Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tweet this.

OK so how cool is Twitter? Seriously. I'm still no expert at it, but it continues to fascinate me. And it's not so much giving my own status updates and whatnot... it's gotta be the absolute coolest way to follow celebrities. Which is important, right? I mean like today I saw that Demi Moore was at the Georgia Aquarium and got to look at some of her pics. And she told Ashton she wished he was there with her. Like how would I ever have reason to know that?

I know a lot of celebrities have "people" who tweet for them, but when you stumble upon one who does his own tweeting, that's pretty darn cool. I mean, you really can't be any more intimate with a celeb on a daily basis without actually knowing them, can you? I mean you can tweet at them and possibly get a response. So twitter gals, who are you following that's of uber interest? Share your tweet finds! And of course, if you aren't already, come follow me!


Preppy 101 said...

Two people that I love following Jimmy Fallon and Martha Stewart. I follow some other celebs, but those are two of my faves! I am gonna follow you now!! It is so much fun.

KK said...

Gotta be honest...still don't understand Twitter. Seems like TMI to me. But I know I am in the minority- glad you enjoy it!