Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost gone...

..but I managed to snag these two!

The prices are awesome. I was on the hunt for the boy shorts and they had several pair for just $14 and $15... regular $34-38 each! They also had the regular thongs as low as $9 and change (set of 3 for $28) - they normally retail for $18 each. The lowest I've seen them for is around $11 or $12 - at Last Call NM or Loehmann's - so Rue La La definitely made my morning!

Well I'm going to shove down a Lean Cuisine and then run over to my alteration place to have two of my old Lilly dresses taken in. I'm so excited! I took a *before* pic this morning of the dress (it's the same dress in two different patterns) and I'll take an *after* when they're done. I'm taking them in and also chopping the length off. It will be like getting two brand new dresses! How fun is that?! I'm going to wear one to an engagement party next weekend.

Oh and while we're talking about shopping and clothes, I must share my belt bargain from yesterday. I was in Last Call yesterday looking for a birthday gift for kuntry bride (which I did find part of, btw). And I saw a tasty sign on the belt rack: Additional 75% off lowest ticket price. Oh but wait, above that sign read another: Additional 20% off. Well of course I had to look!!! Most of them were not cute - at least not for me, but I did find this fabulous studded belt - the big honkin' huge kind you wear at your natural waist with dresses and such. OK so original price on this puppy (which I would NEVER pay - ha!) - $250. After two markdowns and then the additional savings, I got it for... drumroll, please... $22! I was over-the-moon. I love it and am totally sporting it today with a cute espresso cotton dress.

And I also must mention, Saks Off 5th has a killer Lilly collection right now and many pieces have been put on clearance. Current styles too... not like old stuff. And if that's not enough, they have a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase that's good from today through Sunday, the 22nd. Leave your email if you want a coupon! I shall refrain as my budget is strapping me down, but I shan't deny any of you the preppy pleasure!

Update: OK my apologies - after forwarding the Saks coupon to an eager shopper, I realized it only passes on a 25% coupon instead of the 30% (you have to be on their original mailing list to get the full blown 30%). But hey, that's still a great coupon, so shop away!


Miss Lili NC said...

Congrats on getting the dresses taken in! Usually I try on my dresses and am like, "Crap, think this can be let out?"

k said...

Thanks for the Lilly tip- I would love the coupon!

Preppy Money Penny said...

Would love a coupon please! I was in Off 5th a while back and they had really cute stuff!