Friday, June 20, 2008

Fingers crossed applesauce!

So we had a showing at our townhouse this morning and per our realtor, it went REALLY well. The other agent said they'd be coming back again tomorrow for another look and some indication was made of a *possible* offer coming in a day or two. Would that be amazing or would that be AMAZING? Good offer or not, any prospect is encouraging. So whisper a little prayer for our little gem tonight.

First impressions do mean a lot, so it's a good thing we all went down to the house last night to do some last minute touch-ups. We discovered the painter had left without finishing one major thing and we had to do it ourselves. He didn't bother to call and tell us, so we never would've known if we hadn't gone by. At one point I was sitting on top of the fridge, painting trim. But we got it all done and looking fabulous. Hopefully it will all pay off very soon! I can't even tell you what a relief it would be to be rid of that place. Though all things considered, I will be a little sad to see it go since it was our very first house. I really hope we find someone who will love it as much as we did.

In other news, I'm still obsessing over these online private sample sales. I've found some more. I got into one - Editor's Closet. And I found another one that looks rather tasty... Top Secret. I'm awaiting an invite for that one and I'll let you know once I get in. I can't stand the idea of fabulous sales going on inside there that I can't get to! If anyone already has access, please share the love as the wait is killing me! It's funny because it's not like I can afford half the stuff in these sales, but I just love looking and seeing the deals. And I must admit the implied exclusivity of it all is so intriguing.

If you want to check out Editor's Closet (Moschino boutique is open right now), just put my email in as the "referrer email" and it'll let you register (see my profile). I also found one other that just started sample sales today actually... My Overstock Boutique. I think you just have to initially register with this one to get in - I don't think you need a 3rd party invitation. Hahaha... party... invitation... (Oh, I'm glad it's Friday.) They have several Lilly items on sale right now. Just looks like random overstocks - no one particular designer.

Changing subjects yet again... do y'all have any exciting weekend plans? I'm hoping to just chill tonight because our weekend is literally packed solid from start to finish. We're running a 5k down in Candler Park in the morning. This will be my 3rd! My goal is to break 40 minutes this time. I *almost* did at the last one, but surely I can pull through on this one. Lucky is also running it - she's a big runner and lives down in that area. So after the race, I'm going home with Lucky to shower and change and then we're immediately heading out to meet up with kuntry bride and the rest of her crew for a girly day of fun to celebrate her 30th birthday (which is today - Happy Birthday, kb!). We'll be lunching, shopping, and spa-ing together tomorrow afternoon. Then we're heading back to her friend's place to grill out and celebrate. The boys will join us there (someone has to grill, after all). So that wipes out my entire Saturday.

Then Sunday we're going to the 11 o'clock and having lunch with some friends afterward. And THEN at 3:30 we're meeting up with another couple at Dinner A'fare - one of those Super Supper type places where you put together a bunch of meals to freeze. I'm so excited about it! I've always wanted to do it and my friend (who we're meeting) totally raves about it! Should be fun! The whole weekend sounds fun, but I know I will be dog-tired come Sunday night. Oh and I've gotta set my tivo to record the Olympic trials....... ooooh.... note to self.

Happy Friday, all! Enjoy the weekend... :-)

Update: Found another good one... Smashbox sale going on right now at Haute Look. It's "private" like the others, but you can register currently without a referral. This one looks good! Also FYI... Top Secret's site appears to be down right now, so keep checking back on that one.


Lauren said...

Let us know what you think about Dinner A'fare. I have never been to that franchise, but I have been to Let's Dish and it is so conveniant. Having meals already made in the freezer is so nice especially when things are busy. The only trick is remembering to defrost everything the night before.

Enjoy your weekend!

tlm said...

Hey! I missed out on the first go-around. I would love an invite to Rue La La. Thanks!


Belle said...

I'm really curious what you think of Dinner A'Fare. I haven't been in a cooking mood lately and that looks very appealing... but only if the food is good.

Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

Let me know what you think of Dinner A'Fare. I have been wanting to go to one of those places.

Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the info in the secret sales. I could not get on the computer fast enough for the Hanky Panky boutique at Rue La La and was bummed. I always have fun reading your blog.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Sooooo...any word on the interested party that looked at your townhome?

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Can I hire you to be a personal shopper for me???? Ha!

Muffy said...

Oh my gosh! GOOD LUCK with the townhouse! Keep us updated!!!

Muffy said...

PS: I know you LOVE your online sample sales! I just joined a new group today you might like- it's on my blog right now! Check it out! :) xoxo, Muffy

cancersucks said...

You will love the meal assembly place. I am addicted! I wrote about my last visits on my blog. It is so quick and easy. Have fun and enjoy. Much cheaper than tasteless take out, I might add. Enjoy!