Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Up for grabs: FURNITURE!

OK, peaches... or even almost sorta-kinda peaches if you think it's worth the drive... here are the pieces of furniture we have up on Craigslist right now. I'm just going to give links to our listings - so click on the photos to get all the deets on each piece. If interested, feel free to email the hub via the address given on the ads, or you can email me for more info too. Thanks, all!

Pottery Barn Modular Wine Bar - Mahagony Stain - $750

PB still sells this set via the catalog/site ONLY (translation: big ass shipping charges tacked on), so this is a killer deal. Excellent condition! We're also willing to sell this one piece-meal (i.e. one base and one hutch).

Rooms-to-Go Entertainment Center - $600

My parents got this for my late gpa last Christmas, so it was only in use for 3 months. Practically brand new!!! I have no idea why the hub didn't remove that vase on there, but hey... if you ask nice we might throw that in too. ;-)

Restoration Hardware Blaine Collection Black Chest - $900

This one is honestly the hardest to see go... I LOVE this piece. It is so freaking gorgeous, but hey - it's just *stuff*, right?! We paid $2800 for this pup from the main store - not the outlet. And it is one HEAVY-arse piece of furniture. Even our big mamma-jamma movers who looked like they could crack my neck with their pinkies complained. So if you come for this one, bring reinforcements.

Again - my 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition is also up for grabs! We are reposting that tonight... so I'll add that link in a bit. Love it, love it... but that's the easiest debt to get rid of fast - so buh bye. No more car payments ever ever!!! EVER!

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Wow! You guys are amazing!