Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodies on the Auction Block

It's been a while since we got busy selling stuff, so we're going for another round. We're trying to get extra aggressive (supa Cheetah style for you fellow Dave Ramsey fans) over the next few months with knocking off a few of our smaller debts. We know once we get pregnant (and stay pregnant) we're going to have to put the debt snowball on hold and start stashing away cash.

Unfortunately, we don't have any kind of maternity leave at my office, so I'm saving up vaca this year to roll over into 2010 (I can roll over up to 2 weeks, but I get 5 weeks total in a year). So the plan for now is to roll over 2 weeks to 2010, which will give me a total of 7 weeks vaca for the calendar year. I plan to take off 3 months, so I'll use 6 weeks vaca... which means I'll be without a paycheck for about half of that time. I want to save the 7th week for odds and ends and the holidays, you know. And if we don't end up having a 2010 baby, well, I'll just have lots of vacation time!

Anyway, so we've been rummaging through junk again to see what all we can sell. I was hesitant to do so the first go around, but I'm so far past caring about "stuff" these days, that I barely blinked before throwing these babies up on ebay...

Hardly junk, I know... but honestly, am I gonna miss these bags? No, not really. I honestly think I get way more attached to shoes than I do bags. I can't believe I just said that... but it's true. Really, the Marc Jacobs bag is a bit small for me. I thought it was a lot bigger when I originally got it. Y'all know I'm a honkin' huge bag carrying girl. So no medium bag is really going to do for everyday use... and while I love the look of the bag, it's just not very practical for me personally.

I seriously bought the Kate Spade bag because the style name was "Amanda." I mean... meant to be, right? She uses my name quite a lot - shoes too. But so far I've refrained from insisting on buying all the Amanda products ever made. Haha! I love, love this bag - it's so chic... but how often do I use it? MAYBE once a year. Maybe. So... ebay!!!

Here's hoping we get a few bucks out of these! We shall see...

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Domestic Diva said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. I am sure your good news will be coming soon. Many blessings!! Love your blog and so look forward to following!!
xxxx me