Sunday, March 15, 2009

For all you fruitcakes...

It's funny seeing what google searches lead people to my site... but the front-runner, by like a mile or 10, is the search for "Louis Giglio Fruitcake and Ice Cream." Which always leads people to this post.

I get hits all over the WORLD from this search, so I need to update my links. That particular message I posted about is no longer available for free viewing/listening on my church's site (just because it's from a while back, and they only keep the more recent sermon series up on the site). But, I did find a downloadable version (which I'm guessing is just an audio version) for $1 here.

Y'all, I seriously get several hits a day from this search alone. If that's not a testament to how powerful it is, I don't know what is! So if you haven't heard this message, get your booty on the dancefloor and download it like right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do you find this stuff out? I am always intrigued when I see on my site visitor people have visited place like indonesia and tonga (??) and wonder how on earth they found my site!