Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I'm going ahead and making the jump from SparkPeople over to BabyFit... which is basically SparkPeople for baby mommas. The hub's already got me off of caffeine and artificial sweeteners. And alcohol too, of course. Yeah he's been rummaging all over the internet since this weekend and my list of things I can't have is growing everyday. The artificial sweetener thing? Well apparently he read somewhere that particularly with IUI, consumption of sweeteners can cause problems. Whatever. I don't know if that's true, but I figure, what the hell. I don't want to hinder anything in any way, so I ditched my Crystal Light tubs... which I LIVE on, by the way. Drinking plain water is awfully boring and I'm having a hard time getting it down. Other than that, I don't use them all that much. I have the occasional diet coke, but that's rare. So I won't miss those too much. And I sweeten my (now decaf) coffee with my french vanilla creamer (full fatty version - anything else is pointless). So no change there.

Anyway, I will be counting my calories over at BabyFit now since we're in high gear. There are lots of "teams" for wannabe mommas, so it's not like everyone on there is already pregnant. I'm just trying to go ahead and get in that mindset and start weeding out the no-no's. I know there are a million online communities for moms, but this one is all about health and fitness and is set up very much like SparkPeople... except with pastel colors and no boys. So if any of you ladies are on BabyFit, leave me a comment with your profile name and I'll come be your buddy!


LSU Melanie said...

Girlfriend, i cant wait to hear your good news...I pray for ya daily down here!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great site! I am loving that blue maternity shirt you've got on your sidebar too!