Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodies from Shecky's

Firstly, BOO! Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! I hope you all have a fabulous pumpkin day. I don't have any super exciting plans - I'm mostly concerned about the traffic getting home tonight. Halloween afternoon traffic is always horrible, but combine it with a Friday - Yikes with a capital UGH.

Well last night was a great time at Shecky's Girls Night Out! I stuck to my guns - I was a good girl and didn't spend a dime, other than to park. Stupid me forgot to budget for that - duh. So that was annoying, but oh well. The Biltmore was packed. We arrived around 6 o'clock and it was already hopping. The two ballrooms were filled wall-to-wall with retailers, exhibitors, and crazy girls. The goodie bags were fabulous, but we thought it would've made more sense to hand them out as people left. They were rather large and cumbersome in such a big crowd. Not to mention heavy! But it was a fun atmosphere, despite the crowds. The drinks were flowing and all kinds of drawings and giveaways were going on. It was like sensory overload. Among the goodies for sale was a ton of jewelry and other accessories - a lot more than I expected. There were a number of boutique-like setups with racks of clothing, but geez... who can really shop in that kind of environment? You can barely move. I don't shop in crowds normally - just can't handle it. So, at least for me personally, it's not an event that I can do any "real" shopping at... It's more like, if you stumble upon something cute and you can pull out the cash while balancing a drink in the other hand, constantly being bumped by other girls' big ass goodie bags, go for it. Otherwise, just stick to oohing, ahhing, and sipping. That's what I did.

There was a lot of cute jewelry, but other than that, nothing major really stuck out to me besides other girls' bags jabbing me in the side as I tried to pass by. One trendy find there that I've started seeing around is these feathered headbands and hair clips. Have y'all seen these?

I tried a couple of them on and they were super cute. I noticed a girl at the wedding we went to last weekend wearing a black one and it looked so great on her. She had a whole Chanel thing going on and it was so chic. I love headbands anyway, so these are super fun.

But of course, the best part is the free goodies! Here's a look at our deluxe Shecky's bag and the fun samples and such that were packed inside...

And my favorite - an Atlanta fashion map!

It was definitely a fun evening with the girls. Did any of you other peaches make it out?


Sarah said...

That goodie bag looks like it's filled with some seriously great stuff and I am loving the feather headbands too! Thanks for sharing and happy halloween!!!! : )

Well I Do Declare said...

That sounds like so much fun! I want to go!!! And I am definitely going to check out those headbands... for the right event, I think they could be so cute!