Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it April yet?

Phew, y'all... it's been a rough tax season this year! I've had worse, but yeah... not finding much time at ALL for bloggy world. I'm trying to keep up with y'all some through Google Reader, but it bugs me that I can't comment... so forgive my absense as of late! I'm still here, just hovering.

And my time on the 'puter at home is minimal since, well, my time at home (not asleep) is minimal. And I have so much to blog about! Ugh... But for now, I will just leave you little snippets of three exciting things going on in my world this weekend...

1. Twilight comes out on DVD tomorrow - hello! I'm going to a swanky little viewing party at a girlfriend's house tomorrow night. Girls, girly drinks, and Edward... doesn't that sound dreamy?! (By the way, did y'all see his GQ shots on Perez? Holy shiz.)

2. And speaking of holy... This Sunday, Louis Giglio's new church is having its second meeting or gathering or whatever you want to call it. We heard the first one last month was amazing, so we're excited to see what it's all about. Plus, they're meeting at my old high school this time, so that's kinda cool. We're not switching churches or anything - we just love Louis, so we're pretty pumped to see what he has going on here.

3. Someone went ring shopping this week... nothing's official yet... but kuntry bride and I are like 95% sure Lucky's getting engaged by Sunday. You can bet your britches that my new crackberry will be glued to my head all weekend! OMG! We know the ring's been purchased... it's just a matter of when the actual proposal is going to go down. The three of us have been speculating all week on possible scenarios - you know, like girls do. So I hope to have some news on that SOON!

Alright... off to bed for me, girls. I gotta work tomorrow. Ew. Just 3 1/2 more weeks of this shit. I can't wait to have my life back! Peace out... XOXO

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