Sunday, March 22, 2009

Five things I love right now.

It's been a while since I did a *favorite things* post! I have a lot of loves right now, but here are five fabulous ones worth mentioning. Enjoy!

1. Swiss Miss Sugar-free Chocolate Pudding Cups.

I seriously could not find a picture of the chocolate ones... so this nasty vanilla will have to do. Anyway, we get pudding a good bit... it's one of the items in my bag of tricks to prevent me from eating things I shouldn't (like say, a 500 calorie chocolate milkshake). But I have always, always gotten the Jello Brand. I'm just a sucker for brand loyalty, I suppose. A few weeks ago, however, when I was grabbing some BOGO goodies at Publix, I decided to try the Swiss Miss brand since it was half off (our Publix BOGO's are actually half-off, so you don't have to buy two -I think it varies by region, so check with your store!). So one afternoon I'm at the office and I crack open one of those puppies... OMG! I checked the label again to make sure I got the sugar-free kind. What is this wonderful silky chocolately goodness that I have been missing out on for so long? All because I never looked past the huge section of Jello-brand varieties! The texture is just totally different to me... much more... *silky* is the best word I can come up with. It has a mousse-like feel to it, but of course a lot more dense given that it's pudding. But OMG y'all... I've converted for sure. That's not to say I'll never buy Jello brand again (I did today actually because it was on sale), but Swiss Miss is my new favorite by a mile.

2. Harry Potter Books on Audio CD, narrated by Jim Dale.

Y'all know I love me some HP. I could sit in Starbucks for hours discussing the books with you. They're absolutely brilliant. You know this if you've read them. So you've got the books, you've probably got the movies too... but OK, have you listened to the audio versions read by Jim Dale? I've mentioned these on here a time or two. My dad actually got me into these... he's huge into books on CD. And we ended up collecting the entire series on CD. Now readers a lot of times will turn their noses up at the idea of an audio version, but I really see it as an entirely new way to experience a book. Not a replacement for reading, but a bonus. Especially when the narration is as good as Jim Dale's. He does a truly amazing job with these books... using voices for all the different crazy characters. He totally nailed Hagrid to a T. He also narrated the wonderful, but short-lived Pushing Daisies on ABC. I initially started watching that show because I heard he'd be narrating it. Anyway, I've got all the books on my ipod and I listen to them over and over at work. (It's usually Britney in the mornings, Harry in the afternoon.) I'm getting all geared up for the 6th movie coming out this summer. Cannot wait!!!

3. Old Navy Layering Tank Tops.

If ever there wase a staple in Buford Betty's wardrobe, the tank top would be it. I wear them ALL the time. Got a purty kelly green one on right now. I dress them up, I dress them down... I wear them to work, to yoga, to the grocery, to bed... not everyday, but a lot of days. I have them in every color ever made and many times multiple ones of the same color. And that's because I get 'em cheap. So I'm constantly replacing them each season since they get a lot of wear. I've gotten them from several retailers, but my tried and true favorites come from Old Navy. I don't get a lot of clothes at Old Navy, but they are on my must-hit list for any cotton basics like tanks, tees, and cami's. (And yoga pants... they totally have the best yoga pants.) I refuse to go into double digits on a tank top. Hello, it's a freaking tank top. I love how Old Navy tanks fit and they're cheap, so I always load up when I go in there. Right now they're $5 each online when you buy 2 or more. And btw, how brilliant is it that the whole slew of Gap stores allow you to grab items from any and all of their sites and pay one flat shipping charge in one easy transaction? That was an awesome move on their part - we loves it.

4. elf Mineral Eyeshadows.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge, HUGE elf fan. I appreciate the brand even more now that I'm a penny pinchin' fool. They have added so many fabulous products over the last year, including my current fave... their collection of mineral eyeshadows. I'm a make-up lover, but I don't like paying a lot for make-up, or any beauty products really. There are some things I'll drop a lot of dollars on, but for whatever reason, beauty products are just not one of them. I guess I figure, what's the point? If you find something that gives you the look you want for less, why pay more?! It's not like someone can spot what *brand* of eyeshadow you have on unless they go digging through your cosmetic bag. So, I use a lot of elf products - almost exclusively now. The only thing non-elf that I insist on buying anymore is my Almay concealer. Remember the drama over my eyeliner a few months ago? Yeah, that was a huge move for me. And I'm still totally in love with elf's $3 version. But anyway, I'm totally crushing on the mineral eyeshadows. The colors are so fun, and they are so easy to apply - almost fool-proof. "Royal" is my favorite color right now. I always keep an eye out for a good sale to hit, and then load up on them. Even with prices as low as theirs, they are ALWAYS having some kind of sale. Right now, it's BOGO half-off (enter code EGSPRAP at checkout)!

5. 100 Calorie Tribe Hummus Snack Tubs.

I screamed a little bit when I first discovered these. I've seen Tribe hummus all over, but I've only found these particular 100-calorie packs at Costco (and couldn't find a picture either, sorry). So I have no idea if they're available elsewhere. But anyway, I love me some hummus. But I can be a little bit... what's the word... over-indulgent when it comes to dips. They are my weakness. So to find one of my favorite dips in a 100-calorie tub, perfect for taking to work with a bag of carrots and celery.... OMG. When I checked the price, I was totally sold. 16 tubs for $4.99... hell yeah! (Costco fans: They're back there near the produce, in a box, next to the regular tubs of hummus.) Then I get a honkin' huge bag of baby carrots at Costco to go along with it. And these snack tubs are big. A lot of times I don't finish them. And just so you know, this girl can eat. (Hence the reason I need 100-calorie tubs.) Yeah so, reason #372 that Costco rocks my world.


Lucky in Love said...

I love those tank tops...and I have on the kelly green one right now too! I just bought two this week :)

Jill said...

So with you on the tank tops - I live in those things too!! Thanks for the tip on the other items!

Melissa said...

I love those tanks! I just bought a bunch and replaced some old ones I had! Such a great staple!

The pudding sounds amazing and I will be getting them next time I go to the store!

Her Preppiness said...

Love all those things!!!!

The Eubanks said...

Pudding- yum!, hummas- yum! and elf- yum! I love elf as well, I have run out of the foundation but I am loving their blush and bronzer. I will have to check out the eyeshadow.

Robyn said...

will have to try the pudding and hummus.. costco here I come!

Molly said...

Love the pudding and the tanks! I will have to try the others!! Love these types of posts!! Thanks!

Well I Do Declare said...

Thanks for posting these! I want to try that hummus and eyeshadow :) I have been meaning to read the HP books for some time, but haven't done it. This might be just the ticket!

The Pifer's said...

I came across your blog and just wanted you to know that I am praying for you!!!! I read on your side bar that you would be having an IUi starting in Jan...I hope this year brings you LOTS of happiness!!

God Bless,

Hollie and Janie said...

I am not sure if you read this blog or not, but it's awesome! this post made me think of you!
(i am guessing... copy and paste to get there!)

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Found your blog through Newlywed Stilettos :) Those are 5 GREAT things!! Specially the Hummus! LOVE hummus!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I think you have me sold on that chocolate pudding. I will have to look for that the next time I grocery shop.

E.B. in Tennessee said...

I love all those things, too — but especially the sugar-free pudding, mineral make-up and Harry Potter.
I will have to check out the audio HP books — I have heard they are amazing! Very interesting that the "Pushing Daisies" voice does them. I have only seen parts of that show but should watch it more...I simply love Kristin Chenoweth!

Solar Powered said...

cute blog...I forgot my makeup on a trip with friends last weekend and used someones ELF. I thought she was lying when she told me it was a 1.00!