Monday, August 4, 2008

Someone stole my weekend.

I was literally home for maybe 3 waking hours over the past two days. That wasn't really the original plan, but it somehow turned out that way. This was partially due to a rafting trip from hell on Saturday that I shall entertain y'all with in a bit. Y'all know I am not outdoorsy whatsoever. And everytime I partake in these sort of activities, I remind myself why.

Anyway, I obviously didn't get around to drawing a name for the stationery giveaway yet. Apologies! Blogger was giving me hell Friday afternoon and Saturday. I couldn't view any blogs without getting some stupid error message saying we had to abort! I'm just trying to view a blog, not execute some kind of classified military mission. How stupid. And I know it wasn't just me because bestest was having the same issues. So I couldn't even view my comments from that giveaway post to get a list of names to draw from... Needless to say, that's on the to-do list for today. I will draw a winner tonight. I hope none of you were holding your breath all weekend!

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