Friday, June 6, 2008

Gifter's Block.

So I'm determined to get Father's Day gifts taken care of this weekend. I just have my dad and my FIL on the list, but still - I'm at a total loss here. I can think of fun gifts for girls a million times over, but boys? I'm sorry boys, but your *stuff* is so boring. Total snooze. I often find myself struggling with gifts for the hub for birthdays and such, but he at least will come up with some ideas for me. Sometimes. But my dad has like everything and if he doesn't have it, he'll go get it. So what's a girl to do?

Now we are not big spenders on gifts, so don't go suggesting some $300 gadget here... I'm looking in the $30-50 range. I'm telling you this because the first question I ask people who look to me for gift ideas is how much do you want to spend? And I don't like to buy crap just to buy crap. I'm very big on gifts being personal or at least you know - well thought out and meaningful. We're actually making dinner for my dad on Father's Day, so that's certainly a gift in itself. I'm going to come up with a fun summery menu and really make it fun. But I also want to get him a little something to open... I did find this book on last names (you buy the one specific to your last name) and thought at first that might be kind of cool - only because my maiden name is very unusual. I was surprised they even had a version with our last name. But then I decided that fell under the category of crap... one review I read said it wasn't any good, so that settled that. Plus what would he do with that anyway? Look at it maybe once, say oh that's neat, and then let it collect dust for 10 years before deciding to pitch it while doing 2018 spring cleaning? This is why I can't decide on anything - because I think about it entirely too much.

So anyway... any fabulous gift ideas for the dads in my life? My dad is a techie and always has been. He's not into any particular sports. He has golfed, but I would not call him a golfer - so definitely not golf stuff. No cigar stuff (I'm thinking of all the typical "man" gifts retailers suggest...). He likes yardwork. OK well gardening I suppose... he has people that come and do the *actual* yardwork. He also loves to grill out. He has a gas grill and also a green egg. I've seen those monogram grill whatever things... branders? What are they called? I don't know... yeah I thought about that but I think he might think that's dumb. I mean I think it's kind of dumb. Why do I want your initials on my steak? Anyway... he's pretty preppy. Always very well dressed. Loves to travel. Auburn fan. He's 60. I don't know... geez, he's just my dad, y'all! Help me! And I don't do giftcards.

As for my FIL - he is actually the hub's stepfather but he thinks of him as a dad. He is great. He's older... pushing 70 I think. He has gotten into golf some in the last year. Big Bama fan. Likes margaritas. Does stuff with spaceships. You know, NASA type stuff or whatever. Also likes to grill but I must say if he and my dad had a grill-off, my dad would totally win. I may be partial, but I'm just sayin'. So are y'all gonna help me or what? What all are you guys getting your dads and hubbies? Our pups will be scrounging up some cards for the hub, I'm sure. They are all about it.

Alright, y'all put your thinking caps on and hook me up. We're staying in tonight, so I expect to see some good ideas when I check back this evening! As for other weekend plans, we've got another 5k in the morning and it's not going to be pretty. We haven't been out running since last week, so once again the goal is to just live through it. I did come up with a brilliant idea though... this past Wednesday at Yoga there was this nasty spider that kept crawling around (and several times ON) my mat during class. He'd run off but then come crawling right back! I guess he liked my pink mat?! I mean it does stand out a little amidst all the black and grey ones... but seriously he wouldn't leave me alone. So of course while in these awkward yoga positions, I'm fully focused on this spider. Having to lift my leg here and there to let him pass. Now if at home, I would've been screaming, but geez - I can't lose my cool in yoga class! Anway - the point here - because I was so zeroed in on this spider and whether or not he was gonna *get* me, I managed to completely forget the pain I was in while holding my warrior II. So that got me thinking, if I could have someone dangle a spider right behind me during my 5k - I would run like hell! I bet I'd finish that thing in 20 minutes easy. Good idea, yes?!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

A year or two ago I bought my dad a bunch of cool grilling tools at Brookstone I think. One of those boy gadget stores. They all look the same to me. Anyway, this cool pan to grill veggies and another for fish and then utensils and pokey thingys.

I think men are super difficult to shop for because of the lack of fun ou there for them. Not to mention my father always says "oh I don't need anything" when I ask him for helpful ideas.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Wish I could be of more help to you but I am at a total loss for my dad, fil, bils, and husband. What about some college football game tickets? Does Auburn play Bama this season? Maybe make a family trip out of it?

I am right there with you on Warrior II. That pose really makes my legs start to scream...but afterwards, you feel so great!

Buford Betty said...

Hehehe... Scarlet O'Kara your question about Bama and Auburn playing totally made me laugh out loud. I'm a UGA girl myself, but I have to say (and any Bama or Auburn fan would surely agree) that the Auburn/Alabama rivalry is the absolute biggest rivalry in the country. So yes - they will be playing each other. :-)

That's actually a great suggestion but I have no access (not to mention the dollas) for those tickets. Plus my dad thinks he's to old to go to college football games anymore. Why is this so darn hard?!?!??!

Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

Do a gift basket--it is real easy to make your own.

Get a galvanized tub(Lowe's or HD)and put some different bottles of imported beer in it. Fill in the empty spaces with some filler & maybe some bags of shell-on peanuts.

I did this for my in-laws, but did an Italian basket--noodles, sauce, utensils, etc.

It's not that expensive and you can customize it.

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Thanks for this post!!!! My dad would love the last name book and I ordered it tonight. I would have never thought of that-you had a great idea!

cancersucks said...

I love the last name book idea. Just ordered for my dad who has everything and wants nothing. Thanks for the suggestion!