Monday, August 4, 2008

Fruitcake & Ice Cream

I've been asking myself whether or not I should share this with y'all, but then I thought, why wouldn't I?! It's my blog afterall - ha! I don't bring up God stuff too terribly often on here (and I think this video nails the reason why), but I wanted to give y'all an opportunity to see our sermon from yesterday. It was absolutely amazing - a great message for anyone, Christian or not. That's the great thing about our church - anyone can pick up something from these messages (not just us fruitcake Christians).

This one is by Louis Giglio. He is not our head pastor, but he speaks fairly often and the dude makes me cry like a baby every time. He travels all over the world and is a big, big influence in youth ministry - especially college students (7:22 programs, Passion conferences, etc). He's extremely passionate and fun to watch. But this particular message is just one I couldn't keep to myself. He shares the story of a student from the University of Florida. It's a story he's told all over the world. I invite you to take a half hour or so sometime soon to watch this video online. And bring your tissues!

To view the video, go to this page ( and you'll see an icon pop up that looks like a CD cover entitled "Home Free - Even Me." Click on that and it'll expand a box that looks like this:

Click on the icon to view the video that I have circled above (choose the second sermon listed, entitled "Fruitcake & Ice Cream") and a new window will pop up and the video will immediately start.

Hope y'all enjoy and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'll be back later tonight with my big weeeeeeeener! Woot woot!

Update (3.15.09): I'm still getting lots of hits on this particular post and the links I mentioned are no longer up since my church only keeps its more recent messages available online. For $1, you can download this message here.

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