Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Up for grabs: Designer Maternity Denim

That's right, ladies con buddha bellies... I've got some maternity denim I'm getting rid of and wanted to see if any of you lovelies were interested. "But Buford Betty, why do you have maternity jeans?" Because dear readers, this girl has mental issues and likes to play scavenger on maternity clearance sites! Puhleez - y'all know this about me. But alas, while we're turning seat cushions looking for spare change these days, I've decided to sell some of my someday closet items. Honestly, I don't think these jeans will really end up fitting me in the future anyway. I did put them up on ebay but didn't have much of any luck. Really with these, it's like if somebody wants them, great - but if not, I'm cool with hanging on to them. I really just want to get back what I paid for them, so that's what my price points are here. OK so here's what's in my trunk...

Seven for all Mankind - for A Pea in the Pod - $110
Maternity Jeans, size Medium (30" inseam), retail was $210
Waist (belly band) measures 15" across at top when lying flat; hips measure 20"

I love Seven's and have several pair (non-maternity obviously), but these particular ones are the SOFTEST jeans ever. And the inseam is short enough for most to wear with flats or flops. Not the usual Amazon woman leg length of their normal jeans.

Paige Premium Denim Maternity Capris - $50
size 30, retail was approx. $168
Hips measure 19.5" across when lying flat.

I also love me some Paige denim... these are super cute too and damn, what a deal. I hate to part with them for loss of my bragging rights. But I've only really been able to brag to my dogs so far since they're just collecting dust in my closet.

Like I said, if any of you gals are interested, GREAT! If not, no bigs. I will let these go on a first-comment-first-serve basis... just specify which one you want (or you're welcome to both, of course) and leave me your email so I can contact you. I'll collect payment via paypal, just to keep it simple. If they arrive and you're not in love, I'll gladly take them back and refund your money provided you return them within 7 days and in their original condition. Geez, I am starting to sound like fine-print!

I'll certainly be glad to answer any questions on these before you buy - commenting does not obligate you to buy - it just means I'll go to you first. Both of these have the under belly band and both just pull up and on - no buttons or zippers, etc. And both are new with tags - never worn. (Though it's possible somebody may have tried them on once with a pillow stuck under their shirt - no idea who, but I'm just sayin'.)

Alright girls, have at it! And speaking of designer denim, guess what arrives today! I'm sooo pumped. Oh please fit, please fit! I'll give y'all the scoop tomorrow...


Breezy said...

Girl...if I could fit those I'd want 'em...but I'm afraid it ain't just the buddha belly that I have it's the buddha butt and thighs, get the picture. Besides I didn't have your cutie figure to begin with. Good luck with your sale!

Mrs.Preppy said...

I am interested in the cropped ones.... Can you email me... I have a couple questions about them.


Wila (aka Ali) said...

Who knew 7s made maternity jeans! Something to look forward to. I'm not preggers, but I feel like my own budha belly could use the jeans!! :-) Good luck with sales!

Miss Lili NC said...

I think it's fabulous that you're obsessed with maternity clothes. I went thru a phase in college when I was too. My roomie actually bought me the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" for Christmas that parents were a little freaked out...haha