Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope

I had on my growing list of post ideas to do a post on the recession and how it's not all so bad. But Dave beat me to it... Check out the town hall meeting he's going to be hosting next month. Y'all MUST check this out! He gets me so fired up!

And if you've never seen his show on the Fox Business Channel, you should check it out on hulu. I always play a couple of episodes while I'm working on my budget. Good stuffs! Have a look-see. I used to stream his radio show every day at work, but then they nixed our streaming capability. Boooo... I so miss it! I need my daily dose of Dave! Y'all think I'm crazy, don't you?!

Lemlem at crewcuts.

Hey, look how fast I got back on here! Aren't you proud? Well I'm really supposed to be getting dressed right now, but I just came across this blurb about a new line at crewcuts and had to share.

J. Crew partnered with supermodel Liya Kebede to create this new line. There are some really gorgeous pieces in this new collection but, whoah - a bit pricy. Apparently each piece is handmade in Ethiopia, the model's homeland. Really beautiful fabrics... what do y'all think?

OK for realz, I gotta go to work. Stop distracting me, bloggy pals!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Doggie Dramz.

So this week has been a crazy one at work. I'm thrilled to be home - while it's still daylight - and able to just sit here at the 'puter with my pups and a glass of wine. The hub's at job numero dos tonight, so it's just me and the pups for a bit.

Well, let me back you up to Monday morning... the start of said crazy week. Mondays are a bitch anyway, but this was one for the record books. At about 3:30am, I awoke to the sound of the hub trying to get Belly off the bed. Belly is our crazy border collie mix who's a bit neurotic. One of our tactics to get her off the bed (or to move in general) is to tug on her tail a bit. She is psycho about her tail and any contact with it will send her into a wild fit. Picture a frantic, barking little dog spinning in circles to get off the bed, only to land on the floor with the thrust of an elephant and spin in much tighter, faster circles in the great attempt to catch hold of that tail. A daily ritual, at the very least. Well, little did the hub know, Gertie was curled up right next to Belly on the bed. So when he pressed Belly's go-ape-shit button, the sleeping giant got startled. And that sleeping giant awoke from her sweet slumber thinking she was being attacked...

Now, with 3 dogs in our house, the occasional dog fight is inevitable. (They are animals, after all.) We know their behaviors and what tends to put each of them on the offense, so we of course do our best to keep the peace. Many a dog have discovered that getting too close to Charlie's food will unleash a beast. If you get in Belly's space (especially her private little cove under our bed), she'll light your ass up. She's the territorial one. And then Gertie is uber protective of her momma and daddy. If she feels you're a threat to one of us, I'd keep your distance (translation: my first choice for running partner!).

So yes, dogs will be dogs. But I have to say a dog fight in the middle of our bed at 3:30am is rather terrifying. Gertie, in a record 1/10 of a second went from a sweet little curled up bundle of fur, to a bitch on a tirade. Imagine dogs flailing around in the middle of your bed - in the dark of night - while you're trying to get your bearings, turn on the lights, see who's involved and try to get them off of each other. And I wear contacts, so I can't see, on top of trying to adjust to the light. It was terrifying, to say the least. The hub finally managed to pull Gertie off of Belly, after getting a little scratched up himself. And poor Belly... she had this awful-looking patch of skin that was torn on her neck. Yet the girl is like, "let me back at her, momma! Put me back IN!" I had to hold her tight while she calmed down.

And then (if you have dogs, you know this), not 5 minutes later, they're all walking around and sniffing each other's butts like nothing happened. Belly's got a patch of skin hanging off, and she wants to roll around on the floor so I can rub her tummy. And she also felt perfectly comfortable herding Gertie all over the place trying to show her she still rules the roost. Geez, I think I would've just handed over my crown.

Anyway, so while Belly appeared OK, she did require stitches. The hub (sweet man that he is) took Belly to the emergency vet while I stayed with the other two and tried to go back to bed. She had to be sedated so they could stitch her up. Remember, she's neurotic. And poor girl was soooo groggy the rest of the day. Her poor neck looks so butchered! Why the hub decided this was a kodak moment, I don't know...

But $700 later, Belly's doing great. While she was very lethargic on Monday and even had to make a return visit to the e-vet due to some swelling (turned out to be nothing), she is back to her old self. Bossing everyone around... telling Gertie to kiss her ass.... barking at everything... But yeah, it made for a very crazy Monday. All is well though... we'd do anything for those sillies.

Here's one last look at Belly with her attacker. (They say it's often someone you know.)

Glad to see the weekend, I am! Talking like Yoda, why am I? Anyway, looking forward to a low-key weekend and getting some things done around here when I'm not working. Hope y'all have fabu weekends!!!

Not sure when I'll be able to hop back on here next, but I'll do my best! April 15th is almost here! AND I'm also working on a new venture and a new blog that I CAN'T WAIT to tell y'all about! I'm over the moon excited and I promise I'll be debuting it super soon! (No, I'm not pregnant.) Stay tuned, ladies!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Five things I love right now.

It's been a while since I did a *favorite things* post! I have a lot of loves right now, but here are five fabulous ones worth mentioning. Enjoy!

1. Swiss Miss Sugar-free Chocolate Pudding Cups.

I seriously could not find a picture of the chocolate ones... so this nasty vanilla will have to do. Anyway, we get pudding a good bit... it's one of the items in my bag of tricks to prevent me from eating things I shouldn't (like say, a 500 calorie chocolate milkshake). But I have always, always gotten the Jello Brand. I'm just a sucker for brand loyalty, I suppose. A few weeks ago, however, when I was grabbing some BOGO goodies at Publix, I decided to try the Swiss Miss brand since it was half off (our Publix BOGO's are actually half-off, so you don't have to buy two -I think it varies by region, so check with your store!). So one afternoon I'm at the office and I crack open one of those puppies... OMG! I checked the label again to make sure I got the sugar-free kind. What is this wonderful silky chocolately goodness that I have been missing out on for so long? All because I never looked past the huge section of Jello-brand varieties! The texture is just totally different to me... much more... *silky* is the best word I can come up with. It has a mousse-like feel to it, but of course a lot more dense given that it's pudding. But OMG y'all... I've converted for sure. That's not to say I'll never buy Jello brand again (I did today actually because it was on sale), but Swiss Miss is my new favorite by a mile.

2. Harry Potter Books on Audio CD, narrated by Jim Dale.

Y'all know I love me some HP. I could sit in Starbucks for hours discussing the books with you. They're absolutely brilliant. You know this if you've read them. So you've got the books, you've probably got the movies too... but OK, have you listened to the audio versions read by Jim Dale? I've mentioned these on here a time or two. My dad actually got me into these... he's huge into books on CD. And we ended up collecting the entire series on CD. Now readers a lot of times will turn their noses up at the idea of an audio version, but I really see it as an entirely new way to experience a book. Not a replacement for reading, but a bonus. Especially when the narration is as good as Jim Dale's. He does a truly amazing job with these books... using voices for all the different crazy characters. He totally nailed Hagrid to a T. He also narrated the wonderful, but short-lived Pushing Daisies on ABC. I initially started watching that show because I heard he'd be narrating it. Anyway, I've got all the books on my ipod and I listen to them over and over at work. (It's usually Britney in the mornings, Harry in the afternoon.) I'm getting all geared up for the 6th movie coming out this summer. Cannot wait!!!

3. Old Navy Layering Tank Tops.

If ever there wase a staple in Buford Betty's wardrobe, the tank top would be it. I wear them ALL the time. Got a purty kelly green one on right now. I dress them up, I dress them down... I wear them to work, to yoga, to the grocery, to bed... not everyday, but a lot of days. I have them in every color ever made and many times multiple ones of the same color. And that's because I get 'em cheap. So I'm constantly replacing them each season since they get a lot of wear. I've gotten them from several retailers, but my tried and true favorites come from Old Navy. I don't get a lot of clothes at Old Navy, but they are on my must-hit list for any cotton basics like tanks, tees, and cami's. (And yoga pants... they totally have the best yoga pants.) I refuse to go into double digits on a tank top. Hello, it's a freaking tank top. I love how Old Navy tanks fit and they're cheap, so I always load up when I go in there. Right now they're $5 each online when you buy 2 or more. And btw, how brilliant is it that the whole slew of Gap stores allow you to grab items from any and all of their sites and pay one flat shipping charge in one easy transaction? That was an awesome move on their part - we loves it.

4. elf Mineral Eyeshadows.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge, HUGE elf fan. I appreciate the brand even more now that I'm a penny pinchin' fool. They have added so many fabulous products over the last year, including my current fave... their collection of mineral eyeshadows. I'm a make-up lover, but I don't like paying a lot for make-up, or any beauty products really. There are some things I'll drop a lot of dollars on, but for whatever reason, beauty products are just not one of them. I guess I figure, what's the point? If you find something that gives you the look you want for less, why pay more?! It's not like someone can spot what *brand* of eyeshadow you have on unless they go digging through your cosmetic bag. So, I use a lot of elf products - almost exclusively now. The only thing non-elf that I insist on buying anymore is my Almay concealer. Remember the drama over my eyeliner a few months ago? Yeah, that was a huge move for me. And I'm still totally in love with elf's $3 version. But anyway, I'm totally crushing on the mineral eyeshadows. The colors are so fun, and they are so easy to apply - almost fool-proof. "Royal" is my favorite color right now. I always keep an eye out for a good sale to hit, and then load up on them. Even with prices as low as theirs, they are ALWAYS having some kind of sale. Right now, it's BOGO half-off (enter code EGSPRAP at checkout)!

5. 100 Calorie Tribe Hummus Snack Tubs.

I screamed a little bit when I first discovered these. I've seen Tribe hummus all over, but I've only found these particular 100-calorie packs at Costco (and couldn't find a picture either, sorry). So I have no idea if they're available elsewhere. But anyway, I love me some hummus. But I can be a little bit... what's the word... over-indulgent when it comes to dips. They are my weakness. So to find one of my favorite dips in a 100-calorie tub, perfect for taking to work with a bag of carrots and celery.... OMG. When I checked the price, I was totally sold. 16 tubs for $4.99... hell yeah! (Costco fans: They're back there near the produce, in a box, next to the regular tubs of hummus.) Then I get a honkin' huge bag of baby carrots at Costco to go along with it. And these snack tubs are big. A lot of times I don't finish them. And just so you know, this girl can eat. (Hence the reason I need 100-calorie tubs.) Yeah so, reason #372 that Costco rocks my world.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it April yet?

Phew, y'all... it's been a rough tax season this year! I've had worse, but yeah... not finding much time at ALL for bloggy world. I'm trying to keep up with y'all some through Google Reader, but it bugs me that I can't comment... so forgive my absense as of late! I'm still here, just hovering.

And my time on the 'puter at home is minimal since, well, my time at home (not asleep) is minimal. And I have so much to blog about! Ugh... But for now, I will just leave you little snippets of three exciting things going on in my world this weekend...

1. Twilight comes out on DVD tomorrow - hello! I'm going to a swanky little viewing party at a girlfriend's house tomorrow night. Girls, girly drinks, and Edward... doesn't that sound dreamy?! (By the way, did y'all see his GQ shots on Perez? Holy shiz.)

2. And speaking of holy... This Sunday, Louis Giglio's new church is having its second meeting or gathering or whatever you want to call it. We heard the first one last month was amazing, so we're excited to see what it's all about. Plus, they're meeting at my old high school this time, so that's kinda cool. We're not switching churches or anything - we just love Louis, so we're pretty pumped to see what he has going on here.

3. Someone went ring shopping this week... nothing's official yet... but kuntry bride and I are like 95% sure Lucky's getting engaged by Sunday. You can bet your britches that my new crackberry will be glued to my head all weekend! OMG! We know the ring's been purchased... it's just a matter of when the actual proposal is going to go down. The three of us have been speculating all week on possible scenarios - you know, like girls do. So I hope to have some news on that SOON!

Alright... off to bed for me, girls. I gotta work tomorrow. Ew. Just 3 1/2 more weeks of this shit. I can't wait to have my life back! Peace out... XOXO

Sunday, March 15, 2009

For all you fruitcakes...

It's funny seeing what google searches lead people to my site... but the front-runner, by like a mile or 10, is the search for "Louis Giglio Fruitcake and Ice Cream." Which always leads people to this post.

I get hits all over the WORLD from this search, so I need to update my links. That particular message I posted about is no longer available for free viewing/listening on my church's site (just because it's from a while back, and they only keep the more recent sermon series up on the site). But, I did find a downloadable version (which I'm guessing is just an audio version) for $1 here.

Y'all, I seriously get several hits a day from this search alone. If that's not a testament to how powerful it is, I don't know what is! So if you haven't heard this message, get your booty on the dancefloor and download it like right now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Britney, bitch.

That's what you had written across your chest on your homemade baby-T at the Britney concert if you were cool. No, actually, those were the girls trying to be cool. The really kick-ass girls were wearing those blossomy long tunic-like tops as dresses... Oh geez... I gotta find a picture for you to apprecitate this.... hold on.......

Damn. OK you know it's bad when you look on Bebe's site and all those dresses are "too tasteful." Hold on... Alright seriously, where the hell do these girls find these dresses? Hoes 'R Us? [You should know that I googled the correct pluralization of *ho* and found no clear answer.] OK, I resorted back to Bebe because this is the closest thing I could find...

Now this is the concept, but picture it much, MUCH tighter and significantly shorter. Because really, in the appropriate setting, I think this model is pretty darn cute (minus the weird posing). But pretend this chick tried on 4 sizes smaller and she put her boobs in some kind of contraption that lifted them up to where they're almost touching her chin (I believe that's called surgery). Combine that with 5 inch stilettos and you have the standard uniform for the 20-something's at the concert. And this was whether you were a size 2 or 22.... didn't matter. No shame, I tell you... no shame. Lucky turned to me and said, "Oh damn... where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them?!"

Now there were some hot girls there for sure... I mean if you were a single dude, you should've choked up the money for a Britney ticket. Because chicks in tight dresses + alcohol + the fact that half of Britney's songs are about gettin' it on = a high probability of a very good night for you. Oh, but if you were really cool, you were fully covered in J. Crew cords, a denim jacket and ballet flats. Oh wait... I mean if you're *old* like me. Yeah, Lucky had on a blazer and jeans, and kuntry bride had on jeans and a sweater with a winter coat and scarf. We totally looked like chaperones. I've never felt closer to 40 in my life... At one point when we were walking down the street towards the arena, a couple of club promoter people tried to get our attention... "Hey girls, where are you going after the show?" Lucky answers, "um... we're going home," as if, wasn't that the obvious answer? It's a Thursday night for crying out loud. I was like "yeah, we're going to bed." I mean the concert alone was putting me way past my bedtime here and I knew I'd be feeling it after lunch on Friday. The club people found this pretty funny. Now I'm really feeling old. But I'm starting to put together why these girls are dressed like ho-bags.... these young people go out after concert! Ohhhh....

I swear I think I was always like 10 years ahead of my true age... I mean I went out and had my fun in college and all that, but not to the degree that some of these girls do. And I certainly was clothed. I never ever felt the need or desire to put my body on display. It'll get you attention, sure, but certainly not the kind of attention I want. Guess it just depends on what you're after... but honestly girls... yes, ho-bags, I'm speaking to you... you're a dime a dozen. If you're after a random hook-up or perhaps just attention, then good for you -- mission accomplished. But if you're seriously trying to meet someone (a real someone), put some damn clothes on. Trust me, there is nothing sexier to a guy (I'm speaking of real guys here - not someone looking for a one-night-stand), than a cute, confident girl in a kick-ass pair of jeans. If you really want to be different and stand out in a bar or club, that's how you do it.

Geez, these hussies got me off on a tangent! OK back to Britney! Yes, so the people-watching alone was highly entertaining, but the show was phenomenal! My favorite little misfit did not disappoint! The stage was set up in the center of the arena.... I LOVE when artists do this because you have a good shot of the stage from any angle. I've seen several shows like this... Prince, Justin Timberlake... and now Brit! I absolutely love it. The Pussycat Dolls opened up the show. They were great - they did all their hit songs. That Nicole chick can really belt it - she was great. Kuntry bride leaned over to me and was like, "um... what do the other 4 girls do? Do they even sing?" Hahaha.... yeah a little bit, but they mostly just do back-up for Nicole and work a stripper pole. Apparently they were also supposed to have some back-up dancers, but they backed out at the last minute. Who does that? Whatever. OK I realize this pic is tee-tiny, but that's Nicole on the far right...

They were on stage for a good half hour or so... then they got the stage ready for Britney... this is a lousy pic, but here's our view of the stage before she came on...

One of the best parts was Perez Hilton's introduction!! I totally loved it... he cracks me up. I found a taping of it from the Atlanta show on you tube... it could very well get yanked, so have a look while you can. It's not the best video, but you can get a feel for the screaming girls and hear most of what he had to say....

That screen was like a cylinder that went all around the center stage (or "ring"). Don't know if you can really catch that from that film, but it showed video from every side. I must admit my heart was totally thumping with anticipation at this point... omg I love her! Hahahhaha....

She opened with "Circus" of course, and then did number after number, costume change after costume change... her shows are always very theatrical and full of props and dancers and pyrotechnics and whatnot... and yes, she does lip synch for 90% of the show - she always has. So if that turns you off, then I guess her show's not for you... but she's running all over the place, dancing like mad, being thrown and tossed around, changing costumes every 30 seconds... I mean it's not possible to have any kind of a voice with all that going on. It's really more about the show. And hello, we all know she doesn't have the most incredible voice ever - she's more about the show. But y'all, it's a damn good show. The costume changes alone are totally entertaining. I snagged some photos off photobucket so y'all could see a few of them. After Perez's intro, she dropped down to the center of the stage in this...

As is par for the course with Britney, lots of corsets and hooker boots (remember that bit about not bringing your 12-year old daughter?)...

She and her dancers all donned this kind of Indian look for "Me Against the Music." Pretty cool mix on that song...

This was kuntry bride's personal fave...

This is her during the one song where she actually did sing... "Everytime" - her song to JT (admittedly or not). You think he still boo hoo's over her? I'm thinking no.

And here was her final look of the night...

Me likey. Now I realize Britney's wearing even less clothing than the girls I dogged on mere paragraphs ago, but hello.... she's on stage. There's a TOTAL difference. And I guess this just gets lost in translation to so many... hmm.... But here's the difference... if I was on stage and I had a rockin' body and I was performing the kind of stuff Britney does... hell YEAH, I'd be sportin' the corsets and hooker boots! But you wouldn't catch me dead in that on the street. They're costumes... not streetwear.

Oh and I must share these photos from Lucky's friend who was right down front. They're not good pics - you can't really even see Brit's face (I think her camera setting must've been on a really slow speed or something), but you can appreciate how dang close they were!

Yep, those are boobie tassles. And here's one stage shot I found...

So yes, overall - a fabulous show! But mommas, be warned... like I said before, this is not one for the pre-teens. There's a LOT of sexual moves, videos, lyrics... you name it. Lots of S&M references... There was this video montage of a lot of Britney's old music videos and photos... totally awesome, but also not something I'd want my 12 year-old daughter to see. I mean if you listened to any of her last few albums for 5 minutes, you'd realize her concerts are probably not kid-friendly. So it always surprises me when I see moms there with their daughters who are in shock over what they're seeing. Geez moms, do a little research! This ain't the same ole Britney from the Mickey Mouse Club!

As for Britney herself... I can safely say that the girl is back! She put on an awesome show, and she looks amazing. I can now give her the thumbs up on the hot pants and corsets. She's back in tip top shape. I mean, how can you not be after rehearsing for that show? Wow. She must burn 5,000 calories each night. But no really, she's looking good. I don't think she'll ever be back to the shape she debuted at the 2000 VMA's...

I remember when she tore off that black suit... I was like, holy hell, Britney! Girl's been working OUT! But y'all, she's popped out two kids now and she's approaching (gasp!) 30. So I've got to hand it to her -- the girl looks awesome. Way to go, Brit! Momma's so proud of her favorite trashy little pop princess!

So if it isn't obvious, I give the Circus tour a totally enthusiastic two-thumbs-up. And I have to give special thanks to kuntry bride and Lucky for tagging along. They are not crazy fools for Britney like I am... and would probably never dream of going to see her in concert, but for going along with me. They both were conspiring with the hub the day before to find us all tickets. What a wonderful hub and fabulous girlfriends I have! They made my Britney dreams come true!!!

Alright girls... glad I finally got my Britney post up. I've been so busy but I had to do her justice. Now I've got to run and get dressed and get to work. Ew... But tonight is date night! Woo hoo! Our church has put together these awesome suggestions for date nights and we're going to try it out tonight. Should be fun! Hope y'all have fabu weekends... back later!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Guess who got with it and got a crackberry? Me! I'm slow... It's taking me like half an hour to type this lil post. Anyway, I'm alive, just uber bizzy at work. Happy Friday, bloggy world!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Britney's back.

She was awesome, as expected.

The arena was PACKED.

Me and my two girlfriends had on more clothes than the entire row in front of us.

If you're thinking of taking your 12 year old daughter, don't.

I feel really old.

More later, I promise! This is the first time I could hop on here since! Lucky got some pictures and we're waiting on some pics from a friend who was right up on the stage... but yes, overall, it was FABULOUS!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Britney,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes, we've come a LONG way since this episode. And I am proud to say that I KNEW you'd be back! And when I heard you were coming to town on tour, my heart skipped a beat but then quickly stopped because I knew Dave Ramsey would tell me, "hell no, you can't go." And I accepted that. I can honestly say... not being able to buy a ticket to your (very expensive) concert was the first thing my tight-wad budget truly had me bummed over. But that was a couple of months ago, and I got over it.

Well, fast forward to the last couple of weeks... Britney buzz is all over the place! I'm hearing about all these crazy girls that get to go to your concert. Yesterday, one of my co-workers told me she was going. I must've turned a bright shade of green! But Britney, do you know what? At 5:45pm yesterday, the hub emailed me to say that kuntry bride, Lucky, and I were all going to see you tonight!!!!!!! I know, right?!?!

Yes... I know, I have the most wonderful hubby in the world. He said he was actually about to buy a new camera lens with his birthday money, but he decided to send me to see YOU instead! Is he the best or is he THE BEST?! Turns out Lucky and kuntry bride were totally conspiring with him all day yesterday over email. He was calling all around to try and snag tickets and he ended up resorting to craigslist. These are hot tickets, Britney! So you better bring it! But girl, I know you will. I just know it. I am coming to see you!!! And as you know, in the words of Paula Abdul, I'm forever your girl.


Buford Betty

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grab the milk and bread, and TAKE COVER!

Brace yourselves, peaches... it's snowing! The hub got his winter wish. "Just one good snow... please, just one good snow!" That's all he wanted, and today he got his wish. So here are a few pics of our little winter wonderland today...

Purty white rooftops!

It took Belly a while to warm up. She's not a fan of precipitation in general, but she finally decided this fluffy white stuff isn't so bad...

Gertie went right out into the snow and has asked out a million times since! I think this is Daddy making her pose here...

Charlie got out in the snow too, but he was being a little camera-shy. Such the gentleman, letting the girls take the spotlight.

Hope you other Georgia girls enjoyed your snow! And perhaps a day off tomorrow if the city decides to shut down?!