salads bring my personal rating down. And the lack luster wait staff doesn't help either. I'd like to go back on a Friday or Saturday night for a real taste. But no matter my rating, I shall still always think of Bobby Brown being arrested there everytime someone brings up this restaurant - as that's the only thing I knew about the place till this past weekend.

Saturday night we went out with some friends and I proceeded to get rather... tipsy. I even drank liquor drinks (which other than margaritas, I don't do) and I also did a shot (which I like NEVER do!). Let's see... I'll just give you the highlights. I spilled wine (and chocolate) all over my dress. I agreed to do a triathlon with my friend next month. Yes, next month. And while waiting on our cab at the end of the night, I nearly fell off some concrete steps but stayed upright by swinging around a tree and holding on for dear life. I have a nice bruise on my elbow to show for it. Oh but it wasn't just me. The hub was doing interesting acrobatic tricks in our friends' driveway and ended up falling flat on his face. He miraculously caught himself but I truly wish I had a video of it because it was freaking hilarious. I still crack up thinking about it. Although it was a rather wild night for us, we were still at home by 10pm. It doesn't take much for us old farts. (Oh and no worries - I told my friend it was just the wine talking when I agreed to do the triathlon, so I got out of that. Good thing since I don't swim, bike, or run.)

So it was definitely a fun-filled weekend. And I am SUPER excited about this coming weekend because I'm heading to Charleston with kuntry bride. One of our girlfriends moved back there after living in Atlanta for a few years so we're going to visit her. I love, love Charleston and cannot wait! Kuntry bride has never been so I'm sure we'll do some fun touristy things. I love the carriage rides through town. I love taking city tours. Remember when we did that bestest? Bestest even brought her precious pooch, Sadie, with her on the tour and she was such a little gem. She just sat quietly in her lap and took in the sites with us. My dogs would've been banned. I can hear them now doing an evil cackle at the idea of "sitting quietly." Anyway, it's the perfect little town for a weekend getaway if you've never been. Lots of Southern charm, unique architecture, intriguing history, great shopping and dining, and great beaches too if you want some beach time. I can't wait! So this week I'm trying to get all geared up for that. I've been running laundry all week since I got NONE done this weekend. Got my hoo-ha waxed yesterday, so I'm bikini ready. I went to a new lady recommended by one of my girlfriends. She was awesome! She was super sweet and did an excellent job, but to top it off, she thought I was still in school and couldn't believe I was married. A nice boost to my ego and my efforts to fool people into thinking I'm really only 21. Oh and she said I wouldn't need an epidural when I give birth because I have a very high tolerance for pain. Hahaha... I guess so. Several of my girlfriends haved described waxing the nether regions as the "most painful experience of their life." OK well either they haven't experienced much pain, or I am just super woman. I'll go with super woman. I mean it's not something I want to do everyday, but it's just not that terribly painful to me. Am I crazy? Beforehand I met one of my girlfriends for lunch here and it was SOOOOO good. A+++! I've always heard of this place but had never been till yesterday. I had gazpacho and a yummy sandwich with artichoke infused goat cheese. OMG. I need to find an excuse to go back like right now.

Tomorrow I get my brows done and I'm also trying someone new for that here. One of my girlfriends goes there and loves it. I feel terrible cancelling on my guy here that I've been seeing for several years, but with gas prices like they are now, the 2-mile commute for this new local spa is becoming MUCH more appealing. Plus services in the 'burbs tend to be less pricy anyway... so if this new chick can do as good of a job, I'm moving. I can handle going in town for like my hair or whatever - because I don't have to go that often. But I have to do brows once a month. I have really dark, full brows so they are rather high maintenance!

So after tomorrow I will be totally vaca-ready. Kuntry bride and I are leaving early Friday morning. The hub and poochies will have to fend for themselves! Anyone else have exciting weekend plans?


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I was laughing at the picture of the two of you "tipsy" and then thought it was really hilarious that you were home by 10pm! Loved checking out all the links for the salons, waxing, etc. around here since it seems once I find a good hair/wax/facial person they up and leave.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Never had my "who-ha" waxed, but I did give birth to a couple of kids...That didn't hurt too much for me, so maybe I should buck up and have that wax my husband has been trying to talk me into for years...not that I am actually going to wear a skimpy swimsuit!

Belle-ah said...

I think you are right one about Atlantic Seafood...I am never excited about going. The last time we went one of the little valet guys dented some guys 130k Mercedes...all my DH said is THAT is exactly why WE don't drive a 130K Mercedes! Ha!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Hope you had fun in Charleston! We loved hanging out at Wild Wing Cafe and Tommy Condon's when we lived down there!

Polos & Pearls said...

i have never thought it was that painful either.. and I do a full wax. I think the more you do it, the less painful it is and the less it grows back. Have fun in Charleston!