Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend fun.

What a wonderfully fabulous weekend... after a short day at the office, I ran some errands, including - as predicted - a return trip to Tutti Frutti. I just had to get another fix before leaving town! It was pouring down rain, but I still went. So I arrive home with my bowl of Tutti Frutti to find a BIG ole box from bestest on my front porch. Prezzies!!!! I knew it was coming soon but it was so fun to see it sitting there waiting on me! And even MORE fun when I realized, amongst the other million goodies, were THESE!

These fabulous Bonanno's (my first pair ever!) are my 30th birthday prezzie from bestest! (We both relish in sending our prezzies in a very belated manner. And maybe we're both a weeee bit lazy. But we see it as dragging out our birthdays as long as possible!) Now you know why I call her BESTEST!!! I was so very surprised and excited and extra thrilled that they came in time for my trip!!! They got immediately packed in my bags for Charleston. You spoil me rotten, bestest - I love you!

So I had a fabu time in Charleston with kuntry bride and our girlfriend, whom I'll call "Carolina girl" (so creative!). We left early Friday morning so we could enjoy the afternoon in Charleston. The 5-hour drive went by pretty quickly since kuntry bride and I were gabbing the entire time. I thought about bringing my Harry Potter audio CD's but shoot - we didn't need any entertainment other than ourselves.

After arriving at Carolina girl's cutie apartment in Mt. Pleasant, we freshened up and headed downtown. This was kuntry bride's first visit here, so we checked out the market and walked around some of the more touristy areas. We also dropped in several shops up and down King Street. My favorite of which was their J. Crew because it had a Crewcuts section!!! Atlanta doesn't have CC in any of its stores currently, so this was a total thrill. OMG... it was like cuteness overload. Way, way, WAY cuter in person than online and in the catalogs. It was too delicious for words. Good thing I didn't have a kid to buy for or I would've gone ape shit. I was good though... didn't buy a thing anywhere. Found some really cute madras burmudas at crew on sale but the main color was yellow and they just made my pasty white legs look ever the more pastier. Plus I don't like my legs in shorts anyway, so it was a no-go. While out that afternoon, we also indulged in a scoop from Ben & Jerry's. We're on vaca... so why not?! Now of course everyone else gets the funny flavors with all the cooky ingredients, but I go for plain ole chocolate. I can't handle multiple ingredients in my ice cream.

We later went back to the apartment to change and figure out what we were doing for dinner. We ended up going back into town for dinner at a tapas bar called Meritage - it was delish! We were a little disappointed in one tapa - the goat cheese balls - but all the others were great! My total fave was the tuna tartare. I could've dined on that alone and been happy. Yum-o! The bar scene was pretty hoppin' there (cause you know I'm so up on my bar scenes). Lots of young people but certainly your fair share of random old men sitting at the bar alone. One inparticular, who had to be like 75 at least, took a real liking to kuntry bride. He just stared and stared at her with this goofy ass smile. It was sooooo funny.

The next morning we got in some good beach time on Sullivan's Island. The beach is so great and it's only a 10-minute drive from Carolina girl's apartment. How jealous am I?! Oh to have beach access like that all the time - must be so nice. Only beach I got is the crappy man-made version at the lake. Oh well. So it was super nice to soak in some rays. As usual, I dowsed myself in sunscreen but I evidently failed to get it evenly applied on my backside. I've got a red ass and upper back. It's lovely. I took a pic today of the red hot mess on my back (I'll spare you from my red bum)...

I don't know how well you can see it, but it's really red. And that's 3 days post-scorchfest. The drive home on Sunday wasn't the most comfortable, but I lived. Anyway - after beachtime, we walked over to a local spot on the island that Carolina girl and her friends frequent called Poe's. It was such a fun atmosphere and the food was excellent. I had a yummy seared tuna salad and we all had some delish margaritas. Saturday was just so perfect weather-wise. It seriously could not have been better!

After rinsing off the beach funk, we dressed for dinner and headed into town Saturday afternoon. We first made a stop at the Rooftop Bar at the Vendue Inn. I've actually stayed there before with my parents - I think I was in junior high (so I doubt I got invited to the rooftop bar). Although the weather was so pleasant, it was actually quite freezing on the rooftop because it was crazy windy. It was such a great spot - I'd love to go back when the wind wasn't so bad. We only lasted one drink up there, but it was fun. For dinner, Carolina girl took us to Coast. It was soooo yummy! She really picked great hot spots all weekend long. Everything we had was delish! We girls split a carafe of sangria while waiting for a table and then I had a wonderful grouper dish for dinner. Our waiter was outstanding too - he knew the menu so well and was uber helpful. I would say the food was definitely the highlight of the trip...hahaha... and I feel like all we did was eat! When we weren't eating, we were talking about what we'd be eating next.

One afternoon Carolina girl took us to a cupcake bakery called Cupcake. Now bestest, had our muffin cakes been the ingenius invention we had hoped for, this would've been our dream shop! It was darling and the sugary goodness just hit you when you walked in the door. Visit their site and see how lovely their dollop of icing is... so perfectly scrumptious. I'm not a fan of icing, but the little taste I had was really good. I literally whacked the icing top off my cupcake since I'm anti-icing. So it wasn't nearly as cute without it, but it was yum-o!

Well, feeling fat and happy, kuntry bride and I headed back to the ATL Sunday morning. We really had a good girly time with Carolina girl and we can't wait to go back! The hub survived the weekend without me, believe it or not! ;-) He got in some good time with the yard and the doggies. Sunday night we were both pooped, so we just chilled at the house. But yesterday evening we went for another run and he took me to Tutti Frutti again for my reward. Everyday deserves a little Tutti Frutti. In fact... I better get him to go with me now before American Idol starts. I need my fix. And I apparently need a 12-step program!!!!!!!


Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

LOVE the shoes! I so want a monogrammed pair!!!!

Lauren said...

I am glad you had fun in Charleston! Your new Bonanno's are so cute!

LSU Melanie said...

What an awesome weekend!!! that cupcake sounds so good right about now:) and the icecream too:)

Steel Magnolia said...

OH my-you were in my neck of the woods. We go to Poe's ALL THE TIME! Love the shrimp tacos! We were at the beach on Saturday too-glad you had fun in Charleston and Mt P! (we're in Mt P too)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Sounds like you sillies had a ball together. I want to go back again. I love it there- could live there I think. Great shopping, great food and a coastline!

Love the twinkie shoes!!

Belle-ah said...

We will most definately have to check out the CC when we go down to IOP in July!!! Your trip sounds like it was a perfect girl get a way.

Always In Style said...

Love Charleston, sorry you got burned but it sounds like you had a good time!