Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Sale at Javis Davis!

Happy Saturday, dear readers! Oh I love me a Saturday when I don't have to work! I was on a staycation last weekend after the 15th, so Saturday didn't really feel like a Saturday last weekend... so this Saturday feels like the first real one where I don't have to go in the office and crunch numbers. And like McDonald's, I'm lovin' it!

I had a fab massage and facial last night. I promise to post soon about my awesome spa deal... I need to check with my spa dude to see what he is charging now before I spill the beans. And to make sure there's not a waiting list still, cuz trust me - if you're in Atlanta, you WANT this. And y'all KNOW I'm in a serious straight-jacket of a budget, so it's gotta be good. Yeah so, great pampering last night and a chill evening at la casa.

This morning I'm heading down to Grant Park to help Lucky move out some of her stuff because her brand spankin' new fiance is moving in. She is so excited... they've set a date for January and the wedding planning is already going full-force. She's already picked out our dresses (from J. Crew - YESSSS!!!!) and she's itchin' to find hers. Anyway, so yeah... having brunch with her and kuntry bride and helping her load the U-Haul. Oh and I'll be making a pit stop at the best paper store ever, Paper Source, on my way down. Or back maybe... depends how fast I get my ass moving this morning. I've got an order for save-the-date's and some one year birthday invites and am in need of some supplies. It's a busy weekend!

Tonight we're having dinner at the hub's boss' house. Should be fun! They banter like frat boys, so I'm pretty sure it will be fun. His job has been a true blessing... everyone was really unsure about him switching careers and going into mortgage lending in the middle of the housing crisis last fall, but it's proven to be a good move so far. And he is such a "problem solver," which makes this role a good fit for him too. And it's still very sales-driven, which is his background. Yeah so if you're looking to refi, peaches... I might as well give the hub a good plug! You can get his contact info (and see his dashing pic) here. Isn't he the cutest? Hehehehe...

Oh and speaking of jobs, that reminds me... Dave's Town Hall for Hope on Thursday night was GREAT! Leave me a comment if you went or watched or listened or whatever and tell me what you thought. He had a lot of really great things to say. He spoke to the fear that a lot of us are experiencing, and he talked about how fear is the antithesis of hope. No good decisions are ever made out of fear... so living in fear gets us nowhere. He gave a lot of historical info on economics, which was really interesting. And he answered lots of good viewer questions and concerns. My favorite quote of the night? "Gold is the Snuggie of investments." I was rolling... Cause you see it on late night infomercials and you look like an idiot for buying it. Hahahha... love it. So with all the great encouragement and info, he wanted us to walk away with a list of three things to do in the meantime as we battle this economy (this is totally from memory, so this is my understanding of what he said)...

  1. Take responsibility for your situation, stop whining, and go bust your butt. The government's not responsible for taking care of you - YOU are responsible for you.

  2. Learn to say *NO*!

  3. Give more. (I'll have to say that this one is most important... in getting on the Dave bandwagon, we put giving at the top of our budget and it has CHANGED our lives.)

I believe the Fox Business Network is re-airing the show over the weekend and hopefully it'll be up on Dave's hulu page at some point - I don't know. I hope you'll get a chance to view it!

Now perhaps I should get to the title of this post.... geez! Yes, Javis Davis just announced a secret friends and family spring sale in honor of Mother's Day. This sale is not mentioned anywhere on their site (hence the *secret*!). They rarely do sales, so this is big deal, mommas! Hop on over to Make Room for Style for more details!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Have a fabu first Sat off in forever! Tell Lucky and Kuntry I said hello. Call me on your drive home to give me fun deets on Lucky!

Anonymous said...

My fav quote Dave said at the Town Hall For Hope meeting was: "We need to go back to taking personal responsibility for our mistakes". No truer words have been spoken!!
The hubby & I are BIG Dave fan's. We should be debt free this June & on to Baby Step 3!

Candice said...

I watched Dave. He is so straight forward, I love it. More people need to be that honest with themseleves and just take responsibility for their actions and do something about it.

Thank you so much for introducing me to FPU! It has really been a great journey. I'm still working on baby step 2 but we've made great progress!