Saturday, July 18, 2009

Full of Glee

Hey, all! So Harry Potter was TOTALLY awesome. They of course changed some stuff and left some stuff out... but it was fabulous. Lots of great funny moments - my favorite being when Harry took the Felix Felicious potion... SO funny. Daniel Radcliffe is really turning into a good little actor. Lavender Brown was hilarious - as was her Won-Won. Snape was delicious as always. Great movie and I can't wait to see the IMAX version on the 31st! We went ahead and got our tickets while we were there.

What else... we've got 5 doggies with us now. They've all been pretty good so far, but I do feel like I'm running a doggie day care! Really meal time is the most challenging part... because some of the lot will go bonkers if the other doggies get near their food. So it takes a little careful planning. Not much else going on this weekend though... I did have my 3rd ultrasound yesterday and my lining has thickened some, but it's still not where it needs to be. My doctor still wants to go through with the insemination this cycle, but he said if we don't get pregnant this turn, he wants to discuss more advanced measures. Not sure what that means... I'm just trying to focus on this cycle for now. I'm hoping I don't get a surge over the weekend so that my lining has time to continue to grow. So we'll see... looks like the IUI won't happen till Tues/Wed unless I surge before then. Ya know I'll keep you updated!

OK so anyway, seeing as summer TV totally bites for the most part, I get my hulu on a lot - especially while on the 'puter. Did y'all catch the sneak preview of Glee back in May? The show premieres on Fox this fall, but they ran the pilot this past spring to get you hooked.

And OMG what a teaser, because I totally took the bait. AND I've watched it again on hulu - I can't even tell you how many times. It's so brilliantly written and the cast is just great - the characters are hilarious. And really, I just love any good high school parody. I think if you love musical theatre you'll absolutely adore it, but it's fun to watch even if that's not your thing. (Bestest - this is right up your alley!)

It's basically about a high school teacher, Mr. Schuester (played by Broadway cutie, Matthew Morrison) who decides to take over the Glee Club after the former leader was fired. His pool of interested students is rather lacking, so he ends up trying to recruit some of the popular kids to garner some interest in the club. Each and every character is so well written... I especially love germaphobe Emma, another teacher at the school, who's obviously head over heels for Mr. Schuester AND whose entire head-to-toe wardrobe appears to be from J. Crew...

It's just absolutely delicious and I can't wait for the show to get here in September! Do go on to hulu and watch the pilot and see if you don't fall in love. The ending number - a remake of one of my favorite Journey songs - is probably my favorite part. But the whole thing is fab, so take a peek and tell me what you think!


Marla said...

Loved, loved Glee back in the a former HS teacher, I can't help but love the HS comedy.dramas...this was smart & funny!
Excited to hear that HBP did not disappoint...going tonight!

Kate said...

I totally loved the pilot too! I can't wait for it to finally be on!!

Julie Tiemann said...

It is SO my kind of show - I can't wait for the fall!

KK said...

Oh you know I am all over Glee!! I just hope I'm not the only one. I tend to fall in love with shows that get cancelled after 12 episodes. Hehe