Friday, February 20, 2009

Shecky's is back!

Hey girls! Hope you all had a good week. Mine was kinda long, but good! We actually went to see my doctor today to discuss our gameplan for Buford Baby. It was great to get caught up and back in the swing of things. I was telling my friend, Jill, that it's kind of a weird mix of emotions. It's super exciting and encouraging to get a plan laid out and know what steps are next, but there's always frustration and sadness mixed in there... wondering why the heck we have to go through all this crap to have a freaking baby. But no, overall, it's all good and we're really excited. We're still laying low till tax season is over, so our first go with IUI will be in May. Good stuff!

OK so on to other fun things happening in May... Shecky's Girls Night Out is returning to Atlanta! Once again, it'll be at the gorgeous Biltmore Ballrooms in midtown. You may've caught my post a few months back when they were here last fall. This is a great, great event and girls, the price is right! You can get in for free as a Shecky's insider, but trust me... pony up and get the goodie bag ticket! Remember how honkin' huge I mentioned they were last time? Lots of fun stuff in there and definitely worth the few extra bucks. Plus you're getting free cocktails... hello. And I know we're all pinching our pennies... but remember, I didn't spend a dime last time (aside from my ticket price and parking), and we had a blast. I was sold on the goodie bag and free drinks. We loves free! So grab your girlfriends and make a night of it! Click below to learn more and purchase tickets...

Alright... y'all have fabu weekends! This weekend is my slumber party with Lucky and kuntry bride. We're going to see Shopaholic tomorrow afternoon and then we're heading back to Lucky's for an equally delicious girls' night *in*... and funny thing, we're apparently not the only ones! Hmmm... maybe we're on to something!


Sasha said...

I'm dying to know what you thought about Shopaholic.... I LOVE the books and don't want to be disappointed!

Holly said...

Anything with free gifts sounds good to me, hahah!